The Hugo Trial Thread



There seems to be a Trial thread for every other character so i thought I’d make one for Hugo…mainly cos i need help with a trial!

Basically, i can not, for the LIFE of me, get the last st.HP to connect in Trail 19. Anyone know how to get around this one?

EDIT: Nevermind, I’ve done it…but i have NO idea how!


If you want to know how. before doing the booster chain whatever you call it combo, you walk forward a little.


Anyone able to get trial 19 successfully? I am able to pull off the move but the last part of the HP never connect, the gap is too far. Even putting the fighter in the corner doesn’t work.


When you’re doing this combo, just after the ex clap, walk a little bit forward, then do the LP MP HP combo, and it will work.


Thanks Kalote, that works. I saw the trail video as well, saw that extra step. TIPS: to make the combo easier for the last 3 moves: lp, mp, hp set a button to do quick combo1.