The Human Target

Is anyone watching the pilot right now…so far it looks great.

A bit of a rundown: The Human Target is based on the DC comic book of the same name. The comic book is about a guy named Chrispother Chance who impersonates targets of criminals to well…stop criminals.

I know that Chance in the show does not work that way…but so far it looks good.

Whoa. That was cool. I like this show.

whoahhh that fight scene they just had delivered…quality entertainment, folks. The rich blonde woman is a hot piece of ass too… it’s unfortunate she’s most likely not a recurring character.

random tv trivia-- the star is “Brad” from Boston Legal, and the other guy he works with is the principal from Boston Public.
SPOILERS from the future: It got canceled in 2011, because ABC is a ho-ass bitch.

It’s like an old-school fun action show, Macgyver-like
Great casting good action and funny humor
"how did you help him?"
“i stopped hustling him”

Hopefully the rest of the show will be good like the pilot

Gdlk cameos!

I LOVE the comic its based on, even though this seems to be going in a different direction from the original. Still, awesome stuff.

So far I like the direction it is going…even though I like the comic’s premise better.
I hope the show stick around.

And the cameos were indeed cool.

I watched the last 15 minutes while waiting for the new season of 24 to start. from those 15 minutes I think I’ll catch the encore when it comes on.

I’m not sure how the ratings are, but I don’t want to get my hopes up for this show continuing. I love it though.(few people here watch, and so far nobody I’ve mentioned it to even knows what the show is…*ah, there was 1 guy I know at work that watches…heh, just that one guy.) The girl on tonight is the HOTTEST piece of ass they’ve had so far…and her accent is so sexy.

*geeky trivia tidbit-- a few minutes ago, they just used the Wilhelm Scream for the 2nd time in the series. First time was either the 2nd or 3rd episode where a guy got knocked out of a ski lift. Tonight, the Wilhelm was used again when a guy was blown up by a land-mine.

Info, since few people ever know right away what the Wilhelm is: You’ll know it instantly when you hear it, as it’s been in a ridiculous number of movies for the past few decades. heh, yeah…I should make the Wilhelm my phone’s ringer again.