The hunt


Here is a quick short story I wrote while bored at work today. Before any of you get let down, there is NO SEX in this one. Yes, I can write without sex…

Gimme your thoughts, as long as they aren’t “Where’s all the perverted sex?!”


This is where I stopped reading. Where’s the sex, man?

Christ, I failed hard. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: My bad. I’ll read it all when i get a break from work simply because I fell ass first into that one.


lol - hope you enjoy…i wasn’t even sure anyone read this forum…

edit: there are some typos and grammatical mistakes in there…i wrote it in like 30 minutes at work, so it needs to be polished still…


LOL… I was really digging your story until I found out that the “beast” he was hunting was a tiny squirrel. Seems as if the story may have been influenced by Stephen Kings’ Dark Tower series?


actually, i don’t really read many books…and most of them are non-fiction…i am aware of the basic themes of the dark tower series, but no, i’ve never actually read any of it…


I thought the exact same thing - not from a quality stand point (no offense) but just in the way things were described and the overall mood that the first paragraph set.

Then of course there is the Man in Black and all that stuff, and the fetish with the gun etc etc… Geezes, are you SURE you didn’t just read The Gunslinger and then draft this up? lol hehe


honestly, the only fiction i’ve ever really read was the harry potter books…i read some king when i was younger, but just his short story collections…


I reread the first three books of the DT series recently and it really does remind me of it. You should really take the time to read it. I also echo the sentiments previously stated about the squirrel not meeting the expectations. I like the style and the flow though.