The hunter becomes the hunted: man gets death threats for killing animal from endangered species


his excuse is hilarious.

Yeah. I guess you couldn’t, I don’t know…Just DONATE the money instead of paying for a chance to murder an animal that WASN’T out to get you?

Listen Bitch, you KNOW you didn’t give no fucks about killing the rhino when you didn’t have to. You…

1: Thought that you would get away with it and…
2: You didn’t expect so many people to get so mad about it. Don’t start crying now. Suck it up…And PLEASE don’t stop at any watering holes!!! :wasted:



lol theres this crazy korean lady in my town that stalks an abandoned construction site where cats stay and she feeds them, but out of nowhere she started writing “KILL FUCKER ROBERTO” all over the boards, saying he’s responsible for killing cats and shit


hahahahaha WTF


People who love animals are stupid.


I love animals, but I have no problem killing them for food and clothings. I will say we need to calm down on the killing just for killing.


Rich fuck with a rifle vs Black rhino that has allegedly been killing other rhino.

I say put them in a stadium matador style and see who wins.
They’ll both get their licks in but my money is on the rhino, Plus I really just want to see the inevitable impalement video on bestgore.


What do you get if you cross an elephant and a rhinoceros?





I am a vegetarian.

I do not condone the slaughter of animals.

Anyone bitching about what that guy did, yet also eats animals is a fucking hypocrite, in my book.

Much less those who want him and/or his kids dead for it.

PETA belong in cages.


dude better have access to his weapons. rhinos might have +20 armor and +10 attack. but we have +99 intelligence.

this is so fucking stupid. you want to kill kids because a fucking rhino was killed. these folks are way worse than this guy. he could have killed all the rhinos in the world, his kids should have never been brought in. but that’s your typical first world shit bag that has nothing better to do than cry about some random animal.


wow those comments are retarded. valuing the life of an animal over a human. eat shit.

only two animals deserve that level of crazy.

fucking retards


I am a vegan level 5.

I do not condone the division of cells.

Anyone bitching about what that guy did yet also consumes multi celled organisms is a fucking hypocrite in my book

Much less those who murder oxygen by breathing it.

Scientists belong in cages.


this thread got so shitty so fast


While unoriginal and highly derivative, this is still better than anything you’ve ever posted in the movie thread.


thats pretty fucked up

i would never value an animals life over a humans though.

also it seems the hunting license was obtained legally

fuck hunting for sport tho


he hunting, so macho. killing an animal that never even knew you were there, killing it just because. as long as the animal is no threat to you and you ain’t eating it, leave the fuckers alone. you wouldn’t like t if somebody got you from the back with a knife in your neck. the person robbing at least has the decency to take your money while killing you, if he did it for sport he’d be a psychotic bitchass?


(The following is written as Satire)

Aw, fuck it why stop at one, lets kill off all the Rhinos so Rhino killing becomes a non-issue.
While we at it lets kill all the tree hugger, vegan, Peta troglodytes (so also be a non-issue as they are the only ones belly aching over this).
The most manly, macho thing you can do is over power another living thing and take away their god-given life away.
Forget hunting for food, clothing and other materials for survival, REAL MEN HUNT FOR SPORT!!!1111!!!11!!!1!!!

Real men should NEVER restrain their strength, show compassion or kindness (that is for the women folk).
Once you planted your seed, your job as a father is done, besides the obligatory ass-whooping of children (anyone’s really).
Ancient man’s greatest accomplishment is hunting the majestic Mammoth to extinction in the Ice Age, then invent Global Warming to make the world warmer.

Now excuse me I got some Siberian Tiger Jerky than I need to be eattin.


Not animal shit again.

People better not fuck with this guy unless they want to be zimmermanned.


Isn’t killing an endangered species illegal anyway? Besides that, I could never hurt an animal for sport/fun. But I would clench my jaws on its meat if I had no other choice to survive. If they’re carnivores, they’ll do the same to you. Dog eat Dog.