The Hurry The Duck Up Negaduck Thread


PSA for the SRK MSPaint Whispers players: Sign-ups for the latest Whispers game have just gone live.

Sign-up page:,193.0.html

@“The Furious One”

And anyone else that may be interested, check out the rules below.

That’s right, motherfuckers. The newest iteration of the Whispers brand is here!

Players will be divided into two groups: Clipartists and Whisperers. Unlike previous Whispers games where players used MSPaint to draw what had been described, players will now be using clipart instead.

At the beginning of the game, I will send an image to the first Whisperer, who has 12 hours to describe the image. Once that Whisperer describes the image, I will send that description to the first Clipartist, who has 24 hours to create an image based on the description. The Clipartist’s image is then sent to the next Whisperer, and play continues until all Clipartists and Whisperers have contributed. Once that has happened, the results will be publicly posted and awards will be given out based on ✰Alpha✰ categories.

-After receiving your description, you must attempt to replicate the description using nothing but clipart.
-You may use any program that you like (Photoshop, MSPaint, Microsoft Word, etc.).
-You may use clipart from an online clipart website or from Bing’s clipart search engine (yes, this exists).
-No photographs/3D models allowed.
-No trademarked characters allowed.
-Clipart may be edited, but don’t go over the top (like taking an image and erasing most of it just to use a colour).
-You are not allowed to use any drawing tools or text to add to the clipart. You may only remove from the clipart.

To use the Bing clipart search engine:
-Go to
-Click ‘Images’ in the top left.
-Search for your desired picture.
-Under the ‘Type’ menu (just above the images), select ‘Clipart’.

-After receiving your image, you must attempt to describe the image in exactly 10 words.
-You may not provide links to images.
-You are allowed to use punctuation.
-Acceptance of the whisper is at my discretion (this is just a formality to stop players from sending the word penis 10 times).
-Any misspelled words will incur a penalty at the end of the game.

-I will assign you to a random group.

The order of players will be randomised before the game begins. Sign-ups close whenever the fuck I feel like it, so if you wanna play, jump in ASAP. If you’re gonna be busy over a certain period of time, let me know when you sign up and I’ll do my best to accommodate.


Hope you asked around before starting this. Between you and Bious trying to force your games to be next who knows what could happen.


I’ll create an account and sign up as a described after work


Reporting in


Sign me up to whisper


Clipartist, Whisperer or Wildcard?


I’ll be a Clipartist. I just created an account on JTM.

Autocorrect is a motherfucker sometimes.


Having a clitoris on JTM would help to balance out all the dicks.


Sign-ups are now closed. Keep in touch with the other players here:


Updated the thread title for relevance.



Last person to submit an image to this thread before Negaduck submits his Clipart wins.

-Has to use Negaduck’s avatar

-You can use any program you like and modify the image in any way you deem fit.
-You have to tag Negaduck in your post.





Hurry the fuck up nga :grimace:




Waiting for @Negaduck to submit his picture like:


Syn wins.


MVP again. PLS nerf.


No cursinging in titles @AlphaCommando



C’mon @Vynce you missed a golden opportunity here.