Only a small bunch of us left who still enjoy this game.
We’ll see how long this feeble thread survives.


01. Cal Poly Pomona Arcade (Busted)
02. UCLA Arcade (graphics are a bit gliched)
03. Arroyo Laundry Mat (near Montebellow mall, paramount and arroyo, monitor fixed)
04. James Games (honda is glitched out)
05. Burbank Media Center/Mall (Ultracade)
06. Shatto Lanes Bowling Alley L.A (???)
07. Paro-Da’s HF (Corona?)
08. Irvine Spectrum D&B’s (???)
09. …
10. …

Let’s get some matches going!

Last Updated: 10/10/07

My HF Hit Box Project:

I wish this game was closer to home (orange County). IF any one wants some matches around Orange County, post address.


If I’m correct there should be one of those ultracade machines at the Dave and Busters at the Spectrum. But that’s assuming all d&b’s have the same games because down here in san diego the ultracade machine has hyperfighting.

honda ftw.

It’s going to be some time since I see JG again, but I’m willing to play some matches whenever I do go. Just don’t expect me to pull out Honda right away; I’m trying to learn characters that are actually good (like Ryu and… Classic colors Ryu ^_^)

There’s an Ultracade with Hyper Fighting in the Burbank Media Center/Mall.
And I think there’s one at Shatto Lanes (bowling alley) in LA.

Ultracade doesn’t count.

funny how only those ultracade(100000 capcom games in 1) are the ones usually with hyperfighting. ;\
unless its on console!!!

In san diego there is one super turbo machine in david busters.

They have Street Fighter 2 Turbo aka Hyper fighting.
and that’s the ultracade machine i’ve been rambling about for the past 3 posts.:rofl:
Not super street fighter tho. No supers.

There is a hyper fighting machine in an Arcade in downtown L.A. I don’t know what the arcade is called. I haven’t been there in a long time and I have a feeling it’s beat to shit.

the hyper fighting machine in Montebello is inside a laundry mat. I heard the machine is working perfectly. It’s on paramount blvd next to a 7-11.

My friend has a hyper fighting machine setup in his Auto shop in Gardena. It is working, but if the buttons were replaced to new ones, it would be perfect. He bought the whole cabinet for $250. He said if I wanted to hold a tournament thereI could anytime LOL.

When is the next tourny anyways?


So what’s the hyper fighting tier list now that you guys have played this game for so long :slight_smile:

I’ve been holding HF tournaments at Cal Poly whenever they have tournaments there (except for the most recent one). Sign up rate is usually about 12-16 people. You can search the tournament results thread for details. I recorded all the matches from one of the tournaments - which includes footage of Mike Watson:

I’ll hold another HF tournament the next time Cal Poly has a tournament (whenever that maybe).

HF for 250 is great; I would’ve jumped on that deal.

As for tier lists, go here:

Quoted from the Fighting Game Discussion section:

I also get out at 6:00pm, but I’d be jammed in traffic going 10 E. I probably wouldn’t even get to Cal Poly until probably 6:40 ish (if they’re even open that late).

Weekends are good for me, but I don’t think Cal Poly is open on weekends?

I’ve yet to try out that place in Montebello. If the machine is good, it would be an ideal closer location.

EDIT: Looks like Cal Poly, Mon - Thurs, 7:00 pm would be a good time for me (with advance notice).


Here are Cal Poly’s Hours:

Monday - Thursday: 9am - 9pm
Friday: 9am - 5pm
Weekends: Closed

Ok. I heard from my friend that the montebello machine has a messed up screen.

As long as the Cal Poly machine has good working controllers, we should be fine. Is it just you or do you have a group you like to practice with?

Tier list? Uhh…

I can tell you who my best characters are in order.

  1. Honda
  2. Chun-Li
  3. Balrog (I dunno, I picked him by accident one day and did really well)
  4. Ryu
  5. Vega
  6. Dhalsim

I’m not good with any of the others :slight_smile:

Those are all good characters. I know honda can be a very good player, i just haven’t met someone who really likes to play him.

I like playing Honda a lot, especially the challenging fights like Honda vs. Ryu. I mean, in theory, Honda has like, no chance, but I rarely come across people who are willing to do what it takes to beat Honda 100%. They always have to do something other than low roundhouse. Geez.

That’s why I’m practicing Ryu. Cuz I know eventually they’re gonna start having discipline.

The Cal Poly machine has great sticks: p360. I never had a problem with their buttons. Machine is a bit small, but it’s the old school way of rubbing elbows.

If you’re talking about dedicated players, it’s pretty much just me. There are a couple of people who’ll still play for fun. Jeremy (evilJ) is attending Cal Poly and will play when available. Andy (paro da) is somewhat local and will occasionally show for tournaments. Watson has been playing in recent Cal Poly tournaments 'cause he discovered how easy it was to take everyone’s money. Everyone else who plays in the Cal Poly HF tournaments were suckered in to sign up after they saw the “$1 Entry Fee” sticker.

You available tomorrow 6:30 pm? If not, sometime next week?

EDIT: Happ Competition Sticks

I have a Hyper Fighting machine that should be up and running in a week or two, too bad i live in like the middle of nowhere lol.

As in, you bought a HF machine for your home? Awesome !
Where is this ‘middle of nowhere?’

Just looked under your avatar.
How much did you get it for and from where ?