The I didn't go to Black Friday Thread

This thread is for us people who said fuck that I am staying in. So what did you do for Black Friday? I slept after playing games most of the night and avoided 40 year old moms trying to hit you for the latest copy of Iron Man for 5 bucks. If you did go to black friday any good horror stories.

I was in Canada! :tup:

You make this thread like 5 days after Black Friday?

Damn Jae you getting old son.

Jerked off.

I played sports and then moved some of my plants indoors since it’s going to be getting very cold soon.

Then I studied for a good number of hours.

Felt good.

The only downside is that I didn’t get to watch a Rock B drop kick a chick over a discount.

i was at work

black friday overrated imo

cyber monday :smiley:

I fapped to some of the most hardcore porn I could find.

I didn’t get off work til 1 am and as I drove home laughed at the insanity I observed passing the malls. Cyber Monday suited me more though.

I stayed in and listened to all the versions of Rebecca Black - Friday

yeah you can save more money by not actually buying anything

then you get a 100% discount

american materialism and debt consumption = fail

i was working midnight to 9

when i got home i went to sleep

i woke up and then went back to sleep

cause i had work at 8am the next morning.

I accidentally went to a Black Friday event, thinking that by midnight the shit storm would’ve cleared.
Does that count? :x

I was broke. Good thing porn is free on the interwebs

didn’t manage enough spare change, just said fuck it and finished my research papers then ps3.

There was Black Friday in Canada this year. There’s still deals going on, too.

I was broke.

Had a Food Coma to attend to.

Yea basically.

I payed two extra dollars for what I was going to get offline anyway. I’m still mad about those 2 extra dollars for shipping though.

I didn’t go to Black Friday. The older I become, the less I care about material goods. It has got to the point where if it is something that I can do without, or something that won’t last for a long duration, then I can do without it. The last non-necessity that I purchased was a Microsoft Windows 7 Configuration study guide. The only things that I really care about now are gaining vast knowledge and completing my goals.