The "I Hate Infinite Combos" Thread

You guessed it, this is a thread for discussion of the BANE of Fighting Games, The Infinite Combo, which is not limited strictly to a combo that never ends, but any situation where a player is able to jump from one combo to the next where their opponent has no chance of escape.

To me, being cheap is acceptable, but cheating is not. And infinite combos are cheating anyway you look at it. Anything that is inescapable is obviously cheating.

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Wow… when did SRK timewarp back to '98 GameFaqs?

And no, infinites are not cheating. If it’s available to you within the fighting engine, it’s not cheating.

just plain wrong.

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looks like someone is mad cuz they got hit with Iron Man’s infinite. :rofl::lol:

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actually, this has good potential to be a great topic for discussion, but it seems like the topic creator’s execution couldn’t be worse…

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sounds like scrub talk to me

u better head back to the local arcade and keep mashing

either that or learn how to play and look for the setups that lead into the infinites so u stop getting hit by them so often

You’d change your tune if you could pull them off consistently. Not that I can, but I’m not going to bitch if I get hit with one… much.

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Though the OP is a crackhead and this is a shit topic, you’re not necessarily right here, either. Particularly in the early days, Capcom fighters (among others) had many glitches within the game itself that were abusable to the point of unfairness. Being in the game doesn’t necessarily preclude it from being a cheat.

Just because you got killed by SvC Geese infinite don’t come crying here

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Even if the developer’s did not intend for such stuff to be in the game, and probably would have taken them out had they discovered it before game release?

I don’t hate infinites but i’m not a big fan of them either.

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I’ve never had to deal with infinites before but they sound like bullshit to me. Isn’t that why things like damage scaling and knockbacks were added to fighters? Too keep people from winning the match or doing retarded amounts of damage in a single combo? Who’d bother balancing characters/combos/damage, then turn around and throw infinites into the game on purpose?

why dont you bitch somewhere else.

Cheating how? It’s skill, there is a common difference between the two. It’s no different than traps, just try not to get caught. Simple as that…