The I Love Me Some Me Thread: Welcome to Killa Season...Dip$et

You already know, our last thread is from 04. I thought I would start the year off right, with dipcember jjust a while back aka 4 months aka PRACTICE?

The set of sets, rep to death, mex to mex.



what are we talking about

Bout time haha. Good shit Petey

Its that KILLA SEASON!!! ME and Fernbizzle are guna put in some extra work on our sessions. I aint seen you dukes in a while. I miss speaking to RILL PPL!!!

i still need to watch killa season. LITTLE BITCH

i love your momma man, she’s the realest nigga

deuce, your sig is too real

you already know jally, we’re the dips aka we don’t need a doctor’s note to prove we ill

this nigga kissin the money?!

snap ya fingahs…do the step…you can do it all by YO SELF


this is a honda

this is a ferrari

I hear jal wanted to thank you


i have no idea what you’re talking about deuce…


Ya Buey… Pinchi Pendejo. Ya Bueeeeey, Idiota. Yaaaaaaaa.


clippers lost and i lost a sandwich. life isn’t fair. hahaha


dips… bring me back to cali cali… no joke

australia grown, LA home…

im in the top 5 for an australia wide rap competition… not much competition tho. if i win, i go to LA and get to cut a single in a studio, etc etc.

i’d appreciate your support and you telling your homies to vote for me:

vote for Joey Nguyen

thanks my brothers

  • joey

joey nguyen wifed honey jal = albert nguyen?

either way ur the best rapper alive <3

good shit at ecc most all over the board results iv seen yet.

the killa season 2 teaser…
fuckin great

So, I know we haven’t had a family reunion in a while with all the set of sets together, but we should meet up in the next 2-4 weeks to celebrate the the Graduation of Double Dragon aka The Deus and Deuce connection. Of course, I’m buying for the two dips that are bout to level up to super saiya jin 10,000. But yeah, we should (dip)set something up for the two dukes that are getting cakey. Also, ucrjesse is graduating, so that breezy def getting love from the set. Can someone say hooks? FUCK YES. So yeah, wherever ya’ll want to eat: DONE.

Hopefully my whip game will be past nice aka YUP. So shit should be hard body.

Just post up time and date and I am there.

You’re graduating too!

Look Like we’re all eating lobster. It’s a fucking celebration. The Mighty Dips, Fuck yo set aka Glorious Set aka Magnifico SET aka Diplomat minus the T = US