The "I suck at linking combos" thread

I am a new SSFIV player. All other fighting games I have played with a PAD. But now I am On A TE stick. Does anyone have any advice on how to be more successful at linking combos? EX: Deejay’s Cr.lp, Cr.lp,, cancel to special. I just can not figure out the timing to stuff like this.

How did you guys learn the timing? Any tips you could give me?

Also it’s not that I am just new to a fight stick. I had a hard time linking stuff with a pad also.

Check out the execution sticky if you haven’t already.

There really isn’t much more to learning links than trial and error and acquiring muscle memory through practice.

Thanks, just got to get that muscle memory down.

Yea, Dee’s cr.lp to for me I have to rely on muscle memory. I couldn’t get that link for the longest time :confused:
Like Starcade said, just keep messing with it and you’ll get them down consistently :tup:

Also called the “Practice” thread

So to more seasoned players: Does burning the combos into muscle memory make links easier to do to the point where you don’t have to think about them?

Links are easier once you know the timing

like cancels