The " I thought I was good ... until ... " thread

All of us fighting game players have been through this at least once in our lives. You play your favorite game, whether it’s Street Fighter, Guilty Gear, Capcom’s Versus Series, Tekken or whatever, and you play and defeat your friends pretty easily.

Then you go out and about and end up playing someone who just flat out destroys you in record time. In my case it was Street Fighter 3 - Third Strike. Months prior, I was learning some pretty good moves with Dudley. When some friends of mine got together, I was pretty much able to beat anyone with him.

Until I went to Atlanta.

It was at AWA (Anime Weekend Atlanta) when I was playing a guy who I believe was named Rashaan. He picked Chun Li, and as usual, I picked Dudley. It was an all out parry-fest. EVERY thing I tried was parried and blocked. Normal attacks, Specials, Supers, everything. I couldn’t get in, I couldn’t get a rhythm going, and I was outmatched. Plain and Simple. At least I learned that you can parry every bit of those multi-hit supers. I just have to work on my timing.

So, SRK, what fighter incident did you go through that told you that you might not be as good as you thought?

Players go in either two directions. To become as good as those who have crushed you, or give up. The problem with getting better is competition. If you just have casual friends as players, ya never really get better. I would have been more impressed with this Rashaan if he picked a character that didn’t have so many advantages in gameplay. Ken and Chun, easy. I’ll worship the player who parries everything with Remy.

Honestly, never. I’m a firm believer in “no matter how good you are, someone is better than you.” Some form of humility in these games help, because its only when you acknowledge someone is better than you can you improve.

I thought I was really good at Tekken 5. This past Friday I got stomped, raped, destroyed, etc. I started to do stuff that people call “cheap”, but I was tryin’ to win so I could care less what they thought.

I never thought I was better than just a bit above average, with some above average skills here or there (like being able to JD like a whore in CvS2 for example).

I got to play Ricky Ortiz last Saturday however, and up to that point I hadn’t actually played someone who just moved that fast. It wasn’t as if I hadn’t seen anything that he was doing before (I had seen it plenty) but I had never seen someone just do be able to do it as fast as he did, controlling the pace of the match, switching from offensive to defensive before I could get my head to stop spinning.

The whole time I had a huge grin on my face though. It brought back the days I was learning the game at its start, and how I’d love to play someone who was obviously much better than I was.


for me it happenned two days ago, i thought i was pretty good in 3s, then i meet this guy peter, also know as flashmetriod, he beat me like i was garbage, and i barely won once or twice, i was happy tho that i had found someone that could beat me to that point because know i’ve found someone to play that i know i can get better with.

I ran my local scene in CvS2 from November 2001 until I went to my first tournament in March of 2002. Then I was humiliated beyond words by Montreal and Detroit and learned humility.

On an odd note, this thread should probably be titled “I’m good, but I truly realized someone was better when” because most of these stories will start out with the player running their scene, which in and of itself makes them good to an extent. There just happen to be some that are better.

Would have to disagree with you on that. Rashaan is pretty good with characters other than Chun. And parrying skills don’t depend on the character the person who is parrying picks. The thread starter got parried probably because he didn’t time his attacks right, plus the fact he played no other players other than casuals with a friend gives him less experience.

First time I played Ryan Hart. We had been playing VF4 for like maybe a year…Evo had been out on JPN PS2 for a few months. A few of us made a trip to NYC and people were lining to play this dude. That’s when my eyes were opened to high level VF, I felt like everything I did was futile…I couldn’t hit him no way…like he was reading my mind. I attacked, he blocked/evaded. I threw, he escaped it or attacked/launched me. I did counter hit P throw he fucking escaped it. I was like ~_~. We were playing on this table (the kind you see in cafeterias in public schools), and this dude was shaking the whole damn table when he struggled lol. Not like he was going crazy, but like, he concentrated so much energy on into the damn stick. I remember I did d/f+P+G with Kage and he rolled outta my down attack…wtf.

Anyway that’s my story.

I thought I was pretty decent at CvS2 until I played against Deus.

I hate you Minh.

No doubt about that. Playing against those really skilled players breaks the monotony of getting easy wins and makes the game more fun and challenging.

I’ve never been to AWA but I think I’ma try to make this one. You coming? By the way, AWA thread is below, Rashaan’s SRK nick is ShinkuuR. Also, some other ATL 3S heads might show up this year, hope you and your peepz roll through to taste the ATL 3S :tup:

I thought I was good until I got fucked up in a PSone game called Star Gladiator by some random white guy.

Then when I got the internet and seen my first strat guide I knew I was garbage when I could even comprehend doing half of the shit they talked about.

I’d really like to play against the highly skilled VF4 Evolution players. I’ve been playing the game solo ever since it came out to the US because most people in my hometown are focused on Tekken 5 and Soul Calibur.

So true till a point where it isn’t funny.

I thought I was sick at MvC2 for a while, way back when. I had it for the DC and played it (against the computer) all the time and could beat the computer without having to continue, which was some hot stuff let me tell ya. I could even beat my 10 year old brother, I was so good. My family and I went to Vegas a couple of times for vacation and I’d seek out the arcades, find the MvC2 machine, and own everyone (read: preteens) who came to play. So I thought I was badass.

Then I went to college, had a good friend in the dorm, and she had this good friend who actually was good at Marvel and knew stuff about it. I met him and somehow we got talking about video games and he mentioned he played Marvel, so I went over to his place, picked my usual team (Guile, Shuma-Gorath, Juggernaut :rolleyes:), and got spanked. He was all super-jumpin, comboing, assist-calling and crap. I had no idea what was going on. And then I realized, oh, I have the proverbial wang in my mouth.

I’d like to consider myself decent at Third Strike now, but it’s hard to think too highly of yourself when the FFA guys beat up on you every weekend.

i thought i was good at Tekken 4 till i played a bunch of people for the first time

i’ve never thought i was good at anything since then :sad:

I thought I was good at 3s.

Then I left training mode and played against the computer. :sad:

Even if that’s the case, it can be a rock paper scissor type thing. ^^^

I live in a city right next to Toronto. Back around 2001, us Mississaugans for the most part thought we were the shit. Then Toronto came down for a tournament, and r.a.p.e.d. us. I mean damn, I thought I was at least vaguely decent, but… :wow:

However, over the years, we’ve managed to improve. In fact (arguably) the best MVC2 player in the greater Toronto area is now from Mississauga. :tup:

It’s a pity the scene is dying, and not many people play anymore however. That spark is gone.