The 'I want to play ST right now' thread

This thread is to arrange matches for ST. It’s my favorite game and if It’s your fav too, here’s the place to post.

The ping to get into GW server 2 is through the roof for me. (and I can’t even get in right now into GW1) Any west/east coast players wanna play ST? Come to:

It’s a new WC server.

I’m on right now, waiting for a challenge. I’m usually on Kaillera as ‘jh’

I would also like to do a SRK ST kaillera tourny.

Where you from, cobra? I think I’ve played you before, and the WC server is definitely best for me, too (~45ms, opposed to ~90ms on GW). There’s never anybody on the WC server, tho, or when there is, they’re all just sitting around idle with nobody hosting or joining anything. :frowning: I’ll keep my eye open for you on the WC server.

st is what all will be playing, havent been on for a while but ill probably start again for pimpsauce st matches

Super Street fighter 2 turbo

Yo, im gonna go on Kaillera to play some Super Street figther 2 turbo. If anybody wants to play me, my screename is SACANACHE. See u there

somebody play me now thread

im on kaillera first timer, i was playing FatherBrain but my controller was screwed up so i bought another one. so i need training come fight with me. son. come here if u want to call out somebody.