The I Will Money Match You Thread... 3s Only

I dunno of there’s a thread like this one, if there is, fuck it, remove it.

Anyways, post if you wanna money match people on 3s at EVO, i will moneymatch anybody that i don’t know.

5, 10, 20, 50, 100, i don’t care, anyways, i play Hugo and Necro.

20 bucks. The shinobi vs. whatever you got.

its on, what you wanna do 3 out of 5, race to 5, for 20 i wont do nothing more that 5 matches :wgrin:

how bout this, first to 5, you win i dont call imigration on you?? LOL fucking ray ramos, champion of the 51st state “MEXICO!” ask hsien chang about ray ramos, its just pure ownage!!

Best out of 3 for $20?


LOL, Hugo pwnd that ass.

Me Vs. Watts. 2/3 for $20?

dont be scared of ray ramos hes jus a mexican holmes

thats what im talking about guys, this is not a thread about me moneymatching everybody, its a thread where you can post and call people out to moneymatch, as for the guys that wanna moneynatch me its on

im down to mm people as well that i don’t know. get at me if ur interested


and btw jaha has the sickest avatar on this entire fucking website.

Watson 2/3 for 10 yo… You Down…

Ill money match you 3 out of 5 for 20 bux

When has there been an oficial tourney in mexico to say whos mexico champion

I live right across the border in bville and I learned all I know from a couple of friends I play with on matamoros and reynosa. I know players n veracruz too.

the mexican shoryuken is but noone has heard ths name :S!!!

:rofl: :rofl: this fucking guy.

Man i know Watson for a couple of years already, im mexican and all Watsi is doing is talking shit, just cause of that i wanna money match u, so see you at evo.