The "I won a round off haru tejyo" thread

Okay I’m not sure I will ever win a game off him, so I thought I’d start a thread for people that have won an actual round from him (which I think is an accomplishment).

Bronze star if you’ve won a round
Silver star if you’ve won two rounds (you’ve been 1 short of winning in a ranked match)
Gold star if you’ve ever beaten him ]

(all this for his gief, not his guile) :karate:

I don’t play HDR. That said, I keep hearing about this ‘Haru Teyjo’ fellow. Rumor has it he’s Jodim (aka offline as ‘Nogyo’), the feared Zangief player from Japan who reigned supreme on GGPO ST. Having played ST extensively on GGPO since way back, I can vouch that no one ever defeated Jodim in a set – challengers including Valle, Graham Wolfe, Afrolegends to name a few. A few sets are up on YouTube if you’re curious. Granted, these were casual matches. But the guy wailed on people. He’s been absent from GGPO for months now, so I suspect it must be the same guy. Honestly surprised that he’d be willing to dominate peeps on console, and from within Japan at that.

Btw if it really is Jodim aka Nogyo, then don’t be surprised you’re getting few wins. He’s a monster @ Gief, totally on Pony’s level. He rarely played in tournaments in Japan, but he is known among top players there, and even teamed up with Aniken and Gian in a Mikado ranbat or two (also on YouTube).

//EDIT: Saw Eggo’s vid. Yeah, that’s Jodim all right. Same color 'Gief. Same scary skills and playstyle.

[media=youtube]GuNCwDQy-NQ"[/media]. It was a best of 3 player match, so it would have been impossible to win 3 rounds, much less 2.

I consider it a huge accomplishment that I evaded his tick throws in both rounds of [media=youtube]ZCGnTkZzarU"[/media]. That’s got to be worth something, right? A purple heart, perhaps?

For those wanting to see more carnage… after the kids are put to sleep, you can view the slaughter here. Viewer discretion advised.

I watched all of them from the Gief thread. Never did thank you for uping those

Off Topic: Your avatar is fucking awesome.

There is so much brutal crushing in this thread, I can barely believe it.

Haru/Jodim is easily the scariest player I’ve ever played online. My record is not even close to even with him.

I do have some gold stars from some Gief mirror matches and “cheapass” Honda… but I don’t know if Honda counts. :wgrin:

Of course Honda counts. I’ve played him a number of times and I only have a handful of wins against him.

It’s amazing when someone can go 7:1 or 8:1 in their bad match up.

just wanted to add that and say the win in the mirror is impressive. I played him on GGPO in some mirrors and he put me a corner trap I never saw before. I won only a handfull of times but only from abusing super =/

Back on GGPO, we played an epic 40 game set, my DeeJay vs his Gief.

Final score was like 30-10, dude just crushed me. You might even have seen some of the carnage Beans lol.

I beat him! :encore:

Yeah, I’ve beaten him a few times too. But mostly…he crushed me :sad:

I agree on the scariest online player ever. Dude is way too good! And after playing lots of Japanese players on GGPO, that’s saying something!

That’s like your signature move though :rofl:

I can’t do 720’s for shit on my JLF :sad:

I’ve never played him, but I think the frameskipping in HDR is a huge factor in playing against gief in this online. Very hard to react to alot of things. I don’t really see how playing vs gief USA to Japan is going to give much indication of anything.

Well, he crushed people in GGPO too where frameskipping is not (usually) an issue.

To be honest, I hate that he’s playing HDR now where we can’t spectate him, I enjoyed a lot watching his GGPO sessions while working :stuck_out_tongue:

Watched a few matchs of this Hiru guy and I can say for sure that it is Jodim.

Fucking jodim raping ppl on LIVE now too!

ive beaten jodim a few gamse in ggpo but overall i get fucked up. havent played himt oo much in hdr.

it kinda sucks playing him in hdr because the rollback is BAD compared to ggpo

Its great to see a bottom tier fighter like gief dominate in the hands of a pro like Haru. It gives hope to players who use low/bottom tier fighters to rise up to the top. When I look at his very few losses, sometimes I just say how in the hell was that possible? ha
I’ve yet to face him, but I’m definitely sure I’ll get murdered

Haru’s gief vs Pony’s gief. I would kill to see that match.

As for Hawk, I havent seen a player on XBL yet that can own like Toutanki’s hawk, although R.Hawk is weaker from what I hear.

it took me around 35 games to win one match off jodim in ggpo. after our set, he was nice enough to show me a few things on how to keep gief away.

no disrespect to him at all but
lieut dan > jodim. :slight_smile:

You beat me to it Wolf. I’ve seen Lieut Dan fight Jodim and LD is an absolute shoto monster. Jodim is a freak but I think Dan is slightly better.

Haru aint not joke. I played like 40 matches vs his Gief and did not win once.
It seems like all I heard was Giefs laugh at the end over and over…lol.

Randomly he played Guile for a bit and I squeezed a win in but I dont think that counts:)