The Ibuki Thread



Heres whats currently known:

she likes boys
she likes knives
shes a ninja




Special moves:

“in air” Kunai j.:qcf::p:
.Tsuijigoe :dp::p:
Neck Breaker :hcf::p:
Raida :hcb::p:
Kasumi Gake :qcf::k:
Kazegiri :dp::k:
Hien :rdp::k:

super moves:


dont know what the actual attacks to input are at this time but this acts as a jumpable on reaction command grab in sf4. in current builds of SFxT it can full combo on juggle.


Hmm? I thought the consensus was no fancy thread titles since they weren’t editable?


This thread title would go better with Raven’s thread.


Wasted potential right there.


OP was alluding to RavenxIbuki rule 34 now get to it. :blush:


well if no fancy thread titles is the consensus then i apologize.

however if you want a fancy thread title for raven you could use pacs “strictly for my ninjas” the badass raven thread etc etc

i mean theres a million forms you could use for the pun.



Less arguing over thread titles, more useful info. We should at least have Ibuki’s moveset by now.


Does anybody have gameplay of Ibuki?


Ibuki is the same fun as in SF4, if you like her there, you’ll love her in SFxT.
Most things seemd to be easier, I had less troubles with b+mp into command dash etc.
If you know what you’re doing, Ibuki is just awesome in SFxT and seems to be a bit more forgiving execution wise.
100% picked as one of my main characters.

Ah ye, kunai vortex didn’t work that well for me… dunno if timing is just off.


That’s great to hear that I can rock her just as well as I did in SF4. Do you think thy because her is vortex different she losses some of her options or does her combos make up for it.


Some Ibuki gameplay

In this video we see Ibuki has one of her super arts from 3S back.


Glad to see that super back. It was my fave in 3S


cant wait for ibuki in this game i was really hoping she would make it in, i wonder who will work well with her in a team, kinda hope cammy will go well thou raven looks like a cool choice to thou i havent played tekken in years so just going via the vids currently posted :).


Hell yes!
Can’t wait to use Chun and Ibuki


Here are a bunch of gameplay videos for ibuki.


yeahs you think gamers of all people would have steadier hands


that is kinda odd that some cant hold a camera steady. Maybe it was a friend or something


When Ibuki is on the scene the hands of gamers become shaky.


I was thinking, if ibuki has her vortex, would it be useful to cancel out of kunai’s? When it crosses up your opponent will have to quickly adjust to the new opponent giving you more of a 50/50 game?


might even be a good time to pull out the cross assault, lol.