The IDAHO Thread


That’s awesome, thanks for letting me know.

Is there a specific time I should be trying to be there or do people just show up whenever? Basically just wondering if I should head down there when I get off work at 2:30 or if that’s too early.


Most of the time people usually start showing up around 7:00 pm

EDIT: New time, whenever, come by whenever.


Im in california so i will be missing this meetup, any plans for evo?


Yes, me and two others will be driving down Wednesday morning


Well I will be heading back to Idaho this sunday, was just curious of you guys were having a meetup for EVO in Boise area haha.


Oh, well I’ll be sure to let you know if they do.


Thanks a lot man. I appreciate it.


I preordered usfiv on pc since I missed the exclusive for the digital edition. So Ramon, if you wanna play some matches and possibly teach me some magic to get better my steam is same as username here.


Yo. I live in Boise and had no idea there was a small community here. I’ve been playing ultrasf4 and mahvel lately. Also picked up injustice. I’d love some people to play games with!


Hey dude. Yeah, there’s actually a nice little scene here in Boise with some good peeps. Check out the Big Damage Boise page on Facebook- that’s what everyone uses these days to organize. SRK has become somewhat of an ancillary tool for the Boise scene.


I still can’t make posts on the facebook page lol.


This thread is kind of dead but if theres anyone out there interested in joining a street fighter group in boise, Theres a facebook page named “Big Damage Boise” where we have 100 plus members. If you dont have an email, you can text 2084129861 for more info (my number), hopefully with USF4 being on the PS4 now and SF5 being announced, there will be an influx of new people wanting to join a competitive scene


Sorry I’m not near Boise or else I would, I’m in Pocatello and was wondering if there is any meetups in Pocatello or Idaho Falls area. I would really like to play some local Marvel and GG before EVO.


You’re going to EVO? We are taking 2 carpools to EVO if you want to meet up. possibly play. Unfortunately Dragoomba won’t be going this year, but you’ll get plenty of Marvel and GG from the people going.
I made it out of pools last year for Marvel, so there’s that going for ya. lol My number is 2 four 9 eight 3 six 7, I trust you know the area code :pensive:
Shoot me a PM with your number, or do the same, so I can get in contact with you as well. Look forward to meeting!


Alright so I should of been more active here. Since SFV dropped I’ll be more active on these forum. I’ve been trying to get something going in Pocatello recently, its been easier due to grabbing a stable job.

Every Thursday night 6pm to 10pm I run a fight night at a place called First Person Games. It’s located at 320 W Center St, Pocatello, ID 83204.

As of now theres a few fighting game players and quite a few smash players, but I would really like to even the odds and get more people playing SFV, BB, GG, MK, Etc. Most of us are down for whatever, but we are all excited for street fighter 5.


Hey man, if you can get more local activity here on the forum, good on you. Everyone from Boise area has moved on to Facebook, unfortunately. Here’s a link to the page:
Introduce yourself there and maybe we can plan to get some games in with you guys.


I… I had no idea… I thought I was one of the few FGC dudes here in Idaho…
Sobs in gratitude
Also, I’m here in Nampa too so that’s cool.


There are a few folks in Nampa, and here in Boise as well. Check out the Facebook link I posted above. I think I’m the only one who gets notifications for this thread anymore, and one of the few local guys who is still active on SRK since everyone moved to Facebook. @r00ster22 is local and still active here, but he’s also way more active in the local scene than I am, too. Get in touch with those guys if you want to get some games in.


oh ya send a request to join Idaho Fighting Game Community on Facebook

Not sure if that link does it, but it shouldn’t be too hard to figure out. Also what is your name so I know to add you right away? I am only on SRK to show Chad how bad he is in fantasy football and to tell him how horrible the Redskins are.


Thanks you guys, I’ve bookmarked this thread so I’ll always know where to come back to.
EDIT: Alright I just joined Facebook, so now we can chat there.