The "if you had told me..." thread

This is about “impossible” things that happened. Either in your life or in tv/movies/games. If someone told you this thing was going to happen, you’d never believe them until it came true.
I prefer to keep it to the trivial stuff (the tv/movies/games), but you can talk about whatever. Except for the standard “no”-zones (politics/religion/whatever else in the rules).
Here’s mine:
-Porno tube sites. Youtube, I kinda saw coming. I didn’t think it would get this big, but there were a lot of video sites out there at the time. Someone was bound to make one where people can just upload almost anything they want. But porn tubes? No. For some reason, it hadn’t even entered my mind. I still don’t know why, as it seems like a natural progression. I’m happy it happened, but if you told me in the past that finding porn would get this easy, I’d laugh and walk out of the room.

-Me liking Mortal Kombat 9 more than MVC3. I know that isn’t anywhere near a popular opinion, but that’s just how I feel. Five months ago, if you had told me I’d like ANY mortal kombat (even UMK3) more than any fighter Capcom puts out, I’d run far away from you because you’re obviously insane. It happened with MVC3 though.

-The Wire putting out a weak FINAL season. Even The Wire’s weakest eps can trounce most of what’s on TV today. Still, I would never believe that the final season of The Wire would be the weakest of the 5. Thankfully, it was still good and they didn’t go “Sopranos” on us. WTF was HBO thinking when they (through budget) cut the final season of the goddamn wire down to 10 episodes? Ugh.

What about you guys?

…I’d turn out this way. I may be a college drop-out, but I’m am accomplished man with an amazing woman. I hated myself when I was growing up.

…The Internet was going to be this fast. Even 3G smokes my old 14.4k. Forget about broadband.

…Cell phones would become what they are. I’m still appreciative and happy about how capable and entertaining smartphones are. My phone can do things my first 3 desktops (dating back to 1988) couldn’t.

If you would have told me back in the day that we’d be able to store our entire music collections on something the size of an old-school cassette, I wouldn’t have believed you.

Oh yeah. The old me trying to micromanage what songs go on which CD-R would have had an aneurism if you told him he’ll have a tiny ass jukebox he can store music and videos with in the future.

Best part about that, is you don’t even have to go back that far. Go back to what, 1999 and shock yourself.

Daigo getting totally bodied and not winning EVO2011

:rofl: That reminds me:
I know I said no politics, but just look past the Obama stuff. The vid starts out talking about iPods.

That’s one of my favorite skits from Patton! But yeah, I had that thought about the ipod a while ago!

I would’ve never believed that you would continue to make these types of threads.

Yeah, I did not see that coming at all. I thought he was winning for sure. That perfect damn near shattered reality.
I think Justin Wong got perfected in MVC3 at Evo in one match. Either that or he was only able to do one pixel of damaged. Even though Justin’s slipping just a bit from top dog status at these tourneys, that win against him just freaked me out.

-Black President

-Mario and Sonic in the same game

As far as the technological advances go, they were bound to happen, it was just a matter of when. Flying cars are going to be tricker (because there will prbably have to be regulations that stall its development).

I don’t think flying cars are EVER going to happen. Accidents would be more catastrophic and lawyers would have wet dreams thinking of ways to milk that industry dry.

Duuuuuuude true that.

Street Fighter iv - Too bad it sucks

They’re called planes…

  • The internet rising above television in the media tier list.
  • Gay Marriage.
  • Texting being a big thing.
  • Drew Carey replacing Bob Barker as the host of TPIR.
  • Marvel being signed over to Disney.
  • The Rock coming back to wrestling.
  • Sonic games becoming cross-platform.
  • Street Fighter x Tekken.

Id rather have my own Gold Professor X hover chair…

-I didn’t expect that Capcom would end up being run by complete douche-nozzles who would rather lose money by not using their mascot in any of their new games, solely out of spite.

-Me loving a show about an ad agency ran by opulent, self-absorbed men in the 1960s, and intrigued by the intimate details of their lives.

-Superhero movies being a staple genre. In the 90s I felt fortunate just having Blade. “OMG the vampire dude from the Spiderman cartoon!”

-A 2-fer: Snake and Sonic in a Smash Bros. game, and Smash Bros. sucking infinite amounts of ass.

I saw the whole black President scenario coming, just thought it would be for the next generation, not 2008.

  • finding people who… are on my level / searching for truth / very open-minded / can relate to me / are attractive, but not in that “Man I’d fuck her if I knew her” way but in that “I’m GONNA fuck her soon as I can” way / are SO fucking stupid that stupid is no longer a word you can use to define them / can be so… extremely unpleasant.
  • The entire American country will get dicked. While the average person will feel the dick, they will be clueless as to where it came from. ie. people who say “Go get a job!” or think that kindergarteners should “work on their future”
  • you’re less likely to find the truth amongst a group of people and more likely to find it in a quiet cave where no one is around to appreciate it except you. tack on to this that if you actually go out and share this truth, people will criticize you more than if you told them a blasphemous lie
  • that people ACTUALLY BELIEVE in things like relationships, a social contract, patriotism, and the invisible man in the sky
  • don’t respect bitches and they respect you

there’s more I can say, but really… fuck it.

Also forgot…

  • America sucking ass
  • Seattle Supersonics no more
  • Marry rich asian wife
  • Tyler Perry
    -Eddie Murphy becoming unfunny