The "if you had told me..." thread


1Halo would be ass and SF would be much more fun ( I coulda been a contender, still going no doubt) ****
2There was a no holds bar training spot for like 20 years! (who silva nigga?)
3All my friends would be bums —>I woulda spent more time talkin to girls.
4Smoking Weed would only enforce my beliefs about people ( I do it for the fun/lawlz, in case you wanna know)
^ that most people would rather fake it or call you out cold blooded shyt and make it not fun… HOW YOU GONNA OUT ME LIKE BRUh!? ( i thought people got bodied over this stuff)

5That target was a Good job and I shouldn’t have left.

6The middle east revolutions… seriously, I thought it would be mass genocide before it happened.

7 Simpsons and G-unit becoming their biggest competition :smiley:

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic
Never in my life did I think I would be watching a show about candy colored miniature horses, but here I am, waiting on season two lol