The 'I'm feeling great!' thread



Today I noticed that the rage thread had almost reached ten pages of despair and profanity. I think we need a solution to the salt, so please share your moments of triumph!

Today I had easily the best games I’ve had in a long time. I made an endless lobby and a German Fei Long player entered. He was very good (relative to me at least, he was 3500PP to my 2200PP by the numbers but after the first game it was clear they were well earned points) and won probably seven out of ten games. The losses didn’t leave me mad though, every victory was well earned on his part for playing correctly instead of lamely and when I did win it felt even better.
Following that a Ryu player rocked up, similarly played very well. I think I won four out of five, all very good games.

The thing that topped it off was that I received a message from both players afterwards complimenting my Makoto. Very nice feeling indeed, given how a lot of the time when the ‘____ sent you a message’ pops up it’s salty trash talk!


I have been having loads of success lately…somehow my Makoto has clawed her way up to 16th on Xbox Live. I know the points don’t mean much but it makes me feel better about myself lol


I haven’t played for awhile but gbursine and I are going to train hard from nov 1 to dec for nec. I really want to make a showing. My play has been really solid for awhile and some of the top east coast players I’ve been getting the better of


Makoto is very very very very good…
I’ve mastered TK Axe kick and I’m finding all different kinds of ways of catching my opponents!
I almost feel dirty playing makoto at times…

I can feel my opponents rang when I steal the round from them with either karakusa…
or catching their crouch techs with axe kick… both leading into ultra!

I love makoto because, not only does she have what it takes to play at a high level… she also has tools or ways to fuck around with noobs if you’re ever in the mood… I’ve once landed 4 consecutive kara-kusas in a row! Doing one into Mp xx Hayate Cancel into another one over and over!

I just love this character… her damage, her mix up, her flash… and her potential to troll! :encore:


I picked Ultra 1 by mistake against a really good Dhalsim player. I’m still a newer Makoto player but I happened to have read up on how to play the matchup. I noticed at a certain range he would either c. H or Yoga snipe so I went for a psychic U1 and won the match off of it. Felt amazing since I haven’t been playing this character for long. :smiley:


I’ve played in endless a 'Rog today,the headbutt/cr.lp all day-type. After destroying him he’s start crying about how much karakusa I did and salty about get a U1 via OS. Guys I’m so proud about my improvement with Makoto,receive some salty messages from losers make me sooo happy :smiley:


I would love to improve my Makoto, sadly i am located in Europe and on the PC :frowning:


I landed a Kara-Karakusa today. It was fucking boss.


I managed to beat the 13th best Guile on PC. Ended up doing some stupidly awesome Tsugiri. Air to air fierce and followed up with an IA HK Tsugiri when I landed. It crossed up, and was insanely meaty. I wish I got it recorded.


I’m winning tonight. Makoto when I’m in a bad mood must be scary.


I had a bison crying about me “mashing out random ultra.” on him last night, little did he know it was a cross-up setup >:D


I just want to say thanks to everyone who’s been helping me out with my match-up problems on these forums.

I just broke the 3000pp barrier for the first time, and I think I’m playing better than I’ve ever played before. It helps that I’m currently unemployed and have lots of time to practise, but nonetheless I couldn’t have done it without you guys!

I’m looking forward to my next tournament now, rather than dreading the beating I will no doubt receive.


Keep it up!


Started learning her last week. Still getting better every game. Beating people with up to 3kpp and such. Last week, that was unheard of for me on Makoto.


Although I didn’t use Makoto it feels good playing and winning with random characters. Sakura, Abel, Cammy, Gouken, Ken, and ,the character I guess would be my secondary, Adon.


I’ve finally reached the +3kpp club, I now shall hug the entire forum.


Last I played, I won a mirror match vs a top 30 XBL Mak. That’s something I guess!


Wow, it’s really been about 6 months since the last time any of us have felt great? I have something. Now I know it’s not spectacular at all and was a pretty messy match but it feels good to finally have practice pay off.


I managed to finish top 32 at Shadowloo Showdown, took Dixon from SG to last game last round too.
My result was surprising considering I hadn’t been playing for months into the lead-up to the tournament and I was running brackets for both AE and Marvel leaving me exhausted.


Got to play on a lag-free connection for the first time in months yesterday…and I won EIGHTY FUCKING PERCENT of my matches. Sweet mother of mercy why can’t my home Internet be this good