The "I'm moving. Buy my stuff!" thread


Hey guys! Going through all my stuff again to try & sell some stuff before I move in a month & a half. Added some things on ebay & I’ll be adding more here in the days/weeks to come. Dexter season 1 DVD Dexter season 2 DVD Dexter season 3 DVD Dexter season 4 DVD Dexter season 5 DVD

WWE Blu Rays: All $6 & free shipping except Royal Rumble 2012. That one is $9+free shipping because it is unopened.
All are in excellent shape with original packaging.

Royal Rumble 2011
Royal Rumble 2012
Wrestlemania 25
Wrestlemania 28
Wrestlemania 29
The Best of In Your House

I also have WM 26 on eBay. I’ll let that go for anyone that wants it for $6 as well.

As always, I’m still looking for Lego Minifigures Series 1-11, Team GB, Lego Movie, Simpsons etc.

Also, here’s my eBay page which I keep up to date with most of the Perler bead creations I’ve made.

& last check out my new website. I hope to have this replace my eBay account as far as selling Perler art goes.



Any interest in Sega Master System, Genesis, 32x or NES games?


Zombies, chrono & actraiser 2 on hold til Thursday

Battletoads & double dragon also on hold


updated, Zombies & Actraiser sold, chrono trigger back up, Battletoads & double dragon still held & I’ll be adding more stuff this weekend


For anyone that doesn’t know - Out of this World is one of the most amazing games you’ll ever play.


One of the best 16bit games I’ve played, frustrating too in certain parts…I have the collection, 1 & 2, on Sega CD somewhere. Never finished part two tho…


Damn -.- Got super happy when I saw act raiser 2 I finished the first one the other day such a great game they need to work on a remake pronto


Sold some stuff, added 2 24mm buttons


What NES games/prices do you have? Also I’ll take Secret of Evermore and Super R-Type if you can wait until Friday.


look for any trades? im interested in chrono trigger and secret of evermore


Added some more stuff…still going through all my old things, more stuff to come.

Added a few NES, I can wait til Friday but I can’t guarantee anything tho.

I’ll accept trades but there’s nothing really I want from you right now, sorry. :sad:


lol thats ok thanks for responding in a timely manner. free bump.


Understandable, I just get paid then is all. I’ll grab Gauntlet also if it’s still available by then.


Added a bunch of stuff, PS1 & Dreamcast games. Still have some original Xbox, PS2 & some movies I’m going through that I hope to also add tonight.




Games received! im tempted to buy some of those ps1 games


Sold some stuff, added an Xbox, PS2, DVD & PC section.

Thanks to everyone that is contributing to my new power tools fund & you guys are welcome for me contributing to your video game collection! :smiley:


Secret of Evermore sold literally the day before I was going to buy it? Really? Shame.


I want to buy your whole dreamcast collection D: sucks being poor haha.
How good is JSRF?
I’ve played the original a lot but don’t remember if the xbox one was amazing or not.


Sold some more stuff…thanks guys! :tup:

Sorry but shin neferio bought $80 in games from me, I couldn’t really say no…

The Xbox one was pretty much the same thing, it was fun.