The "I'm not sober" Thread


It’s something we’ve probably all done at least once, and also something that some of us may even continue to do. Yet it’s never this act of “getting wasted” alone that we end up remembering, but instead the great/horrible experiences we have while under these influences. I’m sure there are some among you that have experiences to share just as I do, so this will be the thread to do so. Talk about all your non-sober, under the influence adventures until your heart’s content. Hell, post in here when you’re not sober even. We could all use the entertainment.

I’m not sure if this thread goes against any forum rules or some shit, but whatever.



probably getting locked unless you restricted this to just drunkenness.

also I thought this was gonna be a thread about posting while fucked up



That’s a good idea.


I’ve got drunk and woken up in other cities still drunk. Always fun


Worst: DWI on father’s day

Also Worst: Falling off a roof, thereby spraining my lumbar, tearing the tendon in the arch of my foot, and breaking my heel.

…All things in moderation, kids.


Once fell backwards on concrete while shit faced, and ended up back on my feet.

I love Aikido.


Goddamn. I can’t imagine breaking something while wasted. I wouldn’t be able to focus on anything besides the pain.


if youre sufficiently drunk you shouldn’t feel a thing!

and then the next morning you can’t tell if you’re sore from an injury, or just from being mega dehydrated


I just crawled up to my friend’s apt and passed out face-down on the hardwood floor. Going to the hospital was more of a tomorrow problem.


I’m drunk right this moment, being a emo bitch on vday. fuck. <3 you hennessy.


Don’t ever play marvel when you’re high. Shit does not work.


Dude. I drop Wesker bnbs when I try to play high.

That’s bad. Real bad.


playing worse while high? does not compute…

I’m on a vday date with Johnny Walker, does that make me gay?


This thread made me drink today. Its 1am, and I have to be at work at 8am. Thankfully, I am experienced in this.


I smoked too much weed I can’t enjoy itanymore, though I like some cocaine on occasion unlike other drugs you don’t feel fucked up the morning after.


This last boss on TTT2 is blowing my mind right now. 


tired as fuck videogames


I’m pretty sure that’s not even possible.