The Image comics thread. Kirkman>90s

Ever since Kirkman’s been with Image, they started releasing some pretty fun books over the past decade (even though MOST of them are Kirkman’s works).
I know we’ve got seperate threads for various Image series, but some are rarely updated, so this could take their places (sticky the thread maybe?)

Kirkman’s latest issues Guarding the Globe and Invincible were FANTASTIC IMO
Looking forward to seeing what GtG is gonna have in later issues.

Speaking of Kirkman, I would like to recommend his mini-series Capes; while the art may not impress a lot of you, it’s still a fun book.

Godland is the best ongoing Image book. The Walking Dead is pretty awesome, too.

I Kill Giants is a great miniseries.

Guys care if I revive this thread? I was gonna post in the misc. thread but I found this before I did.

Anybody reading Image besides Inivcible or Walking Dead?

I got Fatale #1, Prophet #21 and the Severed mini-series.

Fatale was good I’ll be around for a little while I want to see what potential the crime-noir genre holds.

Prophet seems to be a cool Science Fiction adventure. I guess it has some history that I’m unaware of, but since John just woke up from his sleep it seems to be a restart. I could be wrong about that and if so lemme know.

Severed is Scott Snyder’s turn of the 20th century horror and it is really scary. I do my best to save each issue to read at night, by candle light seems to add to the story haha. Mini-series finale is next month but Scott has dropped hints at continuing the story so :fingerscrossed:

Also going to pick up Saga when it comes out. I’ve heard good things about B. K. Vaughn

Haven’t read Severed in a while now so I plan to catch up.
Will read Fatale soon though.
I kind of skimmed Prophet #21 but I didn’t quite understand what was going on ^_^;

Orc Stain #7 is coming out this week. Can’t believe it was more than a year since the last issue was released!
Wonder what the deal was with the hiatus…

Carbon Grey.

OMG. Carbon Grey.

I love this book. Everything just clicks for me. The art. The mood. The story. The setting. Everything.

For the uninitiated:

The first volume us already released, w/ the second volume’s issues being released as they are ready.

I personally enjoying Chew right now.

I need to seriously start following that book. A friend gave me the first issue a while ago, and I loved it, but I just never picked following ones. Eventually I’ll add that to my pull list.

Has anyone been keeping up with recent Spawn? Been really digging what’s been coming out of it. I’m a bit behind now, but I personally enjoy the story behind Jim Downing a lot more than I did Al. Even ignoring the 90’s X-Treme thing that Spawn embodied when he was created, I felt like Al as Spawn sorta fell off after the Apocalypse thing, so when Endgame started, it was like everything got rejuvenated, and I haven’t been disappointed since.

Invincible never ceases to amaze. Finally coming to the conclusion of Monster Girl and Rex’s relationship in that alternate dimension left me feeling–I dunno. I loved the storyline behind it. It was fresh, really got to know the characters, and the set up for the story with their past coming back to haunt them in full force with that invasion was a great way to cram in all that history without making you feel the action was stunted.

And then moving on to the latest issue with how Zanadale revealed his origin story to his parents. And then the reaction. That was comic book gold.

Wasn’t a fan of how that stuff ended with Bulletproof’s parents myself. But the joke about it after it happened at the convention the poage after was priceless.

That whole sequence had me bawling out laughing. Thought I was watching Boondocks for a second. No F’s given, whatsoever. I can’t help but kinda respect that. I know that writers do stuff with comics all the time that make fans rage and such. I’ve been there raging too, thinking how can someone who claims to like the character enough to write about him/her do something like whatever, but seeing something that should for all intents and purposes give me a similar reaction here–I dunno. Maybe it’s because he’s not really all that established with years and years of history behind him, but somehow I just can’t help but respect Kirkman for telling a story like that.

just finished Walking Dead vol. 8 (hardcover) which goes up to issue 96 or so. This was one of those slower sections that gets you hyped up for what comes next more than appreciate what just happened. I dunno I felt like they didn’t really address enough Rick’s actions at the end of the previous hardcover (in regard to leading the woman and her son out of the house) which to me was a fundamental character shift.

Cyber Force #2 is out - and remember… it’s free!

And picked it up, I did. It was a good read. I like the new direction the reboot is going in. It’s got that whole world conspiracy thing that quite a few Top Cow books are known for. Right now, it’s still in that wait and see part, which is expected with it being the second issue. I’m really excited to see how these new origins affect how the characters are with respect to the Top Cow verse as a whole.

Invincible has things goin’ down. Looks like Dinosaurus is still his old self, but it’s cool how he genuinely looks to Mark. Like how he’s comfortable enough around Mark to let him into his thought process. Sure, Mark was the only one to open up and give him the time of day, but I think he really held onto that. Whatever happens next, it’s gonna be big.

Glory vol. 1 was excellent…highly recommended.

Saga vol. 1 was pretty good too.

Still need to pick up Prophet vol. 1…it was sold out at IST last time I ordered.

I was interested in looking into Saga last time I was at the shop. What makes it appeal to you?

Brian K. Vaughan! What else do we need to know?!

True dat.

So I’ve been reading Invincible lately - started from very beginning.

OMG this book is too good.

I’ve gotten all the way up to the Viltrumite War so far and I’m enjoying the ride. Invincible’s first fight w/ Conquest was probably the best comic book fight I’ve ever read and that’s no exaggeration. 50 pages of two guys beating the paste of out each other - just excellent.

This book has it all action, humor, drama, great characters, etc…

Part of me is mad I didn’t start reading this a long time ago, while the other part is happy as it allows me to read issue after issue after issue. Great stuff.

I’m really pumped for Remender’s new series “Black Science”. Jason Aaron’s new book should be a good one too.