The Imgur with all of the characters costumes is finished


It took me way to long to finish this mostly do to school but it’s finally done.
The first 27 characters are on and the last 12 are on
I will update this when Ultra comes out on PC. Enjoy!


Awesome. This is very much appreciated. Thank you.




Thank you for all the hard work man, I could only imagine how long this must have taken. Agree with the guy above, this NEEDS to be stickied.


Dudley alt 2 and Fei Long alt 3 classiest, confirmed.

Great stuff, now I can find the best costumes easily for my pocket picks.


Great stuff, can’t bother looking for that stuff in yt videos or other incomplete pages.
Thumbs up, sir!


I wish you could buy these separately like in SFXT, instead of doing them in packs and hoping the characters you use are bundled together.


Thanks for this. I’ve been looking for something like this for a while.


Well organized, high-quality, concise, and just overall plain awesome. Thank you so much for this. This will be a handy reference guide if I can’t remember all of the colors for specific characters.

Again, great job!


Thanks everyone :slight_smile:


Very cool, thank you.


Still no sticky?


Ironic, I was just searching for a costume list.

Good job!


Very nicely done. That is a great reference resource. Thanks.
I hope that in Ultra, they make it so that every character has the same amount of costumes.


Fei long must really love Bruce .
enter the dragon
and of course


And people said makoto was the buffest female…lies and slander…


now if we could get one with all the taunts for all the characters…


Google has failed me and SRK has given me exactly what I want. Well done Gamefreak.

Is it just me or does it seem like Juri’s first costume was is so good it makes her alts look like shit?


Awesome job dude, please keep it updated when USF4 come out

For that Youtube is still the most easy option


Shameless bump of this because it’s not on the first page anymore