The importance of FADC into Ultra?

So I’ve got a pretty standard story: New to two dimensional fighters, figured I’d try and get a little serious with Super finally here. My execution is pretty trashy, but I’m not here to complain about that.

SRK has done a wonderfull job of assisting me as a veritable newbie at all of this stuff. Starting off with the shotos to come to grips with the fundamentals, I plan to practice FADC into Ultra until I can get it down reliably. However, I realize that it’ll probably take me a decent amount of time, seeing as my execution skills are pretty much next to none at the moment.

I don’t need to be told to practice, as I’m already on top of that. Same with watching videos and reading articles, doing trials and getting some player matches in. All I would like to know is if the FADC Ultra combo is central enough to Super’s game that I’ll be crippled until I get the hang of it, or if I can chug along full steam ahead and not have it hold me back too severly.

Too lazy; didn’t read? I would like to know how much of a hinderance not being able to FADC into Ultra with shotos for a long while will be in Super.

Thanks in advance for any insights or insults you all care to spare.

Well assuming Super is like Vanilla(which it isn’t) I can’t really say if it will be essential to Super, but it was defiantly essential to Ryu’s game in Vanilla. Ken’s it wasn’t used or isn’t needed that much, but you should skip it if using Ken and come back later when you have better execution.

Short answer: If SSF4 is like SF4 then…

Ryu: Learn it and incorporate it into your skills.
Ken: His Ultra II can be jab jab jab or maybe 2 jabs into ultra so you don’t need.
Akuma: Not sure if he FADC’s into ultra II, defiantly not I lol.

This is purely for FADC > Ulta. FADC > Combos is a different story imo.

It’s pretty crucial to learn ESPECIALLY if you’re going to play Ryu.

Thanks, Veikuri. That’s exactly the sort of answer that’ll help me move past one of my primary worries for the game. From my time spent in Vanilla’s training mode, I seem to have a better feel for FADCing during a combo than FADC > Ultra, so I wasn’t quite as concerned with it. As long as it isn’t as concrete as those who can FADC into Ultra being a cut above those you can’t, I’ll definitely be more open towards not only challenging better players, but also those in my area who happen to be somewhat godlike on the local level.

Edit for Kelter Skelter: Aye, I had figured as much. I’ll work on getting it down, but wanted to get a feel for how gimped I’d be until that happened.

If you watch any tournament footage pretty much every single Ryu match will include at least 1 FADC Ultra

Your time would probably be spent just playing and learning the other aspects of Ryu’s game and just trying to nail it in matches where appropriate, rather than grinding it out in training mode. It’s definitely a really good move but it’s not going to increase your win % THAT much.

You’re thinking about it a bit too narrowly. You need to learn to FADC into ?? to play them effectively. Whether it is a throw, an overhead, a sweep, another SRK, whatever, it is a tool that you need to fully flesh out your game and take advantage of what the characters have to offer.

Don’t even be intimidated just because your consistency with it isn’t 100%. It will literally become muscle memory over time and practice, like throwing a fireball. As for how crucial it is, well its a key tool for Ryu no question. Its the best follow-up if you manage to land a lucky wakeup srk. Ken isn’t as reliant on it and generally fadc to ultra is only done around 50% of the time in matches since its damage is crap (its a weak 6-8 hit juggle). Not sure about his ultra 2, but you have a much higher chance of landing full ultra with that one so no need to worry about fadc…yet.

Quoted for truth. FADC in general is good for a wide range of characters. Akuma (in Vanilla) FADC to red fireball is a great combo extender. Sagat can FADC his uppercut into his ultra. Rufus has FADC shenanigans into ultra. FADC through fireballs for corner rushdown and combos is also great.

Once you get FADC in general down it’s only a matter of time before you can FADC Ultra, and FADC itself adds a whole new dimension to your game (defensively as well as a lot of moves you can FADC out of to avoid leaving yourself open such as shoryukens, flash kicks etc).