The Improvement Thread- Next Meeting on Thursday, March 18th- 1st & 3rd Thur Meetings

Everyone has goals or hopes to one day master something new, be it a new language, instrument, or some skill they have always admired. For some people, learning more about ways to be successful in life and reach goals like getting a good job or investing wisely are a huge priority, and a barrier that can be hard to get past alone.

But doing anything on your own can be a huge challenge, and your biggest obstacle is often yourself. Staying diligent and focused, and remaining dedicated when things get tough is the biggest challenge people often face when trying to accomplish something. It is often the biggest factor separating success from failure. So with that idea in mind, I am starting the Improvement Thread.

This thread is for people to list their goals, plan how to achieve them, get advice, find resources, make contacts, and help other people stay on track with their plans while they help you with yours. A big part of accomplishing something is having people who are interested in seeing you succeed pushing you forward and encouraging you. Even if someone has a different goal then you, reminding them about it, offering advice and asking them how they are progressing can do a lot to keep someone working.

So for anyone who has something they would like to do (that they know they can do!) but just hasnt had that drive to start it or see it through, this is a thread to help make it happen. It can be anything you want to accomplish; from getting a better job and making good contacts, to learning to cook, juggle, dance, read more, speak Chinese, workout, learn to code, draw, plan a fundraiser, be a better public speaker, start a business, play a sport or just spend more time outside. Whatever you want to accomplish, this is a thread to work on it with other people and start to make it happen.

So to start out, we need some structure.

To begin, make a list of all of the goals you would like to accomplish. It doesnt matter how many there are, just list everything you want to do. After youre done, choose the two you most want to start on. Ultimately, it’s up to you how many you choose, but choosing two (and three at the most) will help you stay focused, be easier to accomplish, and will help people keep track of how you are doing with your goals and how they can help. Two goals instead of one will also help by allowing you to switch things up when one goal gets tiring or you just need a break. Once youve chosen two from your list, post them up as your goals (feel free to post the list too since it could give other people some good ideas, or you could decide to work on a goal with someone else).

Once thats done, layout out a plan of everything youre going to do to achieve both of those goals. If your goal is something like learning to cook or starting a business, it can be hard to see a clear point to strive for. You could spend your whole life learning to cook! Instead, set a clear task, like Learn to prepare 10 meals in the next 3 months. Thats learning to cook one new good meal about once a week, out of the 21 you eat, and that very doable.

In truth, no matter what your goal is, you should use a method just like that. Set small doable tasks, and create a timeline of how you are going to achieve them overtime. Getting a calendar or a planner (or both) will really help with keeping organized and let you see what youve accomplished, what comes next, and how long you have to do it. If anyone is interested, I can tell you where to get good calendars and planners for cheap. There is a lot more I could add, but to start out, those are some really good steps to take to begin working on things you want to learn or get done.

As you are working on your goal, be sure to keep other people updated on your progress. Writing about what you’ve gotten done and regularly updating about what you plan to do is a great way to stay focused, and will let people know where you are and how they can help out. It can keep other people motivated to keep working on their goals as well. Post up about roadblocks, or ask for ideas on what your next step should be if you get stuck, and be sure to ask for help when you need it. The biggest point of this thread is to eliminate the lack of focus and discouragement that can come from working on a goal alone. The more you post up, the more you will keep yourself on track, encourage others, and help keep people updated so they can be involved in what you are doing.

So thats the thread, and I hope people will be interested in participating. It can be too easy to sit back and do nothing once you get out of school. Once you get out of that environment where you are constantly being pushed and people care about your progress, it can be hard to get it back and stay motivated. The NW is a big community with a lot of people who can give great advice and help rep for each other. This is especially true in the job market which a lot of people are struggling with right now. If you are looking for a job, posting up about the kind of job you are looking for and where you are applying could do a lot towards getting to meet the right people through a friend of a friend. In the same way, posting about what you want to accomplish generally could lead to some great opportunities through knowing the right people.

Hope this can get some people motivated. I will also be starting up nights for people to get together in person and work on things together. Once I get an idea of what night works best for most people, I plan to hold them at the UW library, which is a middle ground for most people to drive to. (unless a better location is suggested). If your interested, be sure to post up a day and time that is good for you.

I think this is a great thread Brent! Thank you for taking the initiative to set something like this up for people to really get in a positive/optimistic mood to accomplish goals!

I’m going to be coming back to this post time and time again to edit details and other various things as the months go on. I should also note that this post is more for “me” than anyone in this thread, so I’m sorry if my post isn’t a good example as to how people can make their lists and all. The underlined goals are my current goals…last update: 1/26

Goal List:

  • Stay more consistent with doing treatments, feeds and oral medicines
  • Begin exercising
  • Gain weight to 140lb’s
  • Find an administrative assistant job
  • Learning basic web design
  • Maintain a better sleep schedule
  • Make a daily schedule in order to make use of my time better
  • I want to start cooking meals for me and the girl friend on a regular basis
  • Purchase a new wardrobe
  • Read books/study more often
  • Post a blog every 3 days

Actions towards goals (starting 1/13):

  • Consistency with meds and treatments: I want to create a scheduled routine and I will place my meds near my laptop in order to remind me to take them before hopping on the computer. With treatments, I want to do one in the mid afternoon and one at night. I also will make e a habit of setting up my feed DURING my treatments.

More or less I want to take my oral meds every day, do 2 treatments a day, and do 5 feeds a week…this is my current goal regarding consistency with meds and treatments.

  • Gaining an administrative assistant position: my main step to achieve this goal is to apply for one job every day of the week.

Progress with goals:
My consistency with treatments and meds has significantly improved! I’ve almost gained a consistency that I’m happy with, so hopefully in the next week or two, I can officially quit trying to “work” at this, and instead have it something to be of second nature! The only thing that has recently been “stopping” me from becoming truly efficient at completing this goal are events in my life. For instance, going to hang out with friends late at night will drastically sway wether or not I’ll do a feed or not that night. Other times, I’ll leave to do something before doing a 2nd treatment, leaving it completely ignored. For the most part however I’m about 90% where I want to be with this goal and things are going very smoothly.

My actions to break this obstacle, are to do treatments before leaving. So if I know I’m going to hang out with a friend, set up a feed before hand so that I can complete it after returning from the friend’s house.

As for applying for jobs, I’ve only applied to one job at Children’s Hospital. I had an interview last Friday and things went VERY well. I’m going to be talking to the employer later this week to see if my skills fit the department or not. Let’s hope things go well! My “big” goal for this week, is to throw my resume on as Dugg had suggested.

Things to work on: Working on consistency with meds/treatments during “events” and to put my resume on

I’ll bite.


Becoming healthy again(back issues, loosing my gut)
Wood Carving

Getting there

Stretch every morning and be more consistent with it. A co-worker of mine is a massage therapist and is always telling me to set up appointments and to be more consistent with them when I bitch about my back. I recntly just put on a serious gut. Eating out too much, so I need to start cooking for myself throughout the day. Breakfast isn’t a problem it’s just dinner that get’s me. Gotta burn through the 2 bags of chicken in my freezer to get started as well as the bag of rice that’s been kicking it. Cut back on driniking and smoking. Don’t smoke on my days off, but the once or twice is at work when I’m mooching off people. The hard part is drinking and NOT smoking. The goal for now is to not smoke if I’m drinking that ‘s the hardest part. I pulled it off last weekend, this weekend will be the hard one tho’.

Mandarin. Going to school, in my first and half week of the 2nd quarter. Procrastination is killer but when I do study, even if it’s for a little bit, I seem to pick it up easily. I need to push myself more so I have it down like the back of my hand. Starting tomorrow(well later today…'doh) I’m going to study everyday for 2 hours. It’s not as good as 5-6 hours that I should be doing but if I start off light, I’m sure I won’t put it off like I did today.

Art. Again, procrastination > me. I have the art supplies just got to do something with them now.

I would’ve put Harmonica before art but I figure I’ll start off with these three and pick up the Harm next month. The other stuff I can hopefully get into by this summer.

to be conitinued…


to do 5 of these [media=youtube]flYDTlVxH-s[/media]
to get 5 of these [media=youtube]DFDBAreJF4E[/media]
to win 5 of these

steps twards goals.

well i had a cigarette…

Get proficient enough at acoustic to play basic rhythm guitar.
Get proficient enough with Bass to be able to play some songs.
Get good enough at piano to play intermediate music.
Get a group of people to play fighting games with at Western.
Graduate with at least a bachelors degree.
Can’t think of anything else. Maybe hit the level cap in WoW.

I’m actually pretty close with my guitar playing, just need to play more frequently and I could be there in a month. Bass will require a little more work. Still having trouble meshing both hands on the piano, that’s pretty tricky.

I would like to learn a language someday…

this song on piano would be a good starter, although I would transpose it down to B like it’s supposed to be played, it sound a lot better. [media=youtube]S3Ytq0q9-ZI[/media] Being able to play a CT medley at will would be amazing.

Brent for Mayor!

Dig this thread, informing everyone of my goals and having it jotted down in physical form should provide more motivation/inspiration…copying Mr. Davis’ format as it looks nice.

**Guitar **- Improve my playing with a major focus on finding and evolving my own style of sound…I’ve improved a lot from last year (end of a very long guitar-hiatus) but still am not happy with the noise I make.

Steps towards the goal:
**1. Switch back to learning the basics first. **
Being self-taught simply does not excuse not knowing how to read music, basic chord progressions, simple scale relationships, etc.
I use many of these things everytime I play, but doing them and knowing what they are would be two very different things. And if anyone can help me with reading music (Shawn? John?) that would be amazing.

2. Brush up on my execution.
I’m such a sloppy player, it’s inane. I tend to mute the strings around my target string and just kinda pick at that ‘area’. >.<
This will just take daily focus on making sure I’m doing exactly what I intend to be doing on that neck.

**3. Actually more like #'s 1- 100, but PRACTICE. **
I play a lot, but I can’t say I practice a lot.
All on me.

(in progress… :rofl:)

You know, I could’ve sworn theres a “basic guitar chords” book sitting in the kitchen…I was going to say I’d help you with reading music, but I want to say reading sheet music for guitars is a little different than say piano or clarinet sheet music…

I’ll have something up here in a second.

I only wanna improve so that I can become a ladies man Brent…

Just like you.

Wow Mike, besides the treatments and getting to 140, your goal list reads a lot like mine! The layout is great and really easy to follow, so if it’s alright, I’ll use it too.

Goal List:

  • Get a better job (full time/higher wage/experience/admin/event planning)
  • Do art projects with girlfriend
  • Improve marketing and advertising skills
  • Finish reading “Wuthering Heights”
  • Learn to cook
  • Learn basic web design
  • Workout
  • Improve punctuality
  • Finish arcade sticks I started making a year ago

Actions towards goals (starting 1/14):

  • Get a better job (full time/higher wage/experience/admin or event planning)

The best jobs I have ever worked, (and most of my jobs period) I have gotten through hearing about them from a friend, and getting referrals from people who know the person highering. Even in my job search now, my best opportunities have come as suggestions from friends and acquaintances who know I am looking for work. So to make sure I am using that resource, I will start by making a list of the best contacts I have (former clients, bosses, coworkers, aquaintances) who I will continue to contact overtime and keep up to date with how my job search is going.

I will start by making a list of all the contacts I have, their contact information, and the last time I spoke to them about my job search (so that I don’t come off as overbearing). I will try to contact at least one person a week asking if they know of any opportunities, and wait between 2-3 months before asking them again. I will also try to add at least 1 person to my contact list every two weeks, so that my list keeps growing and I have more avenues to hear from about positions.

Along with this, I will create a comprehensive list of every company I have applied at, and the last time I updated my resume and checked for a position on their site. Most companies with online job boards keep track of the positions you have applied for, so keeping track of that aspect is much easier.

I will also update my resume on the last Friday of each month, and continue to craft it for specific positions to emphasize certain types of experience and skills.

  • Improve Marketing and Advertising skills

Marketing is one of my weakest skills, and I want it to become a strength, because it is incredibly important to all types of business and very important when doing things privately like events or fundraisers.

To give myself more opportunities to gain marketing experience, I am going to start helping people I know with marketable events or groups to get the word out in the Seattle area. Since I am not solely in charge of marketing their events, I can work to create an effective marketing strategy and create good contacts in the Seattle area, and still have time to learn and pace myself.

To start, I am will gather all the info I can about the event/group so I always have it ready to reference when pitching to someone new. Second, I will create a list off all the places the event/group is related to could get good exposure, and get contact info for each one.

Once that’s done, I will start by contacting 2 per day, on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, and record who I spoke to, and what the result of the conversation was. On Wednesday, I will get in contact with the person in charge of the event (or sooner if needed) and let them know about the places I have contacted and what the results were. This is a general plan to start making contacts to local businesses.

For social networking sites I am going to leave those up to the event coordinators unless, as they generally require more steady observation and updates.

  • Learn to Cook

I really liked my example of cooking 10 new meals in 3 months when I wrote it. It seemed like a pretty cool and fun goal to accomplish in only 3 months so I decided to go with it. My girlfriend always says she would like me to cook for her too.

So to achieve this goal, I am going to cook one new meal every week for the next 3 months. I’d like to learn to cook some different kinds of meals, so I am going to define what types of meals I learn to cook.

2 will be bread based (so I can learn to make dough (I have some experience))
4 will be cooked in an oven (this includes things like lasagnas or casseroles)
1 will require me to make my own sauce
1 will require me to fry something
2 the last two can be whatever I feel like

I will have the recipes decided on by Sunday.

For each week, I will do the shopping for each ingredient on Thurday (if I don’t already have it from a previous week) and prepare it that night or Friday afternoon. I work in the evenings, so my afternoons are a good time for this.

Progress with goals:
(Still to come…will post in 1 weeks time)

Man, if y’all need any random shit for around the house hit up mothafuggin’ DAISO in the alderwood mall, over in like the… Sears corner. Shit is so raw. It’s like a Japanese… dollar store, except it’s like things are typically $1-$3. Hella cheap, and hella dope. It’s not even bad quality stuff (well, I’ve never bought cooking stuff but for the price!?) I get all my little trash cans and junk from there. They even have dope wall scrolls and incense and shit, no bomb candy though.

Yep, great idea. I’ve been trying for a long time to remember to take my vitamins and I use a similar method. I can’t take my vitamin in the morning because it’s a huge ass horse-pill and I need to have food in my stomach. I don’t eat right when I wake up 'cause it makes me feel sick. So I’ve got this little corner of my desk for “pocket stuff” in the morning: Keys, Wallet, Change, Carmex… and now I just throw a handful of vitamins on my desk there and I just put one in my pocket. You know that tiny pocket that’s in your pocket on the right? Perfect size. I never use that pocket for anything until now!

:woot: For reals, Brent is such an upstanding citizen.

I dig the timing on this thread. Around the new year at some point I promised myself some change. Nothing to do with the new year, I’m not into resolutions of the new year kind - it just happened to coincide around the same time. I’m not the type to be like “YEAH I’M GONNA WRITE A BIG LIST OF CHANGES AND MAKE IT HAPPEN!” because I’m real with myself and if I am really going to change something it’ll happen when it happens.

I don’t know how to explain it other than I need to change. I don’t… like myself? That doesn’t sound right. I don’t like the way I function.

So let’s see. I have serious social anxiety (goal 1), and am rather introverted. Being introverted is okay, but I really don’t dig social anxiety. I’m sure a few of you may remember when I first came into the scene I didn’t… really talk. It takes me a while to warm up to people, but I’ve been better about it. I used to be far too analytical, I would have to like… hang around people and see what kinda people they are, what they talk about, before I felt comfortable figuring out what to talk about. Far too stressful, fuck that! I’ve improved quite a bit, though I still consider myself socially awkward. I also used to be stoned all day every day, which in my case doesn’t exactly make me more social. I’m already a quiet guy and that just made me quieter.

Anyway, I have a really hard time:
[*] Calling people on the phone, especially/mostly people I don’t know.

I can use body language to get over my social barriers, but when you’re on the phone, there’s no body language. I find myself nodding in response to people’s speech and then I realize oh wait I just created an awkward silence by nodding instead of talking, then thinking about the awkward silence I created makes me feel more awkward and it just makes it worse.

I am awful at getting off the phone when I don’t want to be talking on it anymore. Not that I ever want to talk on it in the first place. I don’t know, phones are just awkward to me.

Oddly enough, I don’t feel awkward leaving phone messages anymore. A lot of people who have no issues with phones feel extremely awkward leaving messages. It doesn’t bother me though it used to. That’s an improvement, eh?

[*]Striking up conversation with people I don’t know well. If I don’t know what we have in common, I often wonder what I’m supposed to chat about. I find a lot of people start with things like music, girls, weather, sports, television… I listen to strange indie music that I’ve hardly even heard of; don’t like girls; don’t like sports; love “shitty” weather… so that all goes out the window.

I’ve gotten better about this though and it’s not nearly as much of an issue as it would’ve been a few years ago. I used to feel other people’s vibes where people feel pressured to create conversation. I, however, am the type where if there’s nothing to converse about, then that’s okay. Like, really, it’s okay to not talk. Silence doesn’t have to be awkward.
Being 21 has helped - other than the fact that drinking is enjoyable and lowers inhibitions, I like to go out for drinks in random bars because it exposes me to all sorts of social situations. Some of them awkward, some of them not. Like I feel hella outta place at like sports bars, but I’m not sure if that’s me being socially awkward as much as me having nothing in common with anybody there.

I’m tryin’a get Nolan to teach me to play pool.


As for my other ‘goal’ (I think of them more as improvements since these aren’t finite things with set levels I’m trying to reach), it has to do with my lack of… fortitude? as a person. I am… err, WAS a pushover in the past. I worried about pleasing everyone and in the end it’s really pleasing everyone except yourself. I would compromise myself to avoid conflict. I’ve realized, however, that if people are gonna be upset over stupid shit, they’re gonna find stupid shit to be upset over. Why bother myself with the stress of trying to fix that? It’s not my problem.

Now, this is easier said than done. When you get rooted in habits it becomes so subconscious that it’s hard to even notice you’re doing it sometimes. I find myself noticing more and more though, so at least I’m catching myself. I definitely have an anger problem though I control it well when other people are around. I’ve always been the kind of person who is not easily angered but once I get mad, I get unreasonably mad… but uh, like… taking everyone’s shit and just becoming passive and pretty much ~bottling up my emotions~ undeniably doesn’t help. Although, today I got so upset and pissed off that I ended up crying a little bit. I just sat and fumed in my car after work for a half an hour because I knew I was too angry to be on the road. I usually would punch something/anything and hurt my hand but this time I was pretty good and I only kinda-punched my steering wheel once. Just loud enough to make a sound on the flat part. I was glad I didn’t end up really angrily punching something hard. Man, it never makes you feel better. Like, why would punching something make you anything other than more mad? You don’t really think about it though, it’s just a reaction to all the energy it makes, that’s gotta go somewhere.

I was kinda embarrassed about it, but in the end it really was a healthier outlet. I had been learning to just willfully let any form of tension or energy leave my body when I was more regular with my yoga practice, but I haven’t been going as often lately. Part of that has to do with dealing with people as well. There’s a few… characters… that I can’t stand. One in particular I’m worried to cross paths with because if he interacts with me I’m worried I’ll punch him. Or otherwise vent my anger in an embarrassing way. I’m pretty sure he’s infatuated with me or something. Ugh. Awkward. That’s for another post that’s way too long.

Anyway, I actually went for some oriental healing arts for allergy treatment; includes acupuncture and this vibrational technology (I forget the name). In the process we used the vibrations to break up a lot of tension… negative energy… tightness… and pain that I had around the heart area. She asked me if I had had a break-up or ending of an important relationship (which I haven’t), so I guess it was pretty strong. Anyway, my point is she said I could become very emotional in the following 48 hours… which I definitely felt today. I’m considering going to yoga since the detoxifying effects would no doubt help the process. I could always just leave if somebody I really can’t deal with shows up. The 48 hour period is up around the time I’d go to yoga so I’ll probably be a bit more in control than the last time I had to deal with conflict in the one place people should truly be doing the opposite. I just can’t deal with people who get their energy from people by riling them up when I’m trying to practice yoga.

So… yeah. That’s my progression towards improvements I’ve been mentally making lately. It’s cool to have somewhere to organize it. :confused:

On a last note, if anybody is especially interested in the psychology of behavior and changing the way you think/widening your perspective I have an amazing book suggestion. Like, seriously life-changing, it fucking blows my mind. Power vs. Force: the Hidden Determinants of Human Behavior; I’ve read it twice and I need to read it again. I learn from it every time. None of the information is new to me, it’s just the way it is presented. It says if you finish the book and think something along the lines of “I knew that.” then it has accomplished it’s goal in merely changing the … way you process information? It’s so hard to get people interested in the book because so much that you learn from it is extremely difficult to articulate into the right words.

One of my overall goals since I’ve read it is to get as many other people to read it as possible. I’ve been looking for more copies at like half price books and stuff so I can lend them around. My sister has my one copy, the next one is going to Mandel. Anyway, it’s hands down the best book I’ve ever read. It’s not the best leisurely read if you’re just trying to read for like 15 minutes (also could not read it stoned :smokin: it was like too much information to process) and I had to look up some words in the dictionary but… it’s crazy. Read it.

Wow, long read. I will more a response in the “Get to Know” thread tommorow.

To move the topic of achieving goals, I think you listed a lot of great goals you could focus on.

  • Take my vitamins more regularly
  • Learn to play pool (Nolan is apparently good at it)
  • Be more comfortable striking up conversations with new people
  • Be more comfortable on the phone (especially with people I don’t know)

Playing pool and taking vitamins are some great measurable goals that you can plan for and track. Feeling more comfortable in social situations can also be worked on by setting goals like “I will play pool once a week for 2 hours/4 games, and I will have a hold a conversation with one new person each time I go.” If you set goals like that, and have a plan to stick to them (like finding a convient place to play pool close to home or work, and designating a good time to stop in) you could see some improvement really fast.

Right now I need to get to sleep. Let me know what you think.

I know right? I couldn’t stop the flow of words. :lol: I don’t blame ya, it’s definitely some gettin’ to know a negro better ish.

Ahahaha see and here I didn’t even think to correlate my desire to play pool with wanting to work on my social ineptitude. You’d think that would be obvious. This is where outside perspectives help. :lol:

So here we go:

Working out/becoming healthier
Start getting on with the whole music production thing
Attempt to find a better job (better doesn’t mean more money but would be nice)
Cut back on smoking leading to quitting smoking…and sticking to quitting smoking.

I don’t really have an order of priority for these, three of these pretty much go hand in hand (A major step towards getting heathier would be for me to get a different job, preferably away from the fast food industry, which would also veer into the cutting back on smoking because I smoke mostly at work because of stress/boredom, which leads into working out). The goal would be for me to have a different job by the end of the year. Smoking, I’d like to quit after my birthday (March 9th), last year I set that goal up for myself and was good for like a month…and later quit again for 2 months prior to EVO, but what happens in Vegas…doesn’t really stay in Vegas sometimes.

As far as the music goes, I actually sat down and completed a “mash up” song today (pretty much taking two tracks and melding them together to form one track), was able to play it for Dugg, Riki, Jared, Mickey, and Mor. No offense to everyone else, but Dugg’s opinion was the one I was really looking for (because he listens to electronic music, and I know he’d shoot the project down if it wasn’t his fancy) everyone seemed to enjoy (I personally like Dugg’s double take when the vocals dropped), at some point this week I’ll turn it into a video and post up the link on Facebook, and on my Youtube account. It’s not really a finished project yet, more just to fit the pieces together, and then when I actually get some production software I can really try to sit down and tweak some small parts here and there. But if I can get it to sound how I want, I’m thinking of sending it off to Anjunabeats to see how they’ll respond to it. The dream that I have for this goal is pretty much to have a track that I make appear on Trance Around The World, it doesn’t need to get picked up or get released, although that’d be a nice bonus.

As if we need any more reasons to praise Brent for being so fucking awesome all the damn time.

I would like to contribute to this thread. Growing up poor and as minority hated by his own people makes you hard as fuck. That is why nothing ever gets to me. In the end, I win. Always. This kind of mentality probably isn’t healthy but it has worked for me and I don’t plan to change it. However, I learned long ago that setting up short/long term goals is the way to go. You should always strive for something. If you have nothing that you are working towards you get comfortable, and end up stuck. Years go by and then it hits you that you haven’t done shit with your life and have no redeeming qualities. Make your existence worthwhile.

Elias: Forcing yourself into situations you may find uncomfortable is great. You learn real quick. That is exactly how I approach the unknown. I just do it. Makes it more interesting too.

FrankestDank: You ever use Fruity Loops? FL 9 is the latest release. It is awesome. Kind of hard to use. I don’t even know it well but my homie does and it is tight. I’ve used Virtual DJ for messing around. I can spend all day mixing and it is dope. Just some suggestions. With those two you don’t even need turn tables or drum machines. I’ve always wanted an MPC though.

So your first step is to choose two or three you want to focus on. Select those specifically, and craft a plan with timelines and clear steps you are going to take to reach them.

For something like quitting smoking, you’ve done a good job of figuring out some of the reasons why you smoke, and you can start to make a plan around those. You can make goals like “I will only bring 4 cigarettes with me to work for the next month”. After that your can reduce it to 3 for the next month or two, then move to 2, and then to 1. Even if you are still smoking at other times, you are removing it from work, and that is a start. You can set other goals for other times when you smoke as well.

For producing music, you can set goals like “I will submit 1 new mix every 3 weeks to Anjunabeats”, and set dates and times over that three week period when you will choose a song, decide on the kind of mix you want to do, start mixing and review the song to make final changes. Setting that kind of timeline will help keep you on track and make it easier to find times to actually produce that kind of music.

For getting a job, I would suggest adopting the kind of strategy that Mike and I have set up, or a mix of both that works for you, and again, set dates and times for when you are going to get started.

I don’t want to sound like an advertisement, but I recently switched to electronic cigarettes. Basically it’s like a mini fog machine that vaporizes a mix of water and nicotine and flavoring if you want it. You can choose how much nicotine is in the liquid so you can cut down your nicotine addiction if you choose to.

Basically instead of the 4000 or so chemicals plus tar that you get from smoking a regular cigarette you only get a few chemicals with no tar. A lot of these 4000 chemicals are what causes cancer and the tar coats your lungs. Nicotine by itself is not cancer causing and is similar to caffeine in how it works. Of course it is far more addictive than caffeine and I believe, if I remember correctly from the research I did, puts a greater strain on your heart than caffeine if taken in excess.

Since I’ve gotten it I’ve had no problem quitting smoking. Honestly it’s not completely healthy imo, but it’s easily more healthy than regular cigarettes and you aren’t quitting a habit, but replacing it with something less dangerous. It’s not exactly like smoking, but it’s pretty damn close. It’s like a nicotine patch disguised as a cigarette. If anyone is interested you can search out the info online. I would recommend buying a starter kit (probably the middle one) from just because from my experience the “hardware” for lack of a better word is some quality stuff. It’s a little bit of an investment at first, but I think that with the money I saved from buying packs of cigarettes it paid for itself in about a week and a half. Also if you decide to go for it I would recommend buying a bottle of the liquid at the same time as you order the e-cig. I personally buy from (Coupon code:SAVE10 will knock off 10%)

Anyway, I’m feeling much healthier and really have no desire to ever smoke again. I don’t smell like cigs anymore, my girl doesn’t complain about the smell, my lung power is starting to come back, and I can taste my food better. If you have an questions feel free to ask.

Edit: I’ll be at TW’s if anyone wants to see mine and see how they work in person.

I was hitting up my cousins e-cig over the holidays. Had to have my reds tho’. Smoked a cig last night at work. Bummed it off one of the new managers. Man I think I found my new alcohol weed substitute, and it’s studying. Hour and half I’m out. Just woke up in the school library. Sheesh.

Mechanica: The spinach might be a one of the problems you are having with social anxiety. I barely hit it anymore unless you or the other two ST bums offer. Other than that, I just get down…but not the good down.

Pool: If you guys are trying to get down hit me up. I have a cue I haven’t used in half a year. Wouldn’t mind getting back in it. The only bar that has the best pool tables isn’t the safest of places to go anymore.


Complete Law School.
Make Law Review.
Get my J.D. and pass the bar before Pablo and Jie get arrested for hardbodying and soliciting for sex respectively.

Exercise more (basketball, running, etc.).
Be more charming/social.

For everyone with job goals: ***

I haven’t applied for a job in about 5 years, all my employers have found me and offered me jobs instead. Just have to make sure your resume is up to date and well formatted, and use all the features they provide.
I work in the IT industry, making it arguably easier to find jobs through such a site…but don’t let that stop you from signing up. I’ve gotten all sorts of jobs from Build Engineering to Software Testing, Tech Support to Call Centers, and all the way down to part-time training gigs and warehouse work - all through

I know that it might not work for everyone, depending on their field, but it never hurts to have that extra something working in your favor even when you’re not actively working.

Elias: Trying to please everyone is tiring. And like you said, it doesn’t make YOU happy. I think the only way to live life is to project one’s self out there as honestly as possible. If they don’t like it, fuck’em. If they’re doing the same in meeting you, and you really enjoy each others company, then it’s very likely that you’ve stumbled onto something truly beautiful. As cheesy as that sounds. :rofl:

Pool: I want to improve at this as well. Been practicing at work, getting better.