The Incredible Hulk (2008) trailer

This looks pretty awesome. A lot better than the first one…

the hulk looks waaaay better than he did in the first

this looks great!

That trailer was hot man where can I get my movie tickets already lol! I hope he says “HULK SMASH!” this time. :smile:

The good thing about the trailer is that it doesn’t show a lot of the SMASHing Hulk’s gonna do :smiley:

Seems like the trailer shows the final battle WTF…

i have faith in this one. I didt like the cgi and feel of the first movie. it was angled way too much like a drama movie the first 45 minutes or so. And banners father was a missplaced villain. Edward Northon can portray a puny banner and we know he can play movies were he’s got split personalities.(fight club)

Hulk looks like the Marvel Legends1 toy imho that has come to life. The trailer gave me a melancholy of Bill Bixby green eyes while transforming when I saw Edward Norton’s eyes turn green. And finally Banner on the run! Just comic books bad ass! And it’s Abomination Vs the Hulk!!! The trailer wants me to have another Hulk movie!!!