The Inevitable Street Fighter V Story Thread: ARCADE EDITION!


The other thread was spontaneously deleted ( revenge will be mine @vasili10 ) so let us restart the discussion here!

Akuma didn’t kill Bison, Zangief is gay, Q is David, Monitor cyborgs are real, and Poison is a man! GO!

Spoiler Alert!!
Warriors Fate: Street Fighter story thread, revived
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Warriors Fate: Street Fighter story thread, revived
The Street Fighter V Lounge: Lounge Discord Link!

Yay! The forums are back and they’re just as awful looking as the previews I saw online told me!

This is so awful! It’s nice to be back guys!



I actually made a story thread at SRK2 for people that don’t care for this format. I’ve gotten used to for somethings but I’m still not sold on how conducive it is for prolonged discussion.


Well gents, it’s good to be back. I posted this in the discord, but I’ll post it here too.

During the downtime, I discovered there was a Street fighter Cartoon pitch by the executive producer of Voltron. It looked like things got kinda far, but ultimately funding fell through. They had multiple sit down meetings with Capcom and even a CONTRACT!

Here’s the only art I’ve seen of it:


Someone behind Avatar series wanted to do a Street Fighter series and it didn’t happen!? Profound sadness


This was a huge missed opportunity. Despite outside interference effecting the story they want to tell. Voltron is still pretty good. I like both Avatar series.


If the Airbender people want to make a Street Fighter series, YOU FUCKING LET THEM!!


That pitched animated series that never went anywhere. My heart…

I would love a Street Fighter animated series made by competent people SO MUCH.


Further proof that Capcom is stupid


I’m still here. Just lurk mode until some new SF info comes around. Kinda sucks about the whole there not being a SF anime. It would’ve been cool to see that sort of continuous anime instead of the whole one-shot movies they’re used to doing.


I am posting for your benefit. I’m going to be mostly on the Discord from now on but I made a new account just so I can post the fruits of my labor. I’m prioritizing these over the SF anthologies I’m getting because the VSav book I think is going to be a lot more noteworthy just due to it being a cohesive tale rather than a bunch of oneshots.


The books came in today. I’m scanning everything now but I flipped through it and I think I got the gist of it…

So after Lilith entered the Majigen, it looks like the VSav cast was entered into some kind of tournament that Jedah set up where the loser has their soul fed to the Fetus of God while their body is crystallized and preserved. I don’t know what the function of this tournament is for the competitors, if that’s even what he is, but the cast has to sit and watch from a lobby of some kind before their next fight. I’m sure it’ll make more sense once I have words.

Anyway, while there’s some scenes of death, it’s not really any more or less gory than what Nakahira did in the final confrontation with Ryu and Akuma in Ryu Final. Later on Morrigan succeeds in absorbing Lilith but Morrigan seems largely unhappy with all of it, her eyes are glossed over and she’s expressionless throughout having 100% of her power at her disposal, even as she’s attacked by Jedah and Q-Bee (Apparently Jedah created Lilith for the purpose of baiting Morrigan to take back the rest of her power, only for the merger to leave her defenseless while her fully merged soul is ripened for them to take). Morrigan and Lilith have a mental conversation within their fused body, and then Lilith is given her body back with full control of their power and things go much more smoothly for them.

The biggest thing of note I could find was that Raptor was portrayed in a protagonist light and seems to berfriend Lilith throughout all of this. I’m not sure exactly what is going on as typically he’s always a clear antagonist, so maybe all of this banter that I can’t read may explain what changed if anything. I just find it weird he’s potrayed like this while practically everyone else is about what you’d expect given what the games presented them as.

In the end, all of the Darkstalkers seemed to be returned to their usual lives and happy endings (Rikuo and the underwater kingdom, Felicia back doing music etc etc). Also John and Lilith live happily ever after, but as they enjoy themselves Lilith sees Morrigan flying around town but shrugs it off…maybe this is how not only Morrigan became an altruistic hero in later versions, but also why in some games she can utilize her more powerful techniques like Soul Eraser while in other games where Lilith is not a part of her movelist, her moves are more tame compared to her MVC1/MVC2 self where she is shown fusing with Lilith…and also how Lilith is still able to make use of her body even though the fusion has already been completed.

It seems like a fun story overall. Just remember somebody’s gotta job every now and again!


I’m here! Apparently the new forum mangled my nick and substituted all the ð’s with normal d’s, and I’ve found out this fact just today, after days of inability to log in. That’s… disappointing. It irks me to see my name written incorrectly. I’m going to ask @Preppy if there is a way to fix that; it’s a minor issue, but any help would be appreciated.


The squad is back


It sucks you can’t spoil to keep posts condensed anymore. I believe the new software has a character limit on posts as well.


Thank god, now I can actually mention you properly without typing in a konami code for those characters you had before



Looks like it is inspired or either the modernized version of this stage


Don’t know if anyone posted this but its the full Neo Shadaloo symbol that’s on Ed’s shoulder.


I think so, maybe these are too


Similar to F.A.N.G, I’d really like to see a story on Vega since the end of ASF. I’m probably most interested in learning what he ended up doing after the fall of Shadaloo. The way he tossed his mask looked like he was just done with everything.

Random, but whenever I’m having struggles with Cammy, I always think of a joke only @Phantom_Miria would say to keep me going.