The Inevitable Street Fighter V Story Thread: ARCADE EDITION!

The other thread was spontaneously deleted ( revenge will be mine @vasili10 ) so let us restart the discussion here!

Akuma didn’t kill Bison, Zangief is gay, Q is David, Monitor cyborgs are real, and Poison is a man! GO!

I’m still chomping at the bit to learn more about Fan

Really hope we get a story trailer at CapCup. Bit of a pain to speculate on the games story when we have so little to work with.

I think CapCup is gonna focus more on the reveal of fan than any kind of plot reveal.


Just realized that with the addition of Fan to the cast it becomes possible to create Street Fighter Fan fan-fiction! That’s almost as wonderful as my pure love of the concept of Juli/Juni/Juri yuri! Just try saying it! It’s delightful!

Well we have the history of events leading up to SFV and beyond to work with. It served us well for the last year. It’s a shame that we lost the archive of discussions.


Do you suppose we’ll see stripped down generic versions of other character models in the game used to progress story mode? Sort of how there’s generic Tarkata and Tekunin and such in Mortal Kombat 9-X? That’d be pretty cool. Just thought of it…

We’ll probably see them in the Bengus skits if you mean non-playable characters.

Wait, the previous thread was deleted!?



I’m going to assume that uncovering the truth of Chickenborg and other Shadaloo monitor cyborgs reflected so deeply on our detective skills that the NWO got nervous and pulled the plug just to be sure.

Clearly one of the posters here is actually a monitor cyborg… but whoooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!


some cool covers for the SF unlimited comics, one of them being a cool homage to Joe Madureira’s X-MEN Age of Apocalypse ALPHA #1. Dead Walking, too.

That AoA cover will be mine. As will the GI Joe vs Street Fighter cover featuring Snake-Eyes and Vega.

What about this glorious cover? Don’t you care about Bison too?

Super bummed the thread got released. Was going through random pages from time to time getting spun up on shit I didn’t know. Props to all the contributors to the old thread.

I put in the original X-men cover to compare. Bison and the dolls. Birdie and Dan lol.

What happened? Could the deleter of the previous thread clarify so we can avoid it again?


Nooooo they musn’t know my secret…must post awesome cover comparison as a distraction[/details]
Who rocks the Secret Wars cover art better Marvel or Capcom?

Secret Wars > Street Wars

SF Alpha > X-men Alpha

At least as far as I’m concerned with the covers.

And, yes, that Bison cover is pretty nice, Daemos…but…Snake-Eyes vs Vega is a fight I’ve LITERALLY enacted multiple times as a kid with my Snake-Eyes and Vega GI Joe figures (yes I own all the Street Fighter GI Joe action figures, dammit! and the Vega is GLORIOUS)

Hope somebody at least has a cached version of the thread, too much interesting shit to just say goodbye to