The Inevitable Street Fighter V Story Thread: ARCADE EDITION!

More than like what i expect

-Urien badassery
-Gill first moves
-Ed and Rog as freelancers
-More info about Ed power
-Vega after-shadaloo
-Alex do something
-Necalli FINALLY absorb somebody
-Oro interact with Sim and maybe Karin
-boring sakura karin stuff
-Sean drop MJJ to become a shoto like Ken
-Abel join good guys
-Viper investigate illuminati (also hint Q)
-Sagat return and challenge Ryu
-More Kolin/Helen maybe playable
-hint Bison it’s not dead dead
-some fucking MUSCLE POWER

Will like Ryu-Oro training but is future stuff

Oh well… Thanks for the compliments, but I really can’t settle for a particular avatar. I’ll end up changing it every day, confusing everyone lol.
I have a rather complicated idea about the second season, and even the third… but no time to discuss it. I wouldn’t want Bison to return so soon, though.

Ah well I tried.

As for Karin losing a fight…

Some new secret costume
Alex Summer costume

I’m pretty open to what I want to see, but I want to at least see the world reacting to the Shadaloo fallout and there being a power vacuum. Shadaloo came so close to destroying everything, so them being toppled wouldn’t result in the world snapping back ASAP.

Also, since they’ve been hinting heavily about Alex’s destiny, it’s time for him to step forward and start making waves, enough to catch Gill’s notice.

Also, I’d like to see some form of epilogue and closure for some characters like Guile. I wanna see what happens after everyone happily reunites at the base, I want to see the story move forward.

No hints of Bison being alive yet. Let it sink in or it’ll feel pointless to already start undoing it all and rob the impact of what we saw.

Chun-Li Panda costume from SFxTK

Assassin Nash

Mika Armageddon

Plain clothes Zangief

Plain clothes Vega

Alex summer costume

Alex and the panda suck. The rest are all cool.

fuc u

Alex is about to back drop niggas into the sand, and Chun gets a costume of nothing but fur and thighs. Mhmmm…

I actually really like the alex one and panda chun is awesome

The only thing Necalli should be doing is being a sludge puddle on the ground of Kanzuki estate for one of Karin’s butlers to mop up later.

The best were Vega and Gief while Alex and Chun feels like Tekken Alts…

I want them to fucking use Bison’s story costume!!!

I agree with the Tekken alt sentiment. Looks like something Xiaoyu would wear. I would be fine with it, if it’s a part of an animal costume pack, but as a normal alt for Chun it’s kinda strange imo.

Its actually a costume she had in sfxtk

Stealth Nash is awesomeness, totally fit the character

Winter Gief is good but feel “too normal” for him, maybe rip the sleeves and we have a deal

Dick Tracy Vega it’s ok, but need mask to be more in character… Considering the costume a GreenHornet/Kato style mask will fit perfect

fuck other two

I love Chun-Li… but i absolutely HATE her panda costume.

Time for some early morning uploads. Yay!

Unlimited #8:
Night Warriors #1:


Adon has finally made himself useful

I feel like Sean doesn’t get the respect he deserves, so I’m ready to change that!

The Original Dread Nigga Part 1
The Original Dread Nigga Part 2

Super Saiyan God Ken

Ken is mostly known for his grotesque face only a mother would love in SFV. This is the **real **Ken.

The mark of my dignity shall scar thy (Dick) DNA

Gill might be a divine being, but he’s not without playing dirty!

Okay. I need to sleep…

^ Gill’s tournament sucks ass.

But Sagat. Whatta man that one. :heart:

Looks more like the real DIO to me.

That’s clearly Ryu using his Testicle Engine to suck up Gill.

Those manwha are hilarious, thank you for posting these, man!

I’m loving those alts, especially the Nash one, I remember that being in his concepts, so I’m glad it’s not 100% gone. Alex’s has that goofy charm that I feel strangely works. Chun’s panda alt is kinda cute, but I don’t really think it suits her. I could see her wearing like a track suit or hoodie that has a panda print on it, but not this. Still it’s not bad enough to bother me, it just feels a little off for her.


I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again: I’m digging the Unlimited comics. One tiny thing I like is Poison. She’s getting minor focus, but I’m liking the lines and interactions she’s had with Gill and when Hugo’s disoriented and goes “…m…mommy?” her flat “Uh, no.” Loving her sass.

I’m also liking the balance of having some of the alpha and SF2 characters in the tournament, but the beach scene was great. I like seeing the fighters be human and showcasing life out of the ring. (Necro and Effie as best couple d’aaaw)

I really really dug the background story with Sagat vs Dan. The art was beautiful and dynamic, but also I’m glad they resisted any urge to inject typical “Dan is a loser” humour in there. His last line and the tears in his eyes for once, carried a lot of weight.

Also loving the Gill vs Urien rivalry with Kolin in the background.