The Inevitable Street Fighter V Story Thread: ARCADE EDITION!

Woo! Judgement Week!

Nah, it’s totally 3 of them:

And the rest:

They personally dislike Goenitz though, and they did betray him.

Also, he’s a Heavenly King, and they’re Earthly Kings. They should form a team with either Yamazaki or Gaidel. Though Gaidel would actually make a good boss for the next game since he’d be new to the series.

Seems like Capcom got the conditions for judgement girls wrong lol. They dont come in the event of a time out. They ONLY come out when there is a draw game.

I.e double knockout in a round or both players with equal health at the end of timer.

Its a nice touch but given the rarity of both events was probably a waste of resources in the end even though the character designs are quite cool. British equestrian lady and fair libra are my favs.

Honestly, this Judgment Girl

Always reminded me of Yun’s girlfriend Hoimei

I’m really glad they gave Anna a different hairstyle so she didn’t keep looking just like Cammy and Decapre.

Starting the SFEX character profiles today which will be going in the brand new SFEX section of the guide. First up are the siblings of tragedy…


[details=Spoiler]Kairi Street Fighter EX:
長髪 を うしろ で たばね た。 謎多き隻眼 の 美青年 。 10 数年前 に 記憶 を 奪わ れ て以来、 「 汝、己を 以て極め んとすべし 」 と 頭 の なか で 呼びかける 謎 の 声 に 駆り立て られ 、 ひとり 修羅 の 道 を 歩 む。 本人 の 記憶 に は ない が 、 じつは ほくと の 兄 に あたり、 「 血塗ら れ た 血筋 」 の 者 で ある 。 当初 は 本作 の 主人公 に なる 予定 だっ た が 、 主人公経験 の 多い リュウ に その 座 を 奪わ れ た 。

Appearing with his hair tied behind his back. He’s the mysterious yet handsome young man who is blind in one eye. He lost his memory 10 years prior and is now driven by a mysterious voice in his head “Thou, shall achieve mastery by yourself hereinafter”, and he has since continuously walked on the road of carnage. Although he possesses no memory of anyone, he is, in fact, the elder brother of Hokuto, someone tied in his “bloody ancestry”. Originally he was supposed to be the hero of the game, but he lost that seat to the seasoned veteran hero Ryu.

Kairi Street Fighter EX 2:
ほくと と 七瀬 の 兄 。 何者 か (ほくと?) と の 闘い で 崖 から 転落し記憶 を 失っ て 、 闇 の 暗殺者 と 化し た 。 地獄 の 苦しみ を 体験 し た ため か 、 前作 に くらべ て 人相 が 非常 に 悪く なり 、 傷 も 増え 、 黒髪 も 総白髪 へ と 変化。闘う こと のみ を 生き が いとし 、 闘気 を 持つ者 すべて を 敵 と 見なす 。 そ の 闘争本能 は 、 幼少時 に 父 から 殺さ れ かけ た こ と で 植え つけ られ た もの 。 ほくと と は 殺し合う運命 に あり 、 ふたりの 闘いを七瀬が止められるかどうかが 、 彼 の 明暗 を わける 。

The brother of Hokuto and Nanase. He lost a fight to somebody (Hokuto?) and remembers falling from a cliff, and has since turned into an assassin of darkness. Because of the hellish experiences of suffering his facial appearance has become extremely worn since his previous appearance, with increasing scars, and his hair changing from black to totally white. He lives only for the love of fighting, regarding all those with a fighting spirit as an enemy. His fighting instinct was implanted into him during his youth, during which his father attempted to kill him. He and Hokuto are destined to kill each other, and whether or not Nanase will stop the two from fighting, his fate is already divided into light and darkness.

Kairi Street Fighter EX 2+:
記憶 を 崩壊 さ せ 鬼人 の 気 を まとい 、 ひとり 闇 に 生きる男 。 妹 • ほくと の 魂 を 求め て いる 。 登場回数 を 増す ごと に 凶悪度 が 増し て いる よう だ 。 本作 で は 、 彼がほくとを殺すか 、 ほくと に 殺さ れるか の 結末 しか なく 、 前作以上 に 救 れ ない 。

The man who lives alone in darkness, who is clad in the ki of a demon with his memory ever decaying. He seeks out the life of his sister – Hokuto. It seems his degree of violence has increased along with his numerous appearances. In this game, he will either kill or be killed by Hokuto in the end. There is no chance of salvation like in the previous game.[/details]


[details=Spoiler]Hokuto Street Fighter EX:
弓道着風 の 衣装 に 身 を 包み、 ロングヘア に ハチマキ を しめ た 、純和風美少女。 とある 流派 の 正統 な 血筋 の 者 として 生まれながら他流派 の 古流柔術家 に 育て られ 、 さまざま な 技 を 仕込ま れる うち 、 どちら の 流派 に も 属さ ない 新た な 技 を 作り上げ た 。 17 歳 に なっ た 日 、 自分 に 兄がいる と 育て の 父 から 聞かさ れ、 兄 を 捜す ため に 旅立つ 。 兄 と 激突 する 運命 に ある が 、 本人 は まだ その こと を 知ら ない。 顔立ち は かわいい けれど 、 無表情で無愛想なのが玉にキズ?

The pure beautiful girl with a Japanese style, who keeps her long hair fastened with a headband, and dressed in archery style apparel. As someone who was raised in the orthodox house of Koryu Jujitsu which is the progenitor of other schools, she is among those who is in charge of a variety of skills and has even created techniques which don’t belong to any of the schools. On her 17th birthday, she was informed by her foster father that she had an older brother of her own, and she journeyed out to search for him. She is certain to have a destined clash with her brother, although the person in question has yet to find out. She bears cute facial features, but for some reason, her biggest downside is that she’s inexpressive and unsociable?

Hokuto Street Fighter EX+:
血塗ら れ た 血筋 の 者 で 、 養父 により 封印 が な さ れ て いる という こと が 判明 。 その 封印が解けたときは暗殺者と化してしまう。

The one of bloody ancestry, who has found out about the seal who had been made by her foster father. When the seal is broken she will become an assassin.

Bloody Hokuto Street Fighter EX+:
「 暗殺者 」 という 本来 の 姿 を 取り もどし た ほくと。 額に赤い梵字が入っているの が特徴で 、 ノーマルほくとにくらべて攻め中心の闘いが展開できるさしずめ 「 殺意 の 波動 に 目覚め た ほくと 」 と言ったところ?

Hokuto who has returned to her rightful place as an “assassin”. She is characterized by the Sanskrit symbol on her forehead, and during this time there is a struggle in her heart and Hokuto deploys attacks more aggressive than normal, could this be referred to as “Hokuto Awakened to the Murderous Intent”?

Hokuto Street Fighter EX 2:
兄カイリとの再会は彼女の 封印を解き 、カイリ抹殺のために暗殺者へと彼女を変えてし まう 。 兄 と の 闘い の 結末 は vs カイリ 戦 で の 勝敗 によって 変わる ほか カイリ 、 七瀬 の エンディングで も それぞれ 異なっ て いる 。 もっとも 、 ほくと で 進め た 場合 は 殺す か 殺さ れる か しか ない。 コスチューム は女学生風のハカマ姿に 、 髪型はポニーテールに変化。 すでに封印 が解かれたという設定から 、キャラクター 性能 も 前作 の 「 血 の 封印 を 解か れ た ほくと 」 に 近い もの と なっ て いる 。

The reunion with her brother Kairi breaks the seal placed upon her, which transforms her into an assassin to kill Kairi. The ending of the fight vs Kairi is different depending on if you choose Kairi. Nanase’s ending is also different from the others. However, Hokuto will either kill or be killed depending on if you choose her. Her attire consists of a youthful appearance with a feminine hakama, her hairstyle changing to a ponytail. Her seal has already been broken in the previous title, and her character capabilities resemble “Bloody Hokuto” from the previous game.

Hokuto Street Fighter EX 2+:
その 血刻ま た 業 ホンロウ さ れる 娘。「災いを成す者 」 – 兄 カイリ の 命 を みずから の 手 で 絶つ ため、 正当後継者の座を妹の七瀬にゆずって家をまかせ、 ひとり 戦場 へ 向かう 。 ほくと、 七瀬 、 カイリの誰で進めても悲劇が待っており 、 前作以上に救わ れ ない。

She wants to be the daughter who ends the bloody karma. In order to end the life of her brother Kairi by her own hand, she leaves home and grants the title of legitimate heir to her younger sister Nanase, then heads toward the battlefield alone. “As the one who causes calamity”- Hokuto, Nanase, and anyone else who proceeds towards Kairi await tragedy, and unlike the previous game, there is no salvation.


[details=Spoiler]Nanase Street Fighter EX 2:
ほくととカイリの妹 で 、棍を使いこなす。邪悪 な 力 を 秘める姉 と 兄 に かわり、 水神家 の 継承者 として 育て られ た。 姉 と 兄 は どことなく 陰気 な の に対し 、 陽気 で 活発 な 性格。 ほくと が 心 を 許す唯一 の 人物 で あり 、 七瀬自身 も 姉 の こと を 気づかっ て いる。兄カイリ の 存在 を 知ら ず に 育 っ た が 、 ある 日祖父 から 兄 の こと を 聞かさ れ、真実 を 知る ため ーーーーー そして 、 本人 は 知ら ない が 水神家継承者 として の 試練 も 兼ね て 旅 に 出 た。 かわいい 顔 を し て いる の に 攻撃 は かなり えぐい と もっぱら の 評判。 ほくと 同様 、 最終 ボス に 勝利する か 敗北 する か で 結末 が 変わる が 、七瀬 の 場合 は 敗北 し た ほう が ハッピー エンド に なる。

The younger sister of Kairi and Hokuto, who is a master of the long pole. She was raised as an heir to the Mizugami house, which had disguised and replaced the evil powers of brother and sister. Whereas her brother and sister were dismal, her personality was lively and cheerful. Hokuto is the only person she cares deeply for, and Nanase is worried about the circumstances surrounding her sister. She grew up without knowing the existence of her older brother Kairi, but one day her grandfather had told her about him—thus, she went on a journey into the unknown which also served as a trial to becoming the successor of the Mizugami house. She bears cute facial features but her attacks are quite harsh which her reputation is exclusively based upon. In a similar manner to Hokuto, her ending changes whether or not she defeats the final boss, in Nanase’s case she’s better off defeating the final boss to reveal the happy ending.

Nanase Street Fighter EX 2+:
ある 日突然 、 姉 の ほくと が 彼女 に 正統後継者 の 座 を ゆずり 、 行方 を くらま せ た。 姉 の 目的 が 兄 カイリ の 命 を 絶つ こと だ と さとっ た 七瀬 は 、姉 と 兄 の 魂 を 救う ため 旅に出る。最後は ふたりの 仲裁 に入る もすでに手遅れ、という悲惨な結末を迎える ことに。

One day suddenly, Hokuto forfeited the seat of the legitimate successor, and then disappeared to whereabouts unknown. Nanase realized that the purpose of her sisters leaving was that so she could end the life of her brother Kairi, therefore she went on a journey to save the life of her brother and sister. In her ending, she is already too late to intervene between the two older siblings, and faces miserable consequences because of it.

Hokuto’s seal is broken…
That came out wrong! I’m talking about Bloody Hok-
Oh, screw you Capcom.

Yes, that character indeed since I am a fan. That was awesome.

If they bring back who you mentioned I’ll also be psyched since I’m a major fan of them a well.

Hell, what I’m really hoping is that the now-Chinese-owned SNK will use this as an opportunity to bring in some of the non-canonical KOF Chinese manhua characters that were killed in the comics. The manhua characters are actually REALLY damn enduring in China and several other places so it would make sense…and give us some new characters. Hell, Sylvie Paula Paula seems like a direct reference to the manhua character Magnet Storm (another NESTs agent) with her attacks and element

Lol, i recycled SF4 boat XD

Just a quick stuff but i will like something like that (but add ropes, fisherman tools, giant fishes etc… all rusty Metal Slug style)

Left KO- launched into a barrell of fishes
Right KO- Crash throught a door (chinese restaurant style) and end up in Ruby’s Captain cabin

Also mandatory night version with aurora borealis in the sky and drunk pirates drinking chanting and brawling

Tnx @Caio_Lins for the characters

ps: Also hook & shark sailor should be way bigger than i did, think Hugo-like giant

If you don’t mind, I’m going to finish by doing Vulcano Rosso, Jack, Garuda and Doctrine Dark. :smile:

If they ever do an Iceland stage, I’d reserve the aurora for that. I would see better the Norwegian pirate stage with a midnight sun. This trifling detail aside, I love your idea.
And for BGM, absolutely Cannon in D Minor by Thomas Bergersen (who’s Norwegian, what a coincidence!). Bonus points if the sailors go along the song’s choir and claps. :sunglasses:

Thanks, bak.

I remember awhile back when I read some bullshit EX story guide where it said Hokuto was teaming up with Kairi to take on Bison during EX2. It also said Vega killed Hayate during the tournament, causing Hokuto to awaken into her Bloody state. That and the phony plot point of Kairi wiping Akuma out can be forgotten about altogether now.

Sounds great! If you could provide the Japanese text for Cracker Jack and Doctrine Dark I’d appreciate it (I forgot to pull them sorry @“Doctrine Dark”)

Absolutely no problem at all.

Lol, no problemo.

Doctrine Dark:


Cracker Jack:


Vulcano Russo:


Somebody that can read japanese pls confirm that’s canon Rosso being able to lava-punch through Arika’s bitch contracts

Any chane you guys are interested in translating Fighting Layer too?

What? Not really.

Liu Kang = Ryu
Johnny Cage = Ken
Shao Kahn = M. Bison
Kano = Balrog
Kotal Kahn = Necalli
Jax = Guile

What like the whole game? Not really, that should be Arika’s or Namco’s job.

Please, under no circumstance whatsoever, should you or anyone take anything @Jion_Wansu posts seriously.

Just the bios of the characters, aside from the special moves, that’s really all there is. Like EX, Arika takes the minimalist approach when it come to story.