The Inevitable Street Fighter V Story Thread: ARCADE EDITION!

Guess well have shin Kairi tomorrow. Then hopefully Allen snider at last.

I hope they resume the EX profiles today. It would suck if there was a large break between them. I want Garuda, C. Jack and Skullo.

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What happened? Did they forget to put the logo and they added it back? :confused:

I was confuse for awhile haha

I’ve been thinking about EX and I found it interesting how within a short amount of time they already got into drastically changing some characters looks and backstories whereas it took the mainline series quite a while to start with alt looks and retcons. I know the EX series had less to lose, but I found that interesting.

Example: I was pretty surprised to see how drastic Kairi turned out by Ex3 and the Hokuto, Cracker Jack and even Skullo got consistent tweaks as things went on.

I know, I know I’ve been acting like a Skullo fanatic (JOIN THE CHURCH OF JUSTICE) as of late, but I don’t wanna overdo it by bringing him up yet again, its just that going through bakfromon’s translation I noticed something I missed before:

A few things, I didn’t know Skullo has a family. At first I thought he was an adult when I was a kid, then maybe because of something from Fighting Layer or some fanart, I thought he was a young adult, now I’m back to thinking he’s a bit older (maybe 30s?).

I always was amused by the idea of an office man suddenly becoming a hero, but now it looks like that things weren’t instant. He got inspired by dressing up for the office and became obsessed with being a hero so he used “autosuggestion” (hypnosis?) and it looks like taught himself martial arts with a hunger for learning more skills, maybe that’s why in the later games he can do “Skullo energy?” His encounter with real fighters might have enlightened him or something heh.

Speaking of changes, I find it interesting that Cracker Jack went from a Shadaloo enforcer to being on the run from them. Though I’m wondering if that was just random crap thrown into the Western manuals. I gotta dig that out to make sure I’m not hallucinating that.

The handsome young man who possesses one eye and a peculiar character.
He lost his memory many years ago.
He continues to fight as a martial artist to pursue his past.

Name: Kairi
Height: 178cm
Weight: 77kg
Blood Type: Unknown
Birthday: January, 14
Home Country: Japan
Favorite things: Nothing special
Dislikes: Nothing special

The man who inherited the house of Suijin Kobujutsu.
He lost his memory when he was thrown from a cliff.
(Which actually contributes to his different appearance in EX2)
“You must challenge your limits”.
The power held in these words are what spur him to fight.

Even today, we have comments from our senior colleague!

To differentiate him from all the other projectile characters,
he is the one whose abilities rapidly changed throughout the series.
The names of his Special Moves, at any rate,
use excessive words or make full use of kanji,
I get a nostalgic feeling thinking of the days of hard work flipping through pages of dictionaries.

Nice post.

It’s been ages, but I’m pretty sure you didn’t imagine the Cracker Jack/Shadaloo connection in the EX manual. I was thinking he was going to be EX’s version of Balrog, which makes sense with his fighting style to an extent.

Unfortunately this doesn’t seem to be a thing in the actual story. Also, does the train he demolish in his EX ending have the Shadaloo emblem?

Edit: You were correct. Here’s the bio from the EX manual:

Pretty interesting information.

Yeah, I thought the train had the emblem too.

“He lost his memory when he was thrown from a cliff.”

You know, now I kind of wonder how much Tekken influenced the EX games. I never followed Tekken too well, but I think I sort of get the gist of its story.

It’s Alexisdabomb, right?

Bloody Hokuto profile said Kairi was thrown off a ship.

He gets thrown off alot of things. Depends on his schedule. Tuesday is ship fay and friday is boat.

Maybe he was thrown off a mountain, and then their pops picked up up and then decided to throw him off a ship as a last resort. He’d only be conscious for the cliff part lol

Thrown twice? Geez no wonder he can’t remember anything.

I read that he was thrown off a cliff by his father then walked an evil path that led to Hokuto having to chase him (and his new appearance). Can’t remember where I read that, maybe his 2nd bio will confirm or add more to it.

I need to see a Looney Tunes animation of Kairi just falling everywhere like Scrat.

So is he a Kazuya ripoff?

More like influenced

The cliff incident is separate from his incident with Hokuto because he initially loses his memory here. This would be the moment he gains his scars that he appears with, in EX2. Also, the original Kairi appearance we see is before his encounter with Bloody Hokuto and before he gains amnesia and more that likely the way he looks while fighting whoever threw him from a cliff (I remember the rumors of his father being responsible for this, but it may have been Hokuto’s father from the branch family).

This would also mean that Hokuto never met her brother until his white-haired scarred appearance and never caused that damage to him, as she’s only responsible for throwing him off the ship. This would also imply that this was the fated outcome of their fight and Kairi didn’t survive this encounter, with Hokuto being the one who fulfilled her father’s wishes in killing him. I guess Nanase’s profile will shed some more light on the this as she was the one that was supposed to interfere with them (if she wasn’t too late)

I still remember how I got the chills when I first saw Bloody Hokuto’s ending.


Look at Sim, though. The Yoga Master definitely got his “ass” handed to him that night.