The Inevitable Street Fighter V Story Thread: ARCADE EDITION!

Thanks, I know he’s just that dude from that once scene in the movie and Capcom did try to make him a joke character in the console releases, but they didn’t go full Hibiki on him and made him still a fighter with a lot of decent moves. When I saw that flash chop it was main at first sight.

Well… she is smart, she probably knows a couple things. B)

Yeah I know she’s a bit out there, but yet she’s more grounded than someone like Garuda (no hate on Garuda whatsoever, he’s a cool boss character, but is he even human?). The way I saw it, that robot gauntlet was her weapon and as long as she’s still throwing punches and kicks, she’s close enough for me.

Wow did you see how far that girl kicked me, how is she not a Street Fighter? How am I even alive after Griffin pummeled me like that?

Seriously tho, all I meant was keep the hotness coming, but it was nice to have a different style of Street Fighter. I will admit that Rose (mainly her fighting style and powers) and Makoto are pretty unique too.

Yeah I can take or leave the skates.

A character dressed like a superhero is worse than another character in Sailor Fuku or a bunch of palette swaps that (prior to SFV) dress exactly alike?

I honestly am pretty neutral on Area. I dunno, the skates are not a problem for me (heck they could be used to interesting effect on another fighter design), but overall she does feel a bit out there. Even though SF has advanced tech and over the top elements, she kind of feels like a guest character from another Capcom franchise due to the entirety of her combat skill being based on big outlandish robot tech. She’s not so out there that I have a visceral disgust like I do with Ingrid, but of all the directions they could have gone I’m really not feeling anything.

As Mikros said, Viper works. I’ve said something similar in the past, but Viper actually can fight, she just can’t do the elemental ki-manipulation that the other fighters can do. Who knows? Maybe she does have the potential, but with a specific upringing and training, she mentally wont allow herself to tap in to the more spiritual aspects of ki? Maybe she actively uses ki, but her style doesn’t allow for flashy elements like Gen?

The suit’s intended use is probably some James Bond tech where the usage is more streamlined with little improvisation, but Viper’s combat skills allow her to mix the weapon systems with actual martial skill. Instead of standing normally and doing seismic knuckle, she can combo into that and then utilize that gadget. Rocket boots for escape and general locomotion? Viper can flip in the air and burn her opponents with wheel kicks.

It’s like designing a battle suit for James Bond vs taking that same suit and giving it to Captain America or Batman. They’re gonna have the lasers and stuff, but they’re going to mix that with combat to create something fantastical and unexpected.

From what I remember of Area (veeeeery little), she’s all dependent on her tech; rocket punches and electricity?) I dunno, in the end, she gets a shrug from me, I don’t wanna engage in a witchhunt like Ingrid since there’s so little there for me to get bothered about. In a way, that’s worse. I haven’t thought about Area in years. She’s just a design that escapes me because it does little, at least with Ingrid I can roll my eyes at supernatrual wackiness.

Yes. The half-an-Iron-Man suit is actively worse than the anime girl dress. And I HATE the anime girl dress.

As for the Dolls, now that they aren’t in Shadaloo anymore, they don’t have to all dress the same in the future.

Take the cool weapon users, give them cool outfits. I’m all in.

Kairi again

Not “a character”, THAT character

Captain Commando, Viewtiful Joe, Skullomania… all Capcom superhero design, all better

I hate Ingrid, dolls and Sakura charadesigns
I LOVE some SFEX charadesigns

But Area is absolute trash. Almost western-fighting-game trash, maybe worse.

Never, pls.

Kairi’s appearance has now changed from the way he previously looked.
He carries an ominous ki as he defeats his enemies.
What on earth happened to him!?

Name: Kairi
Height: 178cm
Weight: 77kg
Blood Type: Unknown
Home Country: Japan
Favorite things: Nothing special
Dislikes: Unpleasant Memories

This man has walked the path of carnage,
in order to regain his lost past, and in order to survive.
He lost his memories
and was thrown into the sea during a storm,
by Shirase who had been burdened
by a form of hypnosis placed upon her during childhood,
until he finds himself exhausted after arriving at the cliff from which he fell.
Furthermore, Hokuto’s seal has been dispelled
due to their fight to the death which reawakens his own memories,
perplexing him as to why his sister wants him dead,
he attempts to find the end of his fate as a warrior.

Even today, we have the comments of our senior colleague!

Well, I know my hair would probably turn white if I were thrown down.
I kind of had the intention of making a somewhat epic backstory.
I remember writing up until this point,
but a better example would be the EX CD drama……
a continuation of this story is on the CD!

Jeeze. Does he have, like, a bunch of copies of that CD in his garage he’s trying to get rid of or something?

Kairi’s design is great. Awesome evolution for the character.

Where can we find this CD anyway? I have no memory of it.

He got thrown into the sea after he was thrown off a cliff? Geez

That happened to me a little while ago. It’s not as bad as it sounds.

Yup, now you know how he is always screaming and pulling out his hair (which btw is a fantastic characterization, really showed how much this guy had demons).

He was auditioning for the next Smash Bros game

Skates can work well for cool designs

Area just suck bad

One of the older, more funny theories was that Kairi had been taken over by the angry spirit of Akuma after he killed him.

I thought Kairi was constantly screaming because he was being tormented by Akuma from within. Glad that shitty theory was also put to rest.

“Evil” Kairi was awesome restyle, even if a lil bit too clichè

Only thing i never liked is the white hair, that’s some super spammed shit
Maybe will have worked better with dark hairs and only one little lock turned white

Btw this artwork was awesomeness

These EX profiles making want to look into the EX games again. I’ve seen EX3 for cheap on ebay. I’m thinking of buying a copy.

So you were thrown off a cliff, too?

Shhh…he threw himself off a cliff after the events of A Shadow Falls. whispers He doesn’t remember what happened to.Bison.

This kairi guy reminds me of that white haired dude from kenichi the mightiest disciple.