The Inevitable Street Fighter V Story Thread: ARCADE EDITION!

So, you pick bearded vagabond Ryu, press LP+HP+MK at the select screen, and then he hadoukens his face to shave his beard in the fight intro?

I like.

Ken it’s so much him

Around since forever never did anything relevant

Actually Rei at least beat that Yuda bitch, equivalent should be Ken beating Vega, but it happen only in a non-canon anime

Lol wait actually… I think Ryu is said to have overcomed Satsui no Hado in EX2 right?
Hokuto needs to come back so bad…

Well now I know why Ken is top tier in SFV. It’s vengeance for his SF EX lore

175: Allen Snider

Allen Snider

A good young guy with gigantic sideburns.
Even today, he tosses his opponents around
with his Justice Fist, a violent straight punch!

Name: Allen Snider
Height: 179 cm
Weight: 81 kg
Blood Type: 0
Birth Date: March, 21
Home Country: USA
Favorite things: Frogs
Dislikes: Electrical Appliances

The former strongest karateka in the USA.
He suffered a defeat in the first match of the All-American Martial Arts Tournament, though.
His opponent was Ken Masters.
Ken said to him “After all, you’re only a big fish in a small pond!¹”,
and misinterpreting his words, Allen decided to become “The strongest fish in the World²”.
He’s a constantly curious and likable person.
Since his loss to Ken, he pays attention even to his moves’s naming.

And even today we have our senior colleague’s comment!

“Oh, sideburns!
I remember I thought of making him
a very aggressive projectile character.
Subsequently, I thought it would be nice
having a foreign karateka.”

¹ Literally, “A frog in a well”, taken from Japanese proverb “A frog in a well does not know the great sea”. That explains his dislike of frogs, translated as “being called a big fish” in English adaptations until now.
² “The strongest frog in the World”, obviously.

Love Allen. Though they fucked up on that art. Part of what’s great about his look is the weird sleeves on the gi. They need to keep that

That’s some Paul Phoenix level of retardness

I like it

Dhalsim in some nice digs, going out on the town with Sally I bet.

Yeah, Allen is in the house. Love that Vaulting Kick. Though, the changes to his gi make him look like Dan.

I always loved the fact that Allen’s Justice Fist sent fireballs flying. No need to even block. The bad part was the obnoxious pose that left him open afterwards.

Even though Allen’s voice made me want to pierce my eardrums with a needle as a kid, I really think he’s a cool character. His Hadouken is called “Soul Force” after all.

Since we’ve recently received the brand new Area “TrollFace”, I present my new Urien “the FUCK you say?” face

I’m gonna be getting A LOT of mileage out of this one.

About the ‘Shadow Falls’ mode…

Something I think Capcom should improve it’s the speed. And I mean the storytelling speed.

We all know anime and Japanese in general are known for have their scenes and storytelling move at the speed of molasses, every cutscene happens in a very slowed-down way and that can be very tedious. In fact, I watched the full story mode cutscenes on YouTube at 2x the speed and that felt like the right speed for the cutscenes to play. Thus, I could be more enticed into the story, and I enjoyed it nonetheless.

Maybe they do this tedious speed to inflate their “minutes count of fun” but the pacing is so tedious I can’t imagine myself playing it on real time. Anyone else has had this feeling?

Oh man, I miss the purple!
I always thought Allen’s default look had a purple gi.

Eh, I think the pacing is decent for the most part. It’s definitely anime tropey in that regard and others, but not nearly the worst I’ve seen. But I can’t help but suspect that the slow scenes got in the way of some additional scenes that might have been helpful. Then again, it’s hard to say; there’s so much stuff already, what if fewer, longer scenes work better?

I’m gonna have to borrow that fam.

Go with God (Urien)

I wonder if companies will ever do full length feature movies for story modes? I’d watch that a few times over.

Yorkey made a post that made my expression resemble Urien’s, had to add that pic to the post.


EDIT: Nevermind. Found it. LMFAO Yes this image is already solid gold. Glad I found it.

Also random pic for @Daemos of disapproving Baby Bison

Purple Allen best Allen