The Inevitable Street Fighter V Story Thread: ARCADE EDITION!

Not without their theme.

I dunno…if the only thing keeping a character’s design from “shit” tier is “slightly different sleeves”, then maybe the overall design was “shit” to begin with?

Best thing about him is the stuff he yells while fighting, his fighting stance, “shoto with a regular command grab”, his win poses, and his music.

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Long live toku in all its forms!

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Not without their theme.


It’s like every passing day I’m more and more sad I never got a chance to pick this up. Catchy theme. Seriously gotta hunt down a copy and play this thing, finally.

Visual designs, especially for characters in SF that tend to be very straight-forward, are EASILY ruined by minor changes. Snider’s design is excellent for a Street Fighter game and the minor changes made to him are all for the worse in that Kiki art and it basically ruins his look. That actually speaks to the QUALITY of Snider’s original design in how well balanced it was.

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Seriously, man…the game is AMAZE-BALLS! So fun and legitimately challenging. Love Godhand. LOVE IT.

You can pick up Godhand on the psn store.

Apparently the Japanese don’t see it that way. They only view his sideburns and trademark thumb point to himself as his distinguishing features. They pretty much designed his concept around these two things, the gi was an afterthought.

Fun fact I bet most people didn’t know. Allen’s name was originally supposed to be Elvis "エルビス"
Who of course, also had iconic sideburns.

Well, as has been shown, often-times Capcom is utterly unaware of what makes their properties enduring and how to handle them

That’s because they started design him on Chuck Norris in WotD, where he was bare chest like that

Then they added the strange gi to complete his design

Concept is a thing, final chara design is another

Best and most complete version is still the most recent one, the weird-sleeves, purple Allen they used more recently in Fighting Layer

ps: fun they used him also as Elvis tribute, as he was a black belt karateka, and even meet with Chuck Norris himself at some point

A young Chuck Norris with a hint of Elvis… (don’t be cruel to a shoto fool)
A sleeved GI bound by red threads of justice. (what if Ken helped him mend his GI)
A command grab enlue of a quick expansive move (but still visually a kick)
A slow compact alternative to a secondary Fireball (yet pre-dates Ryu’s FA, if not Ryo’s)
A series of jumping RoundHouse Kicks for a super befitting of Chuck Norris.
A slew of fun frog puns lost in translation. (big fish indeed)

Allen was the better ginger new Shoto of the EX series. Akuma Kairi cries tries to hard…

The fuck?


I can see this happening. A lot of the models are actually modelled under some elements. For example, Mika has a full face under her mask, all the swimsuits have clean models under the jackets and pareos…

Now I can dream of when Chun Li’s Alpha outfit is released:

-Choose the Alpha outfit and press LP+MK+HP at the loading screen. At the fight intro Chun Li flexes her muscles and regains her Alpha physique. :heart:

Alt Costume incoming

Jak Cammy

best Cammy

I hope they would include or consider Battle Damage or Interactive Costume… Something like in SFEX Akuma falling Beads

Ryu Clothes gets loosely from several knock down hit, after a hit from a super move or a stun… like sa some kiki art on the middle

Chun’li and Dictator head garb would fall

Claws polo sleeves gets dirtier

while Ken clothes get dirtier

Or just make those neon clothes dirtier after several knock down…

I will be ok with that, but tbh before i will still pick ability chose slighty different alt looks

It will make me pick coustumes that as now i never pick, see No-crap-beard Premium Ryu (in b4 @Daemos XD) or no-scarf CPT Chun

Capcom pls

Meanwhile, Tekken has been letting people customize their costumes top to bottom for years and SF fans are over here going “Fuck I hope I can remove some of this bullshit from characters…”

Guys, do you think the next update will include a new story mode?

If that’s the case, I’d love Necalli to come back and this time be the main villain. He is prominent in the game’s opening but he doesn’t do a thing in ‘A Shadow Falls’.

Hope they will promote him to new final boss, probably even giving him a new powered form.

Too bad the game’s “opening” is nowhere to be found when I boot up the game

Stupid Capcom. It reminds me when they presented awesome CG videos for Street Fighter x Tekken, and they’re not even included in the game.

Some of the opening never happens in any story content:
-Ken and Cammy don’t directly fight Bison
-Dhalsim does not fight Vega
-Ryu does not fight Necalli at the Shadowloo base