The Inevitable Street Fighter V Story Thread: ARCADE EDITION!

Never liked much skullo and still that’s a good artwork for him

Huzzah brothers and (sisters?) of justice! Behold, the charming dynamo we have awaited has made his presence known! Evil will shudder in fear and annoyance at his arrival and his dazzling array of techniques! The Age of Skullo is here!

cough I mean, oh Skullo is here? T-that’s cool I guess…


fuck yea

Man, today has been such a…Skullo DREAM

I’ll show myself out

Woooah he’s pretty awesome!
Lord F.A.N.G! We should help establish this type of mysterious man here at Shadaloo!
What, he’s a hero?

Name: SkullomaniaHeight: 163cm
Weight: 62kg
Blood type: A
Birthday: May, 19
Home Country: Japan
Favorite things: Protecting his family, World peace
Dislikes: Evil, Working Overtime

The salaryman named Saburo Nishikoyama
just couldn’t find a way to get ahead in his life.
During the Hero Show held for the customers at his department store,
he was forcibly made to perform to attract more people’s attention.
In doing so, he felt an indescribable passion which awakened a sense within him.
The enthusiasm in his heart made him believe he was the one to protect the world,
thus he began to compete against the top rank martial artists on an even playing field.
After all, is that not what men of mystery are meant to do?

Even today, we have a comment from our senior colleague!

He was conceived out of this initial desire
“Skeletons, we want a design which uses bones”.
Though, his original rough draft design was named “Rubberman”,
maybe it was because his full bodysuit resembled rubber….?


wow? fang? fang aware of his existence.

their goes the halloween+tokusatsu+skeleton guy!!

hoping for garuda tommorow…

Somebody call Waste Management to take out the trash.

You’re too late, he left to have lunch with Sagat

All these skullomania fanboys smh

SFV Round 2:

Ryu is training in Brazil. Sagat’s prologue reveals that their fated bout is fast approaching. As Ryu trains, he is found and recognized by Laura Matsuda. Naturally, Laura jumps at the chance to challenge Ryu and prove her skills, but gets defeated easily. Ken shows up, and Laura apologizes again for her idiot moment is ASF. Laura notes that Ryu’s style vaguely resembles that “Masters Online Karate” Sean was talking about, and asks Ken/Ryu if they would like to do her a favor and have a spar for her little brother Sean to watch. The two karateka accept.

Meanwhile, Balrog and Ed enter a swanky building in the Metro City Bay Area. They find a towering bouncer at the door (Andore), but Balrog knocks him out pretty much for shits and giggles. Noticing the boxer’s strength, an odd man in yellow wearing a red beret approaches the duo and offers them a place in Mad Gear. Balrog avoids the commitment, but the man who is revealed to be Rolento settles for hiring Balrog as a mercenary. Balrog and Ed are brought in to speak with the gang’s leader. Standing outside the leader’s door is Sodom, who is suspicious of Rolento’s new hires. After some argument, Balrog and Ed finally meet the leader of Mad Gear; a wheezing, frail old man in a wheelchair named Belger. Immediately, Ed gets a very bad feeling about this guy, but doesn’t speak up. Belger welcomes Balrog into Mad Gear, to which the former champion responds with questions about when and how he’s getting paid. The scene ends with Belger telling Balrog he has a very important job for someone of his skills…

Back to Brazil, Ryu and Ken are sparring in a dojo with Sean looking on in excitement. Ken wins, and after some questioning Ryu admits that his mind is more focused on his match with Sagat than the current spar. Ken laughs it off, assuring Ryu that he’ll do fine. Being curious about what the fallen Emperor has become, Ken asks if Ryu is willing to let him join in on the training regimen and see the fight for himself. Ryu accepts, but not before agreeing to let Laura and Sean tag along too. Laura wants to meet this “Emperor” and defeat him to prove the superiority of Matsuda ju-jitsu, and Sean is brought along by Laura’s demand because she wants to show him how much better MJJ is than this so-called “Anatsuken”.

Similar to the scene from UDON’s “Street Fighter Unlimited”, Cammy and Abel are seen on an operation in Russia. Delta Blue was formed from Cammy, Abel, the original Delta Red squad, and the Dolls who were rescued in ASF. Cammy and Abel have infiltrated a secret laboratory with capabilities beyond those of even Shadowloo’s. Looking around, they see a bunch of discolored, unnatural humanoids suspended in tubes along the wall. They are caught off-guard by Urien and Doctor Woo. Cammy and Abel assume defensive stances, but Urien just laughs and exclaims that this will be the perfect warm-up for his latest project. A pair of Twelve units break out of their containers and challenge the intruders in the forms of Nash and Bison. Cammy and Abel prevail, but have to retreat as more Twelves begin to show up. Urien calls them off once the problem passes, and Necro/Effie make their entry into the story. Urien, with visible disgust in his voice, tasks Necro with tracking and preferably eliminating Delta Blue, hoping for the Russian cyborg’s failure because Necro was a product of Gill’s ideas rather than his own.

Chun-Li meets up with Haggar in Metro City. The mayor welcomes her and explains the situation. A massive uptick in crime has started recently, and Haggar believes that the patterns of this new movement resemble the Mad Gear Gang he defeated years ago alongside Cody and Guy. Chunners expresses admiration for Haggar’s bravery, and wonders if she would be strong enough to save Li-Fen if something like that were to happen to her. Haggar tips Chun-Li off to a section of the subway that has been closed off due to rampant crime, and goes with her to check it out.

In China, Yun and Yang meet their next customer at the restaurant, who is revealed by the panning camera to be FANG, visibly disheveled and unhinged. In the creepiest voice possible, FANG slowly asks for “Blue Jade and a little rat” before the camera cuts to black.[/details]

Lol to be fair, at least we’re well behaved, well except for me who’s purposely been going overboard, but I’ve just been trying to bug Darc. I think the joke’s overplayed and I’ll just go back to being a happy Skullo fan.

I don’t want to go to far and come off as a real zealot like – I shall not speak of his name for he follows the forbidden one and thankfully has not stepped into this thread once.

@just5moreminutes I liked this write up, I particularly liked the Chun and Haggar connection through being parents and the stinger with Fang in it. I can see Chun having a respect for Haggar that foes beyond him being the legendary hero of Metro city. That aspect of him being active in rescuing his daughter must have warmed Chun’s heart something special.

Like that Belger is back but he seems to barley be holding on.

YES! They fixed Skullomania’s look! Thank god! The belt was too much. Ruined his design.

Honestly, I’m still neutral on the character though but that is a VERY welcome revision to his design.

Today we’re going to take a look at Darc’s favorite superhero next to T’challa.


Seems like your typical average Joe who’s looking to add some spice to his life. In this case, that would be playing superhero. He has no special abilities, but he has determination…and a cool costume. That counts for something.

EX Ending:

No matter how much evil there is in the world, Skullo will continue to fight it. He’s a superhero, after all.

EX+ Ending:

Skullo being an annoying neighbor with his silly antics.

EX+ Alpha Ending:


Godzilla and the Megazord ain’t get shit on Super Skullomania.

EX2 Profile:


This time around, Skullo recognizes Garuda as the source of evil in the world and looks to stop him before he destroys the world.

EX2 Normal Ending:

The fated showdown between Superhero and the Entity of Evil. Even though Garuda is clearly in another league when it comes to power, Skullo’s peculiar movements rendered Garuda unable to read his movements. Could this be one of Skullomania’s special abilities awakened through his desire to become a superhero? Would this be enough to defeat a demonic being filled with evil power?

EX2 Special Ending:

This is the ending that takes place if Skullomania defeats Shadowgeist. Both have their own definition of justice.

EX2+ Profile:


Despite being promoted at his job, the many issues surrounding it was enough to make him quit and become a full-time superhero.

EX2+ Ending:

Skullo reciting lines, deciding which one sounds cooler. Is this a hint at an official script? Maybe…

EX3 Ending:

Well, well, well. Looks like Skullo went from a dull office worker to a star with a hit TV series. The fact that it’s 25 episodes in and not canceled says a lot.

There you have it. The guy went from living a rather dry life **to **an exciting one. If *this *weirdo can do it, you have no excuses!

I kind of wonder if Shadow Geist is coming soon. Or Shadowgeist. Whatever. I know we’re not done with the EX1 characters yet.

Eh, I’ve got nothing.

Round 3: (since I have a lot of time and ideas right now)

[details=Spoiler]In Japan, we see Karin/Ibuki/Mika at the beach. Typical antics ensue, and we have an Ibuki/Mika fight. Afterward, Shibasaki steps onto the scene and states that Miss Kanzuki has guests. Enter Elena (SF3 Outfit) and Sakura (Premium Swimsuit alt). Without even skipping a beat, Karin prepares a combat stance to challenge Sakura. Ibuki sighs, and the battle starts. Once the Alpha schoolgirls settle their business, Elena states that she is visiting the Kanzuki residence because she felt a strange wind. Karin takes this very seriously, much to Ibuki and Mika’s dismay. Karin then orders Ibuki to double her patrols of the estate, which induces more groaning. Elena, feeling bad about being the bearer of the news, offers to console Ibuki through “dance”, which quickly becomes a fight as Ibuki realizes what Capoeria is. Karin applauds the display and says she will have to work in some Capoeria drills into her database sometime. Shibasaki returns and tells Karin that the plane for her expeditionary trip to find the Sennin will depart soon and she must begin preparations. Karin, with a tinge of regret, bids her friends farewell as she continues the fight to uphold her family’s honor.

Ryu, Ken, Sean, and Laura arrive in Thailand. Someone in a suit approaches the group and states that the Emperor of Muay Thai has heard of their arrival and reserved spots in tonight’s exhibition match just for them. They gladly accept, not realizing that the current “Emperor” is none other than Adon. When the event starts, Ryu is called into the ring to fight a hooded figure who is decidedly not of Sagat’s build. The figure removes his robe and is revealed to be Adon. Adon goes on a long spiel about how he’s going to restore the honor of Muay Thai, starting by crushing people like Ryu who have preyed on the weakness of former champions. Laura, not wanting too much of the attention to go to Ryu and impress her brother, jumps into the ring and challenges Adon first. Adon, livid that this girl just interrupted his crowing moment, goes apeshit and attacks only to be easily pinned by the Jujitsu expert. After the fight, Ryu asks Adon where Sagat is. Stubborn to a fault, Adon challenges Ryu again despite having just lost to Laura, and loses once more to Ryu. Finally, beaten and exhausted, Adon briefly sputters that Sagat lives in the mountains by a village to the northwest before passing out. Picking up his bag, Ryu tries to set off but is stopped by Ken, who gestures to a commotion going on back at the ring where Laura is taking on as many challengers as she can. With a smile, Ken tells Ryu that Sagat probably isn’t going anywhere and they should just enjoy the moment. Hesitating for a moment, Ryu agrees and lets out a small chuckle.

Chun-Li and Haggar are mulling about in a subway that faintly throws back to Ken/Alex’s 3S stage. They come upon a pile of unconscious thugs, and Haggar concludes that Cody must have broken out again, the exasperation evident in his voice. A heavy thud sounds in the next room, and the two run in to find the source. Much to their surprise, the person in question is actually Alex. Chun-Li questions what the Brooklyn Bruiser is doing there, and Alex replies that he got tired of all the crime in his neighborhood and decided to do something about it. With a laugh, seeing some of himself in the young Alex, Haggar offers to let him tag along as 3 heads are better than 2 or 1. At this time, some more thugs show up and we get to play Alex and Chun-Li fighting them. Realizing that they’re outmatched by these 3 meddlers, a few of them drive off in a red Jaguar. Chun-Li runs the license plate by a system and finds it belongs to one Dudley of Britain, who is currently visiting Japan for a social event. Chun thanks Alex and Haggar for their help, and departs for Japan to track down this strange lead.

Elsewhere in Metro City, Guy and Rose are walking down the street when Guy suddenly grabs Rose and leaps back, narrowly saving them from a car hurtling towards them. They look in the direction of origin and find Balrog, who punched the car hard enough to launch it as a projectile. Balrog lets out a thuggish laugh and states that it’s nothing personal, there’s just a lot of money at stake for their heads. Ed comes out from hiding, which causes both him and Rose to recoil in surprise when they sense one another. Guy stops Rose from advancing further and challenges Balrog, beginning a fight. After Guy defeats Balrog, Rose asks Ed to come with her so she may teach him how to properly use his power. Ed begins laughing, and says that someone like Rose couldn’t possibly have anything useful to teach him about Psycho Power. With a simple motion of his hand, he does the same trick from Nash’s prologue and Balrog’s fight with Gief in ASF and puts Rose in intense pain, distracting Guy and giving Ed and Balrog a chance to escape. Guy allows them to leave and attends to Rose, asking if she’s okay. Rose replies that Ed is very dangerous, and she sees the potential in him to become a greater threat than Bison ever was. Rose also appears sad that she did not encounter him sooner, as it seems too late to turn him toward a more noble life. Guy helps his friend back up, and the scene ends.

Cut to Russia, where Cammy and Abel have returned to their local operating base and are joined by Juni, Juli, and Decapre (no mask, as they are in private and Decapre trusts them). They briefly discuss what happened, and wonder about the nature of the Twelve units. The power cuts out, and the door bursts open to reveal Necro and Effie. Necro looks at Decapre and jokes “Gee, you look how I feel!” (I’ve had that one in the works for like a year lol). Decapre, enraged, charges at Necro but is easily defeated. Cammy asks Necro why he’s here and he tells them that Delta Blue should learn to mind its own business before he paints them Black, Red, and Blue. Cammy fights and defeats Necro, forcing the mutants to retreat. Cammy decides that this is a bigger assignment than initially thought and asks Abel to return the Dolls to Delta Blue HQ while she gathers more intelligence. Abel reluctantly agrees, warning Cammy to be careful in the face of the unknown. After everyone clears out, Cammy tells an unseen person to “come out already, I know where you’re hiding”. Juri jumps down from the ceiling and taunts Cammy musing at how “cute” it is that she’s trying to protect her sisters. Juri then enters a combat stance and says she’ll help Cammy if she’s willing to entertain her for a bit. After their fight, Juri explains that the mutant is a pawn of the Illuminati, and that Cammy is in way over her head now. Cammy is horrified at the idea of human experimentation after her experiences with Shadowloo and demands more information. Juri mentions that she’s heard rumors of some proxy activity in Metro City and lets Cammy decide what to do next as she leaves.

The scene moves to the restaurant from the China stage, where FANG is fighting Yun and Yang. You play as FANG in this fight. After he wins, FANG creeps over to the area where the noodle stage finisher happens and opens the door to find Li-Fen cowering in a corner. FANG laughs maniacally, claiming that he can finally set his plan to restore Lord Bison in motion, and now needs to find an adequate body to hold Bison’s power. He beckons his “assistant” to grab the girl for him, which reveals a young woman who looks strangely like Marz…[/details]

A couple observations about Skullomania…

Gotta find it kind of sad that they explicitly state that Skullo does a poor job at work BECAUSE he loves his family so much. Remind me again why Japanese society is basically collapsing under the weight of its crushing social strata?


Also, I noticed what might be a VERY legitimate explanation for Skullo’s ability to keep up with super martial artists. Notice the use of “complimenting himself with autosuggestion” in his initial story. This is a process of self-realization that borders on self-hypnosis. As such, it’s believed to be able to unlock real, tangible power in people when used effectively. “The power of belief” and all that. In the confines of the SF universe, it certainly would give a plausible basis for Skullo unlocking his potential and being able to keep up with the world warriors.

I really like that.

The next character I want to analyze in the EX series is Chun-Li.


Pretty straightforward. Chun-Li is searching for her lost father, believing Bison is responsible for his disappearance.

EX Ending

EX+ Ending

Both endings are messages to her father. One is written in a diary and the other seems to be her thinking/talking out loud. She’s still convinced her father is alive, so she intends to continue searching for him. Taking down Bison and Shadaloo is still a priority of hers, and most likely the key to finding her father.

EX+ Alpha Ending


Chun-Li beautifully showing off her moves. The plot seems to be unchanged from EX+.

EX2 Profile:


Very similar to the plot of the previous game. Chun-Li is still combating Shadaloo and searching for clues to locate her father.

EX2 Ending:

As mentioned in AAC, this ending is nearly the same as her Alpha 1 ending. Chun-Li appears to have won the battle, but Bison takes advantage of an opening and knocks her out before revealing any information to her.

Chun-Li’s Alpha 1 Ending for visual reference:


EX2+ Profile:


Like Guile, Chun-Li continues her fight against Shadaloo. The disastrous SH-11 drug is the point of her investigation this time around. Now instead of Bison, Chun-Li has to worry about Vega, who’s looking to eliminate her and Guile.

EX2+ Ending:

As close as Chun-Li seems to get to the truth, the further away it appears to be. Bison was able to flee from her once again, leaving no clues behind.

EX3 Ending:

This time around, Chun-Li’s mission was to learn about the EX3 tournament. Since there was often an ominous presence behind the previous tournaments, it seemed likely the pattern would continue. Bison was the one behind the tournament, so they were correct in their assumption. Like the previous games, he managed to slip away again. That’s not the worse part. Chun-Li has also come across some disturbing signs that an organization separate from Shadaloo potentially exists. All this time ICPO were so focused on Shadaloo, they never had time to look out for anything else.

My guess is the organization could’ve been something created by Shadowgeist, or it *might’ve *been an extension of Shadaloo akin to S.I.N. in SF4.

Bison mentions “Hehheh, the new Shadaloo has been born!” in his EX2+ ending. It’s possible that this potential new organization is an evolution of the current Shadaloo or one that **appeared **to be different despite being the same at the core.

So that’s it for EX Chun-Li. Very similar to her main story counterpart. The biggest difference is she seems to be strong enough to fight Bison alone and make him flee at times. Get 'em, girl!

I think more than anything is about him being a joke character

Btw i still find him more acceptable fighter than Sakura lol

He’s a crazy guy that throw all himself in every strike withouth hesitation because he believe to have superpower of justice =)