The Inevitable Street Fighter V Story Thread: ARCADE EDITION!

Yes! YES!!! So awesome!

I revel in our combined accomplishment!

SF5 Sodom and Garuda look too much alike.

I disagree because Rose is just as bad as Sakura.

Other than that, I agree completely.

the most wonderful character in the EXseries!!!

Satsui no Hado, and Psycho Power are akin to each other
and the billowing energies of darkness
are seemingly alive in the world.

Name: Garuda
Height: Unknown
Weight: Unknown
Blood Type: Unknown
Birthday: Unknown
Country of Origin: Japan?
Favorite thing: Unknown
Dislikes: Unknown

A demon who is burdened by the souls of martial artists
who have been absorbed by the Satsui no Hado.
Negative emotions, such as anger, are the dark energies it’s composed of.
He was once a hero who saved his village, before becoming a demon himself.

Even today, we have a comment from our senior colleague!

Anyhow, he has blades hidden all over his body.
Cool! That was the impression we had about his concept.
Initially focusing on the blades I believed one hit would be “crushing!”,
since it was something I felt was trivial which I hated,
but once we decided to test out his multi-hitting Super
I started to feel more comfortable with him.

What about the Cycloids?

EDIT: By the way, what if the entries become so ridiculous that characters like Bison II, Shin Bison, Zako A, Zako B, and Zako C are included? Would anyone be surprised?

Whoo Garuda. Whoa, he once was heroic and turned to the darkside? That’s a detail I haven’t seen about him before!


I wonder if since Capcom were ‘inspired’ by Garuda when designing Necalli, then Necalli’s story would’ve followed a similar path.

On one hand, Necalli is not worthy of taking Garuda’s role. However, if Capcom were to treat Garuda the same way they treated Necalli, then thank god they backed away.

Try to imagine Garuda running away from Bison like a little pussy.

Round 4 (and the plot thickens):

[details=Spoiler]The Kanzuki family helicopter touches down in New Zealand, dropping off Karin, Birdie, and Shibasaki. A lone, shriveled old man sits at rest atop the waterfall in meditation. Karin calls out to him, addressing the man as Sennin. The camera pans in on Oro, who quizzically opens one red eye. With a smile, Oro jumps several dozen feet in the air and lands right behind Birdie, causing him to fall over. As Birdie gets up, Oro raises a hand containing one of Birdie’s donuts. Oro takes a bite, admits it’s a bit to sweet for his tastes, and tosses it over the rapids. Birdie flies into a rage at having his food stolen and charges at Oro, but is barely a match for the Sennin and is kicked dozens of feet into the nearby rock face. Karin assumes a combat stance, declaring that she will defeat him and restore honor to the Kanzuki Zaibatsu. Oro scratches his head for a few minutes, trying to remember the name. He looks back at Karin and mentions that the head of the Kanzuki family seems a lot shorter and blonder than he remembers, but he doesn’t mind. Karin takes him on but is pinned in seconds, a loss made even more insulting by Oro’s refusal to use both arms. Birdie lumbers back onto the scene, mentioning that his chains probably won’t work on a guy who already fights one-handed. Oro states that the Karin is stronger than the last person he fought from the Zaibatsu, but expects to wait decades before the use of both his arms is even warranted. With his challengers disposed of, Oro bids them farewell and jumps off into the distance, noting that he senses someone more interesting. As Karin gets back up, Birdie sees something he never saw from Karin Kanzuki before: Frustration, with a twinge of humiliation. As they get back onto the chopper, Birdie tells Karin that she’s fine by him win or lose, so long as he’s fed, a halfhearted reassurance that is only met with silence.

In Thailand, Ryu and co. finally arrive in Sagat’s village. The place is rather plain, resting in the shadow of a mountain on one side and a colossal decaying Buddha statue on another. The villagers say that Sagat rests in the mountains somewhere, but the King’s exact whereabouts are only known to his intermediaries, a brother and sister pair who regularly bring Sagat supplies in exchange for training. Ryu is told that the children will return soon, and he decides to spend that time training in solitude. After Ryu leaves, Oro comes down from the sky and challenges Ken, wanting to test his mettle. Ken accepts, and appears to be doing decently well in the fight, but Oro is barely winded. Laura cuts in, mentioning that she actually recognizes Oro as a tourist who stops by sometimes in Brazil, to which Oro replies that he stops in a lot of places so long as there are good fights to be had. Her interest piqued, Laura challenges Oro only to be defeated soundly. Laura admits that it’s about what she expected from the guy who was able to take on her grandfather, father, and older brother at once and win, but thanks him for the fight. Sean can be seen talking to Ken and asking about how he did some of his moves from the fight, which Ken humors with a response. As Laura’s expression gets a bit more tense, Oro tells her that sometimes the path to mastery sometimes lies at the end of unexpected roads, and a true master can recognize the limits in one’s style and adapt accordingly. Laura turns around with a rebuttal prepared only to find that Oro has disappeared, and looks back to see Sean attempting to perform a Shoryuken while Ken laughs.

Chun-Li arrives to Karin’s party dressed in the now-memetic “Hot Chun” costume. She searches a bit before finding Dudley, whom she asks about his car. Suspicious at the stranger who knows about his father’s Jaguar, Dudley challenges her to a sparring match for more information. Chun-Li fights and defeats Dudley, much to the British heavyweight champ’s surprise. Chun-Li identifies herself as an Interpol agent investigating the Mad Gear Gang in Metro City, and explains that the car in question is being used by the gang. Dudley explains that he’s been looking for his father’s Jaguar for years now as it was auctioned off during his family’s rough patch, and thanks her for the lead. An explosion sounds off in the distance, prompting Chun-Li and Dudley to look back at the source.

A tank, surrounded by dozens of soldier types, rides in through the hole in the wall. The hatch opens to reveal Rolento, who states that the valuables here are now property of Mad Gear. Astonished at this sudden stroke of luck, Chun-Li puts an arm in front of Dudley and approaches the tank, telling Rolento that he is under arrest. Laughing, Rolento exits the tank followed by Sodom, who barks at a grunt that he doesn’t care what they take as long as he gets “the sword”. Karin and her crew step in, telling Chun-Li that they will handle these remarkably rude guests. We get Ibuki vs Rolento (a throwback to SFxT) and Karin vs Sodom (a throwback to Alpha). The Mad Gear generals are defeated, but one of the grunts returns with an ornate katana. Sodom squeals like a complete weeb and snatches the katana, revealing that he was only here for the Kanzuki Ancestral Blade and all the looting/vandalism was just a fun perk. The devious duo run back to the tank, with Rolento telling his men that they are done here. Chun kicks a few soldiers out of her way and approaches Karin, stating that she came here looking for leads on Mad Gear but this wasn’t what she expected. Karin, fuming and still salty about her loss to Oro, begins ordering all her men to descend upon Metro City, but is stopped by Chun-Li who warns her that deploying a private army into an urban area is a crime in and of itself and this investigation now falls squarely within Interpol’s jurisdiction. Karin begrudgingly accepts Chun-Li’s advice, and Dudley offers to retrieve the blade with Chun as a “chivalrous quest” for Karin.

Back in China, we see Rashid in his story outfit travelling with Azam. Investigating a commotion, he finds Yun and Yang asking around for “a tall weirdo in purple”. Recognizing the description as FANG, Rashid asks for more information but the twins say Rashid will have to defeat them to prove he’s strong enough to stand a chance. Rashid fights Yun, winning easily. After the twins explain the situation, Rashid and Azam decide to track down FANG and rescue the girl, with Rashid joking that he hopes this ends better than the last time he staged a rescue mission.[/details]

Capcom or Udon needs to hire you man! I’m liking the ideas so far!

Cool see Garuda

Overall old Garuda offer better visual impact imho

But of this new design i like some parts better: forearm/shin armors, and the thicker belt

Said that it’s a SFEXer i don’t want/need to see, give me a good designed Sodom.
Give Sodom a Garuda style alt

You realize that Bison feeds off negative energy and Garuda is negative energy incarnate right? It would hypothetically be an extremely one sided match up in Bison’s favor.

don’t believe me, because I’m a huge Bison fan, but Garuda actually did (and wouldn’t say like a little pussy) according to this.

I mean, i can see your reasoning as Rose was definitely an unorthodox addition at that point, but at least there is some coherent build up

While admitting they tried hard to get a “magic” character in SF, they at least made a good work at adapt her.
The whole Soul Power thing working as yang for Psycho Power’s yin integrate her in SF universe, and also give an explanation about how she can compete on equal ground with best fighters of the world (wich was an essential charadesign feature for SF).

Her design heavy inspired on JoJo’s Lisa Lisa may feel excessive eccentric, but it work well as rep of crazy italian fashion industry (notice how they played the same card after for Vulcano Rosso design)

Again, she was an addition risky of being out of place, but somehow end up fit and become a nice complementary figure to Bison.

Overall unconventional but good
Sakura is just Anime Schoolgirl because they wanted it

ps: i really like Rose, but she’s not my fav female character (6th, probably)
pps: but i will welcome her if mean get dat Venice concept stage

Basically Akuma ran like a bitch from Garuda who after ran like a bitch from Bison.

Somewhere Daemos is feeling like

Tbh i’m tired of try-hard japanese villains using dark energy… as role Akuma existence make him redundant

As badassery tier
Atzec Cannibal Golem willing to human sacrifice you > Herp derp Satsui no Hado demon wannabe

Like for Seth, with Necalli capcom missed the chance of develop a potentially really good villain

“But to Garuda’s surprise, the souls launched at Bison did not burn him, they merged with him and made his power stronger.”