The Inevitable Street Fighter V Story Thread: ARCADE EDITION!

And there’s Kakurine and Ihadurca from Evil Zone

It’s OK, dude, he kept saying Juri and Bison were working together even though her dislike for him was more than obvious :bee:


^^ That’s the perfect outfit which I dream for Sakura.

By far the Cutest Mafia.


The younger sister of the heir of Mizukami style ancient martial arts, Hokuto.
She doesn’t only use ancient martial arts, but even the stick.
An amazing stick that can lengthen itself.

Name: Nanase
Height: 165 cm
Weight: 54 kg
Blood Type: 0
Birthday: February, 19
Country of Origin: Japan
Favorite thing: Anmitsu, Hokuto
Dislikes: Seiza¹

Kairi’s real sister.
Nanase doesn’t remember her brother,
and is searching for her sister Hokuto
who mysteriously disappeared.
She has a merry and cheerful personality.

Even today, we have a comment from our senior colleague!

“The collision detection of that elastic stick
proved to be quite the technical problem.
I struggled with the attack detection of
her Kasumioroshi², too.
I liked the way in which she could pierce two opponents
at once with her stick in EX3.”

¹ The classic Japanese kneeling position. I understand her, it’s really uncomfortable…
² “Misty Gust from the Mountains”; her QCB + K, in which she jumps and stabs downward with her stick. Depending on the button you press, the stick pierces at a 45°degree forward (SK), straight downward (MK) or downward behind her at a 45° (LK). She bounces off after a successful hit, meaning you can combo the three stabs in succession.

Wow yeah somewhere near that would still define her nostalgic looks…


Welcome back!

Just noticed she has the same chest plate as her sister (different color obs)

That means she trains in archery, like her sister. She just doesn’t use it while fighting.

Nanase’s staff is based on Ruyi Jingu Bang

As was SonSon’s, who was far more explicit in her references to Sūn Wùkōng.

The point is that she attained that level just by copying his style that he was taught for years, that’s insane even if it’s pre SF1 Ryu!
@The_Shakunetsu I’m just saying that Sakura -might- be really strong now, we rightfully complained at Karin’s mary suing since we didn’t see it coming but Sakura is a different case.

I expected a bit more about Nanase’s story :frowning:

SFV: Round 6

[details=Spoiler]Sakura and Karin, followed by Birdie and Shibasaki, are walking up a large set of outdoor stairs in rural Japan. They reach the top, where a small shrine and house sits overlooking the forest. As they approach, the door slides open to reveal Retsu, who remarks that “he” was right about receiving guests today after all. Karin approaches and asks if the man is Retsu, which he verifies. Karin says that she’s here for information about Oro, which prompts Retsu to laugh and wonder why a young girl would be seeking him out. With a smile, Karin asserts that she, too, is a martial artist and would be willing to spar with Retsu for the information. Karin wins the fight, but sees Retsu turn back towards the shrine, which Sakura was looking at too. Gouken is looking over the scene quizzically, then walks up to them. Seemingly ignoring Karin and Retsu, he comments that Sakura holds a large amount of potential, and would like to see her in combat. Sakura, eager for the fight, accepts. Afterward, she notes that many of Gouken’s moves resemble Ryu’s. Gouken replies that Sakura’s moves in turn resemble those of his former pupil, but he knows neither Ryu or Ken trained her. Sakura realizes that Gouken is in fact Ryu’s master, causing her to bow and curtsy out of awe. She asks Gouken if he would be willing to train her in the ways of that style, but Gouken admits his dojo days are well-behind him now, and only Ryu could provide her what she desires. Retsu, getting up from having his ass beat by Karin, mentions that Ryu is currently in Thailand for a decisive bout, and Oro would most likely be attracted to such a spectacle. The girls thank Gouken and Retsu for the information and leave in a hurry. Gouken muses a bit that Sakura in some ways reminds him of a young Ryu: passionate, devoted to mastering Anatsuken, and always seeking improvement.

In Thailand, Ryu and Sagat stand opposite one another in front of the Buddha statue. A wind blows, and the camera pans out to show Ken, Sean, and Laura watching alongside Sagat’s village. Both men enter a combat stance, and the fight begins. Sagat wins the first round, the changes made to his style since SF4 having caught Ryu off-guard. Before the second round can begin, Adon shows up followed by members of the press/fans, and begins ranting about how the “dethroned King” dares to show his face and rob a true legend (referring to himself) of the chance to redeem Muay Thai in the world’s eyes. Sagat, with a small laugh, offers Adon the fight with Ryu if he can beat Sagat. Adon foolishly accepts, and gets absolutely curbstomped by Sagat. Humiliated once more, Adon throws on his cloak and leaves in disgrace. While the media spotlight is on the scene, Laura takes this chance to challenge Ken, hoping to prove the superiority of MJJ to Sean once and for all on the world stage. Ken accepts, and beats Laura on international television. Sean runs up and asks his sister if she’s all right. Indignant, Laura says she doesn’t need Sean’s help, and won’t lose when the stakes are this high. Sean presses Laura for clarification on what she’s actually angry about, and Laura finally tells her brother that she doesn’t want him to betray the family by training in another martial art. Sean decides to prove to Laura how much he’s grown from studying Anatsuken and meeting Ken in person, and takes on Laura in a match. Sean loses. As Sean gets up, he starts begrudgingly apologizing to Laura and accepting the result. Within Laura, something clicks: this is the best Sean’s ever done against her, and she felt a real passion behind his fists that she never saw from him before. Laura helps Sean up, saying that he’s proven himself worthy of learning from Ken. The camera pans back to Sagat and Ryu, who are being questioned by the media. A reporter begs Sagat to postpone the match until tomorrow, as the whole world deserves to witness such a legendary fight. Ryu and Sagat decide to play along, concluding that Adon’s meddling threw off the fight anyway.

In Metro City, Chun/Dudley/Rose enter a seedy establishment. At the counter, hunched over a drink, is Balrog, accompanied by Ed. A makeshift ring has been made in the center of the room, drawn in chalk. Dudley steps in, and calls out Balrog on being gutter trash. Enraged, Balrog walks right over and gets ready to fight, mentioning he wanted a rematch with Dudley anyway. As Dudley defeats Balrog we see Chun and Rose fighting off waves of Mad Gear thugs. They eventually make it to Ed, who is hiding behind the counter. He tries to fight off Chun-Li, but fails. A creepy laugh gets Chun’s attention, and she turns to see FANG holding Rose by the throat, with Marz restraining Li-Fen behind her. FANG goes on a rant, claiming that he really should kill Rose for offending Lord Bison with her mockery of Psycho Power, but is willing to make a trade: Chun-Li gives him Ed, and Rose lives. Chun-Li tries to add Li-Fen to the deal, but FANG refuses, as she plays an important role in Lord Bison’s revival. Ed, taking advantage of Rose being distracted, uses his power to make Chun-Li release him and escapes. Annoyed, FANG throws Rose to the side and chases after Ed. Chun-Li takes off after FANG.

FANG has Ed cornered in a back alley when Chun-Li catches up. Fed up with her always getting in the way, FANG declares that he wants to eliminate her once and for all, in front of Li-Fen so he can make a point. They fight, but Chun-Li gets the upper hand. FANG is forced to retreat with Marz and Li-Fen, stating that he will be back for Lord Bison’s property. Chun finally gets to Ed, and he agrees to follow her back to the bar so they can discuss terms with Balrog. We cut to a shot of Rose, Chun, and Dudley sitting across the table from Ed and Balrog. Rose explains that Ed will always be hunted by the remains of Shadowloo for his body, and he needs to enter protected custody. Ed refuses, claiming that he’s fine with Balrog. Chun-Li makes an offer: Balrog and Ed will be allowed to go free if Balrog agrees to tell everything he knows about Mad Gear and the Illuminati. Still not convinced, Balrog demands a paycheck to keep staying “clean” profitable for someone of his skills. While annoyed with Balrog’s flippancy, Chun-Li says she’ll talk to Interpol about having Balrog be hired to protect Ed, but the two will have to stay under watch in the meantime. Ed tells Balrog to accept the compromise, as it’s probably the best deal they’re going to get.

Guy, Cammy, and Rashid are snooping around Mad Gear HQ. Guy remarks that he never expected to come back here again, much less on these terms. The group is stopped by Sodom, who is accompanied by more Mad Gear members. Sodom recognizes Guy, and challenges him to a duel, claiming that he has finally achieved true “Japanism” and cannot lose. Guy gets ready, and Sodom draws the sword he stole from Karin. Sodom is defeated, and Guy takes the blade with him. They scale the sides of the building and end up in an office. Much to Cammy’s surprise, they find Urien talking to Belger. Urien laughs and tells them that they’re too late, and his plan is well underway. Cammy prepares to take on Urien again, and asks Rashid to split off and find any information he can. Urien tells Belger to “dispose of them”, and Belger transforms into a Twelve unit, which Cammy fights as Urien escapes. After Cammy wins, Twelve leaps out of a window and flies off. Rashid comes back with a file containing classified information on the Illuminati. The three of them conclude that Urien must have been pulling the strings behind Mad Gear this whole time, and take the file back to the others.[/details]

The younger sibling of the cursed siblings will be our focus for today.

EX2 Profile:


Nanase was first mentioned in Bloody Hokuto’s EX+ ending where her father asked her to find and save Hokuto and Kairi before it was too late. Nanase loves Hokuto and sees her as the only one she can trust. When she thought something had went wrong with Hokuto, she ventured out into the world to find her and bring her home. Nanase also wanted to locate Kairi in order to see if she really had an older brother. Her unique fighting style consists of her masterfully wielding a stick that can extend (Goku’s Nyoi Bo and Billy Kane’s pole quickly come to mind) during battle. While Hokuto and Kairi are often cold, Nanase is happy and full of energy.

EX2 Ending:

Nanase had no idea what she wanted to accomplish on the journey. Becoming a successor to the Mizukami family was important, bringing her sister home safe and sound was important, and finding the brother she never knew she had was also important in her eyes. Above all else, Nanase was determined to find both of her siblings on this journey.

EX2 Special Ending:

Nanase was able to locate Hokuto and Kairi engaging in a fight to the death. Before anymore blood could be shed, the words of Nanase were able to pierce through the darkness of Kairi and awaken him to his true self again. Hokuto was able to sense the dramatic change within Kairi as well. Instead of either killing the other, the gentle nature of Nanase was able to save them both from the dreadful fate that has followed them all throughout their lives.

EX2+ Profile:


It appears as if Nanase’s efforts were in vein. Hokuto has disappeared again. This time she was determined to kill Kairi with her own hands. Nanase was appointed the successor to the “Seiden”, but she couldn’t just sit still and watch her siblings attempt to kill each other again. Once again she was determined to save them both before it was too late.

EX2+ Ending:

Like her special ending in EX2, Nanase arrives during the battle of Hokuto and Nanase. The way her ending is presented, you’d think she was able to stop Kairi from killing Hokuto. Her AAC entry seems to imply the total opposite, though. If anything, her scream was able to reach Kairi in some way, even if it was already too late to save Hokuto. In the context of the EX2+ story, I believe the endings happened in this order:



Hokuto’s EX2+ ending is the confrontation, Kairi’s ending is the climax, and Nanase’s ending is the aftermath of the battle. No matter how you slice it, Kairi and Hokuto fought in EX2+ at some point, and the only one who came out victorious was Kairi. Since Hokuto appeared in EX3, we can follow the logic that Kairi incapacitated her in their battle. This at least makes Nanase’s ending reasonable.

EX3 Ending:

Nanase begins to think about Kairi after defeating Bison. Hokuto *never *returned after going out to to find and kill Kairi, so this implies that Nanase was never able to locate Hokuto or Kairi. This basically leaves her EX2+ plot undone. Nanase spent the upcoming days training and mastering the Mizukami’s art even though this was something she didn’t care to do. Nanase was hoping for the day where she could go back to the life she had before

EX3 Special Ending:

Reminiscent of Nanase’s EX2 and EX2+ ending. Nanase is able to get through to Kairi, allowing him to awaken and regain his humanity. With a renewed purpose, Kairi was ready to reunite with his sister. It doesn’t mention Nanase interrupting a battle, so Hokuto most likely wasn’t around in this ending. She likely came across Kairi randomly while he was suffering through one of his demonic moments.

EX3 Special Team Ending w/Hokuto:

Nanase and Hokuto’s relationship developed as they fought in countless battles together. It allowed their already stable trust to grow more and more. Hokuto was proud to see how far her sister has come, and Nanase was happy to be fighting alongside her. Since it mentions how Kairi brought negativity into their lives, I’d say this ending likely took place at a time where Hokuto was victorious at eliminating Kairi in their fated showdown. I don’t get the impression that Kairi’s still around in this ending.

One of the things I enjoyed about the “Curse of the Siblings” plot is how Nanase is introduced. She’s appointed as the only one who can save the souls of Kairi and Hokuto. The fact that her ability to save them **isn’t **power-related makes it even better. Her innocence is the only power she needs to make a difference.

Nanase looks amazing. If she doesn’t make it into SFV I hope they give a similar outfit to Sakura as a fanservice/reference, would be a great Premium one

Speaking of Nanase, Hokuto, and Kairi, their fighting style’s ultimate move is the Kyouja Renbu “凶邪連舞”, or Hokuto’s variant simply named “Renbu” “連舞” which is also compared to the Shungokusatsu.

Guy has a technique which is also similar to the Shungokusatsu dubbed the “Bushin Muso Renka” or “Bushin Muso Renge” in SF4 “武神無双連刈” or “武神無双連華”

These variants of attacks use similar kanji in the name (連-Ren) and also look very similar to one another.
It just makes me think that these three styles are even more connected in a way, but it’s just a random thought I had.

A general story card featuring Guile n’ Geif

And a better piece of Bengus artwork for Rainbow Mika


Isn’t he part of Hokuto’s crazy legacy too?