The Inevitable Street Fighter V Story Thread: ARCADE EDITION!


Isn’t he part of Hokuto’s crazy legacy too?

In general if the EX characters don’t make the jump themselves I think it’d be a cute costume set. Allen for Ken, Kairi for Ryu, Blair for Mika, Hokuto for Karin, Pullum for Cammy, Darun for Zangief, etc.

So what does the SF EX relationship chart look like?
Between Kairi, Hokuto, Nanase and Hayate (and Ryu, I guess), I mean

Hayate is a very cool design, but i prefer the old more slender look

His lack of capcom muscle mass gave him a very technique-based-fighter vibe

The young man armed with a sword who hails from Kukunochi village.
His father was a legendary swordsman who rid the village of the Orochi all by himself.
A swordsman is an unusual character for Street Fighter.

Name: Hayate
Height: 177cm
Weight: 76kg
Blood type: B
Birthday: April, 5
Home Country: Japan
Favorite thing: Dried persimmons
Dislikes: Evil spirits

He makes a living getting rid of calamity and evil spirits.
Clad in an ominous bluish white hadō
he continues to fight every day in order to defeat the demonic people.

Even today, we have a comment from our senior colleague!

During development, his “Tsumuji Kagerō-Kyoku”* was called “UFO!”.
Since then, it is no longer seen as only a UFO,
there had been a time where we couldn’t stop laughing as the system gradually came together.

*Heat Haze Vortex Climax

No, his story is pretty much secluded off from everyone else’s.

It looks like this

There’s no Hayate or Nanase because this was before EX2. But Hokuto see’s either Kairi or Ryu as brothers. Of course, the developers didn’t really take this chart very seriously so it should be taken with a grain of salt, it’s interesting none the less.


Kairi <–> Nanase <–> Hokuto --> Kairi and/or Ryu


Well, its confirmed Hokuto, Nanase, and Kairi are all related siblings. Ryu was more or less speculation on the developments part during SFEX. Maybe they had something deeper planned for their story and wanted to add Ryu into the mix but decided against it.

Yay. Let’s look at Hayate.

EX2 Profile:


The son of a legendary swordsman who defeated the Orochi. Hayate is also a swordsman who looks to follow in the same footsteps as his father. The swordplay makes him unlike your typical Street Fighter, which adds a unique style to a series that often revolves around hand to hand fighting.

EX2 Ending:

The legendary swordsman was able to stave off the attack of the evil spirit that threatened the Kukunoichi village. Immediately after the fight began, Hayate deflected the illusion attack of the spirit and was able to reduce the evil spirit to nothing with his secret technique. Now that the village was saved, Hayate began to help the people of Kukunoichi rebuild, eventually becoming a guardian of the village along with the shrine maiden.


Hayate doesn’t appear to have an actual presence in the plot of EX2+. His appearance is for gameplay purposes only.

EX2+ Ending:

After reflecting on a moment with his father back in his younger days, Hayate vanished into the abyss.

I don’t believe Hayate has any impact on the EX story whatsoever. He’s just a character in the EX universe with his own unique story. I speculated that Hayate was the relative Garuda was searching for mainly because he disappeared after EX2+. The recent bio of Garuda that elaborated on his former heroic status to a village also gave some light to this theory. Hayate’s fighting style is pretty cool, so that makes up for his lack of story relevance.

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