The Inevitable Street Fighter V Story Thread: ARCADE EDITION!

Oh, that’s right. Enjou was the former Geki clan member who founded the village in the Udon comics. I still say they should be a separate thing.

We just got done with those. @PVL_93_RU , I did too. I didn’t pay much attention to the sprite until now.

That dude is cool, i ever liked that sprite

It remind me a bit Shoma (the baseball kid) from Rival School wich imho was one of the 3 best charadesigns there

Btw Ibuki clan got many good designs, waiting the ninja guy of her ending and the Masters

Lol seriously, the character is so generic you thought he was a girl.

I don’t. SF has 3 ninja clans already(Glade, Kanzuki, Bushinryu). They really don’t need a fourth.

His name is read as “Yūta Homura”.
He’s affiliated with the same shinobi village as Ibuki.

Name: Yūta Homura
Height: 167cm
Weight: 63kg
Blood type: A
Birthday: June, 16
Home Country: Japan
Favorite things: Training, Mantou
Dislikes: Centipedes

A ninja who is affiliated with the shinobi village.
He’s a passionate young man who inspires to open his own store.
He trains alongside Ibuki and Sarai Kurosawa.
His taijutsu is great, but his ninjutsu is horribly weak.
He’s talented at playing beat ‘em up games.
Apparently, it’s a piece of cake for him to clear a whole game with *Jennety using one coin.

  • Jennety: aka Mack the Knife, aka Mummy Commando from the Captain Commando series.

So I guess Captain Commando is like Itchy and Scratchy or Crash Nebula in the SF Universe and not necessarily the future.

I can also see Homura getting along with David and Sakura’s brother.

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The Bison-Rose connection has always fascinated but also confused me. I agree with you that Udon got it down right. It simplified things and we got an awesome character design in his master to boot (it also nicely showcases why Rose uses a scarf, it seems soul power users have a totem/medium that transfers their powers or can be utilized as a striking weapon, yet Bison was shown not to need such tools).

The whole connection between the two needs to be cleaned up and summarized, but looking at the original killing spree and the idea that Rose had a master I’ve got a few ideas:

-After killing other soul power users, maybe Bison began to experiment and grow his abilities in vastly different ways than he expected. Maybe he found Rose and trained her not for altruism, but wanted to test out a theory or see what a more nurtured soul power user could do against him at his stronger level? If this is what happened (unlikely) then maybe he sought her out after she saw him in the limo. She felt something and was drawn to him, so I find it hard to imagine that if there was the smallest of connections, Bison wouldn’t sense her latent abilities in some form and pounce on that. Heck, maybe he theorized her as an early back up. Easier to build someone up with Soul power, overtake them then purge goodness out once he’s ready. Though I don’t know if he’d have foresight about his deterioration this early.

-Maybe Rose received training psychically from this last user
I think this may be a bit more likely, but maybe he thought he killed the last soul user but they were critical and either did the X-men 3 thing and body jumped into a comatose body, or they were found in time by a wandering bystander and nursed to some stable level. OOoooor they were comatose (no body jumping) and drifting in the astral plane and sought out a young Rose when the user sensed her.

Gill and Urien’s endings didn’t happen in my opinion. Gill most certainly didn’t change Alex and lead the people to paradise (boss endings tend to be non-canon anyways) and also, we haven’t seen the black moons cataclysm come to pass at that point, so no waiting for the fallout and a boy to lead the people to paradise yet (though with SF5’s events, who knows how this’ll change). I feel there’s a lot more to be done with Alex for the whole messiah plot, so Gill can’t be done in yet or else it’d be a rather abrupt end to Gill. that being said, I can see Urien’s ending as a future taste of things to come where he steps forward, becomes the head honcho and major villain for a bit, but something tells me, to complete the whole Messiah analogue Gill would return at the end somehow and they’d both end up destroying each other or Alex would somehow play his role but put a twist in things alongside the other heroes.
I feel there would be a moment that breaks the Illuminati resolve that shows they’re not divinely blessed foreseers, but just another cult doomed to crumble. Something would have to shake Gill to his core, driving home that he’s been wrong, and then you have to have something to break Urien. You can’t simply beat these guys up and move on to the next tournament. They’re a world controlling cult. To resolve the story, they’d either go back in the shadows for another day, or more likely, they’d be beaten, but in a way that their followers and organization crumble.

Overall, I agree we need a post- SF3 game or even an epilogue on SF3 to know where the events of that game stand in the new canon.

Oh yeah, @bakfromon would you consider adding the known excerpt from the Illuminati Prophecy? Could be a nifty bit of info to add to the guide.

So far, Ibuki’s ninja comrades are skilled at playing classic Capcom titles.

Sarai is skilled at “Don’t Pull” and Yuta is skilled at beat em up titles, especially Capt. Commando apparently.

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I’m not Doctrine, but my 2 cents

1- After proven to be the King of Muay Thai he wanted to prove to be the King of all fighters/martial arts

2- I don’t think so, as Bison needed Ryu for his special potential, as he is the “perfect” one both as physical and spiritual fighter.
Using your example Dhalsim will have probably been too weak as body, Blanka too weak as “ki”

Ken will have been probably a decent second choice, but still a second choice, as him and Ryu are more or less equal as body (aside Ryu bit more strong, Ken bit more fast), but Ryu got definitely more energy potential

3- They stopped using birthdays because they want avoid as possible guess the characters age, as they want them all to stay relatively young wihout have to set the whole game in the 90s forever.
Thanks to Gods old ass white haired beard Ryu is something that only -part of- western fans seem to want lol.

Next big jump as age will probably be nothing more dramatic than Ryu looking 40 still badass enough to look cool hero (maybe training a successor? Not that Sakura crap pls, can’t buy that)

4- To this Doctrine is the man, btw every traslation contain a good amout of bullshit… even from english to my italian version, they change shit

5- Ryu is fucking Jon Snow.
We all know that there is dat Ryu-Akuma final battle with “Ryu, i’m your fadaaar” moment at the end of theyr saga, we are just being silly enough to pretend we don’t expect that.
Actually specially on Akuma side of the story this will be one of the few cool things about ginger-shoto, have to kill his own son can be the ultimate sacrifice to do to obtain the ultimate SNH power.
After all even if not “evil”, Akuma’s path is about do whatever it take to obtain the ultimate power, will be very in-character

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Hmm interesting, so that makes Cap Com fictional in SF. I think I’m okay with that. I love the series and hope it gets a second wind SOMEHOW in the future, but having it being the future of Metro city didn’t fully sit right with me.

I want CC to be doing it’s own thing in its own universe without having to worry about how the past Final Fight crew would historically fit in, and seeing the future of SF & FF have all these aliens and stuff seems a bit too much for me, personally. I mean Baby Head/ Hoover has a soother that literally lets him speak “the billion languages of the cosmos” and Cap has armor that can withstand 1-(3?) TRILLION degrees.

-I think the birthday’s have diminished importance, still matter, but just not the year. Capcom appears to be adopting the popular sliding time-scale method that the big two (Marvel and DC) have utilized. That explains why Viper has a modern cellphone and car despite the fact that Sf4 should be in the 90s given it’s relation to SSF2 and SF3.

-I don’t know if it’ll be addressed. It’s never been pointed out in game as a mystery or brought up in general. That could change in the future, but it may just pop up and be resolved in the same breath without and prolonged mystery.

Which should tell you how little I think of the previous characters

Time to answer some more questions:

I think both answers could be accurate. In Sagat’s SF1 AAC, it says losing his eye was what kept him motivated to continue exerting himself as much as possible to get stronger and maintain his power. For all intents and purposes, Sagat was the strongest in the world in that era. Holding a tournament open to the best in the world to prove he’s the strongest seems to be the most likely reason for organizing it, though.

According to Bison’s SF2 Revival/HD Remix ending, he gloats at the fact that no one is left to stop him, and it’s said the day the tournament ended was the day the world became surrounded by “darkness and terror”. I think Bison held the World Warrior tournament to gather all of his enemies (or those who had the potential to become his enemy) in a single setting and eliminate them. With no one around to challenge Bison, taking the world over would be that much easier.



HD Remix:


Finding a replacement body doesn’t seem to be a thing for Bison in SF2, though the idea reappears in SF4. Plunging the world into darkness was his primary objective.

Way back when the “Gen and Gouken were zombies” theory was a thing, a member named @Azrael (fluent in Japanese) came forward and said the win quotes in Japanese are more or less on par with the English translation. I think the translation issues were more apparent in the older games, since lots of things were omitted back then. For the most, Capcom are more consistent when it comes to translations for Street Fighter nowadays.

I think Capcom just likes to leave it open for interpretation because that’s been the norm for so many years. They’re probably afraid of giving him too much backstory because a lot of his charm comes from the fact that he’s known as a wandering warrior with no actual family, or thoughts of having his own family (Win quote to Viper in SF4) anytime soon. It’s also possible that Capcom has played around with the idea but were never sure which direction they wanted to actually go with it. Perhaps the next SF might delve into Ryu’s origins a bit more now that the Satsui no Hado stuff is seemingly finished.

I’m a much more multifaceted character than that.

I’m open to ideas

So SF2 Bison is one against the many at the same time?

Sometime i ask about SFex Bison merging intro that i usually forget asking… I kinda relate it now with DBS…

Its like Bison and Shin Bison/Bison 2 of SFex2 has the same feel like Black Goku and Zamasu even with the blade aura thing and stealing Goku’s Body. I guess Zamasu and Black Goku has a slight inspiration with SF’s M Bison.

Even from where Bison inspiration came from Yasunori Kato from Doomed Megapolis was also into reincarnation? It seems like Japanese likes there madmen into body swapping, possession and reincarnation thing.

Nice idea making Captain Commando a fictional gaming character in Sf universe I hope Megaman and Darkstalkers would be same too.

I hope Capcom would do the same with other franchise

Like turning Bionic Commando and Resident Evil as a TV series

Parasite Eve, Onimusha and Plasma Sword into a Movie

Okami and Viewtiful Joe into a Cartoon…

Cyberbots, Tech Romancer and Strider into a Manga

Devil May Cry as an anime

while having a Asura reincarnation in SF universe a tribute to his Asura’s Wrath Episode 22

Birdie mod… they should have treated birdie same like the Andore family…