The Inevitable Street Fighter V Story Thread: ARCADE EDITION!

Is that the Ryu Final manga?

You guys (the lurkers) also help <3

Do I belong in there yet or do I need to make more posts spitting bile on the SFV story? :lol:

Nope, it’s artwork from “Street Fighter: The Novel” done by Yusuke Murata, the same guy who does the illustrations for the One Punch Man manga (not the webcomic).

It released in Japan earlier this year but a translated version should be around next year

^ that looks hype

Tsukishi Kasugano

Kasugano….? Apparently, this is the brother of that Sakura girl.
He too can probably shoot Hadokens and stuff just by watching and imitating them.
Huh, he’s just an ordinary boy? Great that’s good to know.

Name: Tsukushi Kasugano
Height: 159cm
Weight: 49kg
Blood type: O
Birthday: March 29,
Home Country: Japan
Favorite things: Video games, plastic models
Dislikes: Umeboshi

Here he is at home playing the fighting RPG *“Ryuken Tsuyoshiki”

He’s a noble and honest kid who loves games.
However, he doesn’t like to move his body around too much.
During SF Zero 3 he was doing a speedrun of “Ryuken Tsuyoshiki 2”
and he barely went outside.
With the current launch of the CPSP2 he’s obsessed with
the super-fighting RPG “Ryuken Tsuyoshiki Gaiden Chapter Roar”.
By the way, he’s also very talented at drawing pictures, which he’s even been awarded for at school.

*Ryuken Tsuyoshiki translates into “Dragon Punch Adamant Tale”

If Sakura doesn’t do something her brother will become a filthy neet.

Capcom PlayStation Portable 2?

It seems to be a play on theCPS2 (Capcom Power System), an arcade system board that Capcom used to process the sprites for SFA 1, 2, and 3. Basically it would be a portable version of this.

I wonder if that’s the system Sean was using the the story mode that FANG melted.

It definitely was. It even plays Mega Man!

I hope they do only the interesting one like they did with Ibuki and Sakura.
This stage had been update but I hope they would go with Q

Let’s wait for someone do a real life CPS portable from Rasberry PI and 3D printers haha

hopefully tomorrow its Guile’s wife :smiley:

I’m hoping for Eliza’s sister :wink:

I’m hoping for Mel’s aunt. o:)

Saigado’s lurking…

No love for Chris/Amy’s mom? B)

I want Akuma’s brother’s student’s former roomate’s sister-in-law.

SFV: Round 7 (Is this considered a novella yet?)


FANG, Marz, and Li-Fen are shuffling about in Metro City when they are approached by Urien. Urien thanks FANG for bringing him the last materials needed to finish his pet project, which utterly confuses FANG as he’s never even met Urien. Amused with FANG’s ignorance, Urien enters a combat stance and says he’ll give FANG the honor of rejoining the false god he so fervently worships in exchange for the “tributes”. FANG gets bodied and is forced to run away, leaving Li-Fen and Marz in Urien’s possession. Urien remarks that FANG’s survival is a non-factor, since he already has what he needed. He orders Marz to hand over the data, which stirs just a faint bit of resistance before she complies; apparently, FANG did a hack-job in retooling her and made her comply with ALL requests regardless of their origin. With an evil smile, Urien looks down to Li-Fen and states that she will provide the needed insight to finish transferring Shadowloo’s data into the G-Project. Without much of a choice in the matter, Li-Fen follows Urien and Marz.

Elsewhere in the city, the heroes have regrouped and are sharing their findings. Ed is being guarded by Balrog, and Mad Gear appears to have been an Illuminati venture the whole time. Chun-Li states that she has requested additional backup for this part of the operation, at which point Guile and Tom enter the scene. Guile states that the US government has been suspicious of Mad Gear’s sudden rise, and isn’t surprised to find a shadow organization behind it. Cammy briefs everyone on her findings: The Illuminati have been using synthetic humanoids capable of replicating other people to covertly control major organizations the world over. Large portions of Interpol and Delta Red’s intelligence networks are likely compromised, so the Illuminati will have to be taken down without assistance from higher-ups. Cammy directs everyone to the Russian facility she had found with Delta Blue, and explains that she previously encountered Urien there. Alex and Patricia show up, claiming that they had been looking everywhere for Tom. Tom explains that this is a very dangerous operation, and civilians are prohibited from joining along. Dudley, realizing that his part of the plan is past, thanks Chun-Li for her help and says that he will continue looking for his father’s Jaguar himself. As Alex, Patricia, Rose, and Guy leave, Chun tells Rashid that his job is to save Li-Fen, and arrest FANG if possible. Rashid agrees, bidding everyone farewell. Chun, Guile, Tom, and Cammy agree to meet back up in Russia.

Back in Thailand, the stage has been set. Ryu and Sagat face off once more, free from distractions, surrounded by a roaring audience and global reporters. Unlike most Story battles, this is an organized bout and thus takes 3 rounds. Ryu comes out on top, prompting Sagat to congratulate his former rival not just on the win, but on coming so far since they met during the first World Warrior tournament. Both of them admit that their rivalry has made them stronger as fighters and as people. Sagat tells Ryu that he looks forward to seeing how far the karateka goes, and Ryu states that he has a long road forward to truly master his style. Sakura and Karin enter the ring, with Sakura congratulating Ryu. Karin appears to be looking for something but doesn’t say anything. The crowd/reporters disperse, and Ken, Laura, and Sean show up. There’s a good moment exchanged as the group celebrates, and everyone but Karin leaves the battle site. Waiting a few moments, Karin tells seemingly thin air that she’s ready, and Oro jumps down from on top of the statue. The hermit scratches his chin for a moment, remarking that he appears to have been late. Karin demands another match … only to get bodied again.

As Karin picks herself back up, Oro asks her why she challenges him. Karin states that she wishes to restore her family’s honor and defeat an opponent her ancestors couldn’t. Oro laughs for a minute, and asks her how many decades she’s been training. Put off a bit by Oro’s phrasing, she is silent as the hermit continues. Oro explains that he has nearly a century’s head start on her, and even if Karin spent every moment of every day training to defeat him, it would take her a century to catch up to him right now, and that’s not factoring in the fact that Oro himself is still constantly training and improving. Laughing, Oro mentions that there’s still plenty of opponents he was never able to defeat, simply because he couldn’t catch up to them in time for their final bouts. As a few animals scurry up to him, Oro leaves Karin with a final piece of advice: Don’t measure yourself to others, for the fruit of training is not victory, but the power to move forward and beyond one’s limits. Karin runs over the phrase in a whisper. “move forward and beyond one’s limits”. At this time, Sakura shows back up and asks Karin if she’s all right. Karin gets up and assumes a combat stance, asking Sakura if she would like to help her test something. Now freed from doubt, Karin defeats Sakura for the first time in a while. The girls share a laugh before Shibasaki approaches, telling Karin that something has come up and her presence is needed. Karin thanks him and offers Sakura a ride back to Japan. Sakura declines, mentioning that she finally caught up to Ryu and wants to make the most of it.

Meanwhile, Sodom and Rolento are freaking out over what happened to Belger. Their boss is gone, a bunch of stuff broken, and Sodom is really pissed that Karin’s sword is gone. As they start to argue, Alex shows up, telling them that their terror of Metro City ends now. Rashid jumps in, telling Alex that he could probably use a hand. We are treated to Alex v Sodom and Rashid v Rolento. After their defeat, we hear the clanking of cuffs as Cody shows up. Looking over at Alex, he says that he “knew someone would do it” and wants to see Alex’s power for himself. Alex recognizes Cody as the fallen hero of Metro City and “won’t go easy on you”. They fight, and Alex comes out on top. Surprised that someone managed to beat him, Cody is getting ready for round 2 when Guy and Rose show up as well. Guy goes over his usual speech, but this time Rashid and Alex back him up. Rashid says that the world needs more heroes and less bad guys, and Alex mentions that Cody will never get his rematch if he lazes about in a cell. Finally seeing the good people can do (and Sodom/Rolento unconscious), Cody mulls over the idea for a bit before agreeing to try out Rashid’s “wandering hero” shtick.

What about Ken’s sister-in-law?