The Inevitable Street Fighter V Story Thread: ARCADE EDITION!

He also make Nash feel pain with minimal effort burning his hand

I don’t like her as character

But watching story

-she’s easily the strongest of her group (Ibuki, Mika, Birdie)
-Ibuki and Mika shit in theyr pants as soon she “threaten” them to do a sparring match
-she defeat Rashid
-while not having big wins, she does’nt lose

And her group isn’t that strong. It’s not like she was running with Ryu, Bison, and Zangief.

Extra: Dark Sakura

I honestly would’ve preferred pregnant Sakura

Suntanned Sakura

She increased her moves, and her Hadoken became
a giant beam¹, only by suntanning.
I must absolutely suntan myself!

Name: Suntanned Sakura
Height: 157 cm
Weight: 42 kg
Blood type: A
Birthday: March, 15
Home Country: Japan
Favorite things: Kakigōri
Dislikes: End of Vacations

Sakura, who trained with Ryu during summer vacations.
It seems she gained new moves
and even mastered a technique
in which she hits her opponent thousand times in a second².
She completely sunburned herself
during a training in a beach of a southern country.
It’s not that she did awake to anything, ok?
She’s only diligent in her training…

¹ As did all other projectiles in MvC series, lol.
² Her version of the Shun Goku Satsu, obviously.

To clarify, she doesn’t awaken to the SnH she’s just diligent in her training. Also, SGS again being described as 1000 strikes in one instant.

What if Ed is a clone of Nash! Gasp!

I have no idea why they didn’t just cover Dark Sakura along with Shadow and Shadow Lady

It’s always about Nash with you Ruth.

Because they’re picking which of these to do next as they go along.

As usual, Dan is the odd man out.

Sunburned Sakura color coming in Season 2




Smoking gun found! Smoking GOD DAMN gun found!

No more excuses! No more trite dismissals of someones research! No more accusing me of being a troll!

After a DECADE of denial, VINDICATION!


Ohhhh god…

…feels sooooo fucking good

Bow down to greatness.

I’m FANG? Amazing!

And…for the sake of posterity and my own overwhelming excitement over this revelation

My original thread stating the same thing about the nature of the SGS from over 5 years ago

Hmmmmmmmmm…a new shadaloo rises?

I know we’ve been over SFEX profiles for about a week now, but something jarred my memory going over Ace’s profile.

Name: Ace
Height: 182cm
Weight: 83kg
Blood type: B
Birthday: May, 5
Home Country: Japan
Favorite things: Training
Dislikes: Horror movies

The man who is said to be a talented agent.
He has a device implanted in his spine
which can analyze cards which hold data on fighting skills,
and by loading them, he can learn every type of mixed martial art,
holding the ability to possibly master them all.

Even today, we have a comment from our senior colleague!

He’s able to be edited with a variety of techniques.
** In fact, there was a grand scheme,
I had wanted to add him into a side-scrolling action mode.

Examples of the obstacles were…

-Darun’s Indra Bashi A, B, C due to the continuous jumping up and down you could slip out of it conveniently

-Doctine’s wire being swung like a pendulum. It would disconnect whenever the opponent was on the opposite side of it, and with good timing, you could slip through it.

**We could have made edits according to the situations needed
and continued to go ahead with the project. **

But it was just a dream, no matter how irrational the decision the project was abandoned during production.**

Apparently, they were in the process of making a side scrolling beat em up type mode for SFEX3 but they eventually canned it. The interesting part is I think they left the framework of what they had for the bonus game in the credits.

This is probably what they intended the “Zako” models for as extra character fodder to beat up in this mode.

Anyways, quick question for @YagamiFire. Non-canon joke character aside, we know Sunburned Sakura uses SGS but isn’t under the influence of SnH, do you think this would be contradictory or would it be impossible for a character to use the SGS or an equivalent of it without the SGS? I always thought Guy’s Bushin Muso Renka/ Renge would be a good candidate for a SGS like attack without a SnH influence and I wondered what your thoughts would be on the matter?