The Inevitable Street Fighter V Story Thread: ARCADE EDITION!

Daaaamn Cestus with the deepest of deep cuts on potential influences

I just started reading Sakura Ganbaru after Yagami talked about it the other day. Really liking it so far. I’m up to the part where Maki has arrived. Sakura Vs Karin was great, and Dan’s characterization is on the money. He’s a good combination of being a joke and knowledgeable.

I enjoyed Sakura Ganbaru myself. THere are two issues. The second one, we see Chun-Li and Gen. I think they are enjoyable. Nice to give Sakura the spotlight

Part 2 gets even better in my opinion

I didn’t know this til recently, but there’s actually a third part of the manga which details the graduation ceremony of Karin and Sakura. It’s been unofficially translated, I’ll upload it sometime soon if anyone’s interested.



A former street fighter,
and a mysterious man whose only known fact is his name, Dean.
It seems he can harness the power of lightning
to release electric discharges.

Name: Dean
Height: 197 cm
Weight: 91 kg
Blood type: Unknown
Birthday: Unknown
Home Country: USA
Favorite things: Meat, Curry Rice
Dislikes: Skull Cross

A young man who lost his family because of the criminal gang Skull Cross.
Skull Cross was a lower branch of Mad Gear;
in order to destroy them,
Dean teams up with Haggar, Lucia and Guy.
His special weapon is the hammer.

The fact he likes both meat and curry rice
means he should like beef curry, right?¹

¹ Do I really need to comment about the lameness of that sentence? :angry:

Finally, the heroes of Final Fight are complete.

Did Dean go Super Saiyan?

I just assumed he was a victim of Laura’s stage finish. That’s a dancer’s headdress…right?

Yay! @Caio_Lins is back!

Is this new? I don’t remember ever hearing it before.

No, he’s always been like that.

It’s probably all the electricity he produces which makes his hair stand up like Benimaru

If we stop here with Final Fight characters, I’ll still be very happy. There still is a handful of characters I’d still like to see before Capcom stops doing this though. Above all else is Jessica who is the only non-minion character that’s left out from Final Fight. She’s the game’s Princess Peach, Haggar’s daughter, Cody’s then girlfriend and has appeared in the Street Fighter cartoon and the Slammasters series not to mention her various background cameos in several Street Fighter games.

Others I’d go with are Kyle, Rena, Genryusai, El Gado and Hollywood (Rolento’s soldiers) and Bred (due to his OMG hilarity and SFV cameo).

I’d rather Final Fight 2 bosses before getting more Final Fight 1 thugs.

We still need Kyle.

Benimaru + Ryu = Dean

You mean that one dude from the game where Guy uses a gun?

So what’s next?

Street Fighter I is done
Street Fighter II is done
Street Fighter III is done
Street Fighter Alpha is done
Street Fighter EX is done
Street Fighter IV is done
Street Fighter V is done
Final Fight is done
Slam Masters is done

Feels like all that’s left are Rival Schools and minor NPC characters (family members, friends, etc)

Fingers crossed for Shen Long.

They haven’t done Streetwise yet.