The Inevitable Street Fighter V Story Thread: ARCADE EDITION!


Her name’s Vera (you can see her name on the side of her left leg). She provided the archetype of Laura, and by that I guess they mean a female Brazilian Jiu Jitsuka. They hadn’t given her the concept of electrical powers at this point.

I like the Redhead Laura better…


Thats awesome! Where is that from!? Also erm… Dhalsims Sister in law (?) from his SFA2 stage


She’s the daughter of that macho mayor.
It seems that, for a while, she formed a happy couple with Cody,
who had saved her life, but…

Name: Jessica
Height: 176 cm
Weight: Unknown
Blood type: A
Birthday: October, 31
Home Country: USA
Favorite things: Travel, Poker
Dislikes: Selfish Men

As the mayor’s daughter,
she was abducted by the criminal organization Mad Gear when the continuous efforts
of her father to improve the public order proved to be too much of a nuisance for them.
She was rescued by Haggar, Cody and Guy,
and became Cody’s lover.
However, when Cody was imprisoned for his numerous acts of violence
she estranged herself
and ultimately broke up with him.
We heard she’s currently studying in France.

Glad got scrapped, Laura>that thing

My only problem with Laura’s design is that Premium should have been the standard, it’s waaay better at everything

More Capcom style
Better, more unique silhuette
Fighter tribute (Kyra Gracie*, specially fluo pink color)


Bonus =)


Meets Abel, flirts with him, Cody is full of raeg© and busts out of Prison to go home and become become a family better man. SF5 storyline. Lore money, please Ono-san.

That’s Gief’s ending from Marvel Super Heroes vs Street Fighter. Also, I think the girl next to the elephant is actually just Sim’s elephant caretaker, I don’t remember her being related to Sim, I’m also pretty sure she has an AAC entry, but I forgot her name.

A rare moment where I actually disagree with you. It’s cool though we’re still bros.

Goddayum, Cody is one lucky boy



She remind me a bit

It’s a shame they never really follow up on the whole “Cody is the strongest good guy by quite a margin” plot thread. I get that he’s a bit character, but you can’t just have the most powerful characters in the canon (and even some non-canon What If versions like Oni) acknowledge that if he were to fight seriously he’d be a monster freak-beast and then never do anything about it. I’m not saying Cody should make Bison, Gill, Akuma, Oro and Seth his bitches or anything, but at least give him an Arcade ending where he takes the cuffs off and goes nuts or something.

Then again, I always loved the whole trope of a lazy, ridiculously strong guy without a fighting style who would be absolutely overpowered if he actually learned how to fight for real. Shen Woo and Miguel are awesome.

Because that’s never been a real plot thread. It’s this theory the fans have kind of latched onto based on, like, one Akuma win quote and the fact that he cuffs himself.

The fact they keep adding quotes, he casually breaks out of jail with alarming frequency only to put himself back in when he feels like it, and generally treats extraordinary feats of strength as mundane as fuck also kind of fuels that fire.

I was hoping for more from Jessica. Studying in France? I already knew she went overseas before. It just goes over Final Fight and then Alpha 3 and…that’s it. It seems a bit lackluster.

Tbh i ever considered the Cody it’s over9000 thing a bit of bullshit, and i like Cody (my fav char still not in SFV)
Characters win-quotes seem just a bit an harmless fanservice to the FF fans crowd

SF’s strongest good guy is either SF3 Ryu or Gouken… and Oro way above them if we want consider him “good” under a simple good/evil perspective

Btw it’s a bit different from Shen/Miguel… they are pure brawlers, Cody actually show clearly to have an orthodox base style and technique (old school american karate/kickboxing full contact, it was basically the same thing)
“Full contact
Full contact rules, or American kickboxing, is essentially a mixture of Western boxing and traditional karate.[21]”

He was an highly trained guy, who fallen into the whole street brawls thing when he was already adult and mad gear gang kidnapped his boobs

Then beat the living fucks out of punks without rules sharpened his skills, but he still got solid martial base

But i like the ridicolous natural talent thing, that pic was priceless

Btw one of the best things of SFV Cody will be break hancuffs V-Trigger =)

None of those feats of strength are anything most other SF characters can’t do.

Cody breaks down brick walls. So what? Karin and Chun-Li can smash through giant steel security vaults. Zangief can shatter swords on his chest. The entire cast can jump out of aircraft without parachutes and land without injury.

Nothing Cody does is outside the abilities of the rest of the SF roster.

Win-quotes should never be used to define canon, because in order for those quotes to be canon, the fight, and the winner would first have to be canon. And that’s simply not the case with random CPU fights.

Just because you beat Bison with Dan doesn’t make what Dan says to Bison canon.