The Inevitable Street Fighter V Story Thread: ARCADE EDITION!

197: Rick

I’ll let the pros do what they do, but apparently he’s Dee Jay’s manager(?) Poor Bob.

*Party rock is in the house tonight
Everybody just have a good time *


Rick is already better than DeeJay lol, make him a capoeira rep and we have a deal (but i like Elena more)

Also continue the bizzarre japanese tradition of blacks and birds


He certainly exudes the same mood as him.
He’s actually a good friend of Dee Jay,
and goes with him in tour.
It seems he’s his manager.

Name: Rick
Height: 179 cm
Weight: 77 kg
Blood type: A
Birthday: January, 9
Home Country: Jamaica
Favorite things: Music, Showy Birds
Dislikes: Alcohol (he can’t take it)

He has parrot chicks on top of his head¹.
All chicks of Rick’s pet.
While Dee Jay tends to abuse him,
he supports his friend in various activities.
He is particularly able to play the djembe between his legs.
It seems he once practiced it until it gave him bloody urine².

¹ This has “DUCK KING RIPOFF” written all over the face.
² Now that’s dedication… I guess.

Rick actually has an entry in AAC as well so he’s not just some random character made just for CFN profiles. Ironically he hasn’t made an appearance until now.

Oh ok, that explains why he hasn’t been seen until now. So Dee Jay has a manager (Rick) and an agent (Bob)? So he’s one turtle and a Jane’s Addiction song away from being Vinnie Chase?

A jamaican guy that doesnt love alcohol? Hmm… ok. I think we can still get Bob as the agent.

All these Final Fight cards, I’d really like a new Final Fight game. Give me a game with everyone from all three games playable. Give me Final Fight that multiple paths like the Guardian Heroes with multiple endings. Give me a game where Guy doesn’t use a fucking gun. Damn that game would be epic.

Final Fight: MOBA would work.

Rick’s parrot makes an appearance in the SFII era jamaican stage.

Looks like we all know where and who jessica went to “study” with based on the left of that stage.

Edit: you can also add fielongs film director/producer on the lost of profiles to be done

I liked the entire vibe of this stage (balrog stage)… I could imagine this stage in 3d for SFV too bad Dee Jay wasn’t in the top picks despite being unique too.

I realize KOF was almost everywhere…


Balrog and Ed are casually walking down the street. Ed tells Balrog there’s “something up with that scarf lady”. Balrog makes an off-cuff insult, referring to Rose as a fortune teller. This gets Ed thinking: Is Psycho Power his destiny, just as Bison was consumed by Psycho Power? Balrog brushes it off, telling Ed that Bison was a “pompous maniac” who was only good for an easy paycheck. From an alley, FANG leaps out at Balrog and calls him a traitor to Shadowloo. They fight for a little bit, when Rashid and Cody show up. FANG recognizes Rashid and becomes even angrier, screaming about how he was “one of the ones who caused all this”. As FANG is starting to get the upper hand, Rashid asks him where “the girl” is. Realizing that FANG’s methods are no better than Belger’s, Cody interposes his handcuffs in front of FANG’s hand as he strikes, which melts them. Cody looks at his hands for a bit, and remembers that people like Li-Fen and Jessica were why he started fighting in the first place. Cody proceeds to beat the hell out of FANG and give Rashid a chance to interrogate him. FANG says “that evil man in the suit” took Li-Fen and Marz with him. Rashid thinks for a minute before asking if there was a dot on his forehead. FANG begins spazzing out even more, which prompts Balrog to knock him out cold. Rashid realizes that it was Urien who took Li-Fen, and the Illuminati is far from done…

In Russia, we see Chun-Li, Cammy, Abel, Guile, and Tom infiltrating the Illuminati facility. After disposing of some goons, they make it to a big central room with Urien, Necro, Gill, and Kolin. Li-Fen and Marz are sitting on the sidelines. Gill laughs and says he is happy to “welcome” his guests before the real party starts. We see Gill fighting all of them at once for a few seconds before Cammy and Abel break off to save Li-Fen and Marz. Necro blocks the way with his arm and fights Cammy. Cammy beats him, and Necro realizes that Cammy is just trying to save her “sister”. Disgusted with this situation, he tells Urien to get stuffed and walks off. As Abel and Cammy get ready to fight, they look over to the 1v3 that Gill is actually winning quite handily. Gill lets loose a storm of ice/fire projectiles (the 3S super) which leave Guile, Chun, and Tom in bad shape. Cammy and Abel quickly pick up their comrades and hoof it out, understanding that Gill is more than capable of wiping the floor with them even in a 1v5. (It is here that Tom is injured, and this partly explains why Chun wasn’t active until 3S, which is coincidentally when we see Tom up and moving in Alex’s ending.) As they exit the facility, chased by several Twelve units, we see the Kanzuki helicopter landing to pick them up. Karin and Ibuki leap out of the helicopter and take on the synths chasing them. After the fights, we see the helicopter taking off from Gill’s perspective. The bichromatic president of the Illuminati laughs triumphantly, claiming that “the prophecy is in motion; none can stop us now!”

Chun, Guile, and Tom wake up in a hospital. They are visited by a bunch of characters. Chun is visited by Rashid and the twins, who elaborate on Urien abducting Li-Fen and why. Chun tries to get up, but Rashid tells her that she won’t be able to fight for a while with her injuries. Yun and Yang tell her that they’re on the case, and show their invitations to the 3rd World Warrior Tournament. Cammy and Abel tell Guile that they’re going dark to keep the Illuminati from controlling Delta Blue through the higher-ups, and will keep a close watch on his family while Karin uses her resources to find some leads. Alex and Patricia are with Tom, and Alex is seething with rage. He swears vengance, and looks at a letter he recently got. Opening it up, he finds an invitation to the 3rd World Warrior tournament from Gill. As he turns to leave, he tells Patricia that he has “a lot of training to do” and needs her to take care of Tom.

roll credits

During the credits, we see Ryu walking along a road into the sunset, a throwback to his SF2 ending. When the credits finish, it is dark. Ryu pauses, reflecting on how far he has come. He states that there is “one fight he must finish”, and looks to the top of a nearby mountain. A human silhouette stands atop it against the moon, his back to Ryu. As Akuma’s symbol begins to glow, the screen cuts to black.[/details]

Finally, I’m done. This turned into WAY more than I anticipated, but you guys really seemed to like it. Maybe I’ll put my writing energies elsewhere soon.

You’re stuff’s been very cool.

I gotta stop focusing on writing political stuff and hop back on some SF I think


Finally, a fighter who gives off
the same smell of our lower rank soldiers.
Even his name is cool: a simple letter!

Name: J
Height: 181 cm
Weight: 78 kg
Blood type: B
Birthday: January, 9
Home Country: UK
Favorite things: Health Foods, Punk
Dislikes: Meat

He’s extremely introverted.
But when it comes to fighting, he can make his opponents suffer
with his quick steps and razor-like jabs.
It’s almost impossible to escape his punch combos.
After Mad Gear’s destruction,
it seems he’s hanging out with Abigail and Axl.
In contrast with his appearance, he’s a health freak and drinks only decaf.

An interesting fact is that J was originally introduced as being autistic with an obsession over salads.

何を考えて いる か わから ない 、 自閉症ぎみ の 男。だが スピード だけ は 結構 ある 。 サラ ダ など の 健康的 な 食品 を妙に好む 。

J is a man with autism, being hard to know what he is thinking. He prefers to eat healthy food such as salads.

Actually, ぎみ stands for “looking like”. He doesn’t have autism, but he certainly looks like an autistic person. So, no contradiction whatsoever, actually. An extremely introverted person could well seem an autistic one.

I wonder if this is going to lead them to do the entire original gang? It seems like El Gado (due to FFRevenge) and Axl are a lock, but I would love profiles on Hollywood, Two P and Roxy.