The Inevitable Street Fighter V Story Thread: ARCADE EDITION!

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As for the SF2 “tournament”, it seems like most people are under the impression that either Guile, Chun-Li, or Ken won the tournament (or the tournament was called off). It would somehow escalate into a brawl, with Guile, Chun-Li, Ryu, and Ken forced to to take down Bison. Bison is eventually overwhelmed (as seen in the footage) and he blows up the complex out of pure anger.

Soo I’ll say it. Dean and J look a lot like Vanilla Ice.


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THank you all so much for your answers and your input. It was a simple question, but I love the elaborate and detailed answers. It really gives us an in-depth look at not just the characters, but also their organization.
Thanks again for your help.


If you think of an orange mohawk, that’s him.
The green dragon print on his back is cool, don’t you think?
You can write his name as TWO-P or TWO P, too.

Name: TWO.P
Height: 183 cm
Weight: 82 kg
Blood type: B
Birthday: He forgot
Home Country: USA?
Favorite things: Green Salad, Dark Places
Dislikes: Steel Pipe, Lizards, Earthworms

He was rescued by a Mad Gear member
who found him collapsed half-naked in the street.
It seems he lost his memory, so he doesn’t remember details such as his birthday.
Also, it seems he’s good with heavy weapons¹.
He has a sense of humour, and speaks mixing jokes in his sentences.
His favourite phrase is "Yeah, me too, man!"²

¹ LOL. Direct reference to Forgotten Worlds, whence his name came.
² As Player 2 said in Forgotten Worlds ending.

Are they hinting that he is a Time Traveler or a Visitor from another dimension? haha

Time travelers have memories man. He’s clearly another Abel clone.

Pretty much that, yes. Also, he was half-naked; that’s exactly the starting condition of the players in Forgotten Worlds, where you can acquire new armour with power-ups and shops… :lol:

TWO P = 2P = Second Player :o How did I never notice that?

That’s pretty clever but wasn’t the 2nd player from Forgotten Worlds black? Are we looking at a reverse Birdie situation?

Player 2 was clearly sick of Metro City.

Not sure to be honest. Capcom of Japan has a hard time coloring black people.

Two P probably took the cake for “best WTF profile”.

He was definitely intended to be Black. All promo and ingame art depicts him as such:

True. I had no idea Damnd was supposed to be black when I use to play Final FIght years ago. He didn’t look it at all ingame.

promo art:

Two P was a major supporting character in Streetwise. Not a word of him helping Kyle. Capcom why?

Don’t ask questions you don’t want the answer to.

  1. Because it’s a Western developed game and they might not consider it canon?

  2. If Streetwise was canon, it would likely take place well after SF5, and since these profiles are written from the time period of SF5…

From Operative Nakayama’s perspective, Streetwise hasn’t happened yet, similar to SF3. Of course, they could make Streetwise alternate continuity (SFEX, SF2010, CFA) or not do the characters from that game at all.

To be honest, we’d probably see Kyle before we see Billy and Sid.

Kyle was already mentioned on Cody’s profile. When did being western developed disqualified it? That’s crap from the plot guide.