The Inevitable Street Fighter V Story Thread: ARCADE EDITION!

Given that Nakayama ReTweeted this from someone else, I assume it’s some type of fanart from that Account, and not something made by an official Capcom artist? Think I might put it in my Story for the Main Page, and I wanted to make sure I had a proper source on it first.[

Haha I would love it if they went even deeper with the profiles!
The Malibu comics characters would be great.
As would any original characters from adaptations, Ive seen Rosanov, and Dr Sadler mentioned before but what about Willis?, Chun Lis partner in the Alpha anime. Speaking of her partner theres also Po Lin from the Udon comics, Gibson and heaps of others. All the extra characters from Alpha Generations and that old guy from Assasins Fist who came up with Ryus theme song. Plus of course hoping against hope for Slam Masters and Rival Schools. Man I love this shit!
Oh and wasnt there some horrible SF novel released last year with an original character in it?

I think it’s a wishlist for S2.

You don’t have to “assume” because it’s a fact. It’s why I left a link in my last post to the blog where they post all of the web comics

Heh. In my defense I didn’t see that until after I’d made the post asking about it. Checked out their page. Seems like they’ve got a decent Web Comic going on. Wouldn’t mind seeing the one about Guile truly paying final respects to Charlie translated when one of you has time. Thought it was pretty cool that all, or at least most of our heroes were at his grave to show support, even Decapre, who likely never even met or interacted with him at all. :slight_smile:


A wild bearded character.
It seems he has some experience in martial arts, as his splendid jumping kick demonstrates.
Also, it looks like he’s quite obsessed with boots.

Name: Jake
Height: 187 cm
Weight: 89 kg
Blood type: A
Birthday: November, 11
Home Country: USA
Favorite things: Beer, Poker
Dislikes: Troublesome Details

He had martial arts experience, and worked as bouncer in a bar.
Mad Gear paid his physical strength well, so he became a member.
After Mad Gear’s collapse, he returned to his home town,
but there are reports that someone has seen him again in Metro City.

So straight.

Awesome. Bred is the most iconic of the Mad Gear “goombas” but Jake was always my favorite.

I literally have no idea who all these people from like a dozen of latest CFN profile are

You’re not a true Capcom fan.

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I was gonna do this but @WaveFlame beat me to it! but good job bro! I would say Master Genryusai (assuming its Zeku, Guys master?) has a profile already.
I know I’m a week late in getting back to you on this, but he’s Maki and Rena’s father, who was abducted alongside her in Final Fight 2 by Mad Gear. He’s the old guy in this scene. Maki’s CVS2 ending states that he died shortly after he and Rena were rescued. Given that Zeku is Guy’s Master in the Alphas instead of him, they’ve either swept him under the rug/forgotten he exists, or as TV Tropes posits, he could be the one who taught Zeku long ago. He’s the old man in this picture, which I’m sure is a scene from the FF2 Intro.

Gonna have to steal that reaction face and use it some time, Fragment. It’s perfect!

Good technique my ass lol

that picture just makes me think of this song

Nobody beats “Oh my car!” Bred!

Have you ever played Final Fight? Dudes jumping kicks are a pain in the arse.

I never said I am though

Fun thing is that “Bred” was the main final boss villain in Streets of Fire

Sure Belger got a bit of Dafoe’s face structure,

but Bred it’s totally him

From the most evil nemesis to the lowest minion, lol

Sometimes awkward technique is harder to block =)

Had to do it