The Inevitable Street Fighter V Story Thread: ARCADE EDITION!

Which is a shame because Final Fight is awesome (as is AvP & Punisher)


I never played Final Fight
or Double Dragon
or Streets of Rage

I kinda completely missed out on those titles, just never interested me really

Must add Night Slasher and Cadillac & Dinosaur

Jumping to more “modern”

Guardian Heroes
Dragon’s Crown
Urban Reign

Japan was awesome

It’s a Final Fight enemy! FOR FUCK’S SAKE, they’re ALL Final Fight enemies!


Well, let’s see.

FF1 Thugs:
El Gado
Holly Wood
Bill Bull
Graham Oriber
Wong Who
Andore Jr.
Uncle Andore
Grandpa Andore

FF2 Thugs:
Eliza(seriously, 5 enemies in this game that start with Eli? wtf?)

FF2 Bosses:
Won Won

FF3 Thugs:
Fat Jack

FF3 Bosses:

So yeah…that’s 47 more profiles if they decided to do them all.

Kinda nice to see that Guile’s got a kindred spirit, since there’s another Family Man amongst the Mad Gear.


A stoic man.
A very hard worker who never neglects his daily training.
You can’t see it in the game,
but he’s actually mastered various techniques!

Name: Simons
Height: 178 cm
Weight: 85 kg
Blood type: B
Birthday: January, 5
Home Country: USA
Favorite things: His Childres, His Wife, Holidays
Dislikes: Useless Talking

He has a family, a trait unusual for a Mad Gear member.
It seems he’s used to go to Metro City Bay Area during holidays
and play with his children and wife.
His wife is quite the spendthrift.
One day,
she purchased “Mambo”, the cleaning robot,
without consulting with her husband first; the two argued for some time.

Oh man, good good choices. Beat 'em ups and fighters were the bread and butter for me and my sister. We played Turtles in Time so much that when we hear “my toe!” we always think of the little dance and sfx they’d do.

Interesting that Simons is a beloved family man. I was always curious for an in depth look at Mad Gear and what lead to their rise. Was the city facing massive economic turmoil thus people in desperation, boredom, ambition, etc, turned to it.

-Edi E; probably just a simple payoff, look the other way deal.

-How bad off was the city that it all just got swallowed up by Belger. Several stages look run down and in disarray, was there something that made it so easy for people to join a gang?

-When I was younger, I saw Poison’s hat and thought a few things:
[] Either she was a former cop who said “to hell with it” and threw away her former occupation to have all the illegal fun and none of the responsibility
] She beat up or even killed a cop and wore the hat as a trophy
[*] Later after learning about her being transgender I had a scenario in my head of mixing the previous cop idea into something new. I basically thought of an interesting scenario where she was a metro city cop who transitioned, but was facing an uphill battle, not being taken seriously, made to feel like an outsider. When the rise of Mad Gear started up, tried to stand up against them, but after a disastrous raid early when Mad Gear was simply amateur hour, she had enough, said “screw you, screw the law, screw order and society, I wanna have fun!” I also thought like, Kaine from Nier, she’s also dress provocatively to embrace the femininity she feels she was denied. I think that could be something interesting, but not necessarily for her now that I know more of her backstory and personality.

-WHO is Belger, what’s his story? I’ve been curious about this for ages, but it tends to float in the back of my mind. He’s a pretty stocky looking guy with a clearly villainous face and tons of money. Is he like the kingpin where he has a public persona and secret villain facade, or was he out in the open as being the man who runs Metro city? Also, how did he even build up Mad Gear? He presents himself as a man limited to a wheel chair and likes a crossbow, yet he’s fully capable of running around. Sometimes backstory is best left blank for some villains, but seeing more about him could be interesting. Also what made him choose the name Mad Gear? What was it like when he first met the clearly insane Rolento? What kind of silver tongue does this guy have to make Rolento say “yeah…I’ll work for you” instead of trying to run the whole operation himself.

-Now that we have an expanded universe with SF, SlamMasters and FF all tied together, I wonder how did they let the city breack down into anarchy and chaos. With the USAF and interpol having individuals like Chun Li, Charlie and Guile, I’m surprised no one helped. An interesting couple of scenarios could be that due to corruption, the city was closed off, numerous attempts were sabotaged, Shadaloo’s rise pretty much diverted all major attention to that, Shadaloo may have looked at Mad Gear as a sub group that it lets do it’s own thing as long as they occasionally give tribute.

I dunno, just ideas spanning out here after a long week hah

I’d say the same thing… except with HyperStone Heist. I remember beating it the 1st time Christmas Morning and for the 2nd time that night with my sister… While fun, I was glad I had SF2:CE to tide me over. Until they released SSF2:NC less than 6 months later. I think It motivated me to work that following summer to buy a SNES.

I would love to see a new take on Knights of the Round; I feel Capcom could have had their own Dragon’s Crown.

As for a new Final Fight… would a contemporary story driven beat’em up still fit the classic IP?

You can add also Genryusai and Rena, the two that got kidnapped by Retu in FF2

I love how Guy wasn’t present when his fiancée was kidnapped by Mad Gear. Maybe Rose had a cold that day or something.

Why would Guy even care, Rose is better anyway

As italian no way Rose is giving any of the lips to Guy

Ninja got friendzoned and he’s praying Rosso never lavapunch thought Arika licenses


I’m interested on how would roxy and andores would be.

Sunday is Bredday.

The real question is, will his car get it’s own profile? It is an enemy you often fight.

I want Roxy to get a profile so bad, but Capcom always treated her as just a palette swap after FF games. There are some info around the interwebz and Capcom Classic Collection saying that she and Poison grew up together at an orphanage, Roxy looked up to her, they joined Mad Gear and that’s it.


He goes along very well with Simons, although his character is the exact opposite.
For instance, he likes beers.
He takes nothing seriously, and lives a depraved life.

Name: Dug
Height: 176 cm
Weight: 72 kg
Blood type: 0
Birthday: March, 22
Home Country: USA
Favorite things: Beers, Sexy Women
Dislikes: Lecturing, Early Rising

A man who likes women, likes beers, and likes gambling.
Always throws at the women whom he sees epithets so vulgar
we really cannot write an example here.
He had a fancy hairstyle when he was young,
and for this reason he currently worries about his hair.
You shouldn’t really worry about that, pops¹, you know!

¹ ROTFL, they’re openly mocking him because he feels old without his hair…

Now this is what I call a gangsta, no millitant well intentioned extremists, no otaku gaijun, no bikers obssessed with boots, no mysterious Kyle Reese types and no family men. Dug is actually a thug.

Dug is thug life. No bullshit.

He’s as real as it gets.

Dug for SF5.


Seriously check out that stance and tell me it isn’t him saying “The fuck you gonna do??”