The Inevitable Street Fighter V Story Thread: ARCADE EDITION!

If the usa fgc is so weak that the falling of sf means its doom, then good riddance

Tekken would just pick up the slack again.

They’re the unrecognized MVPs of the FGC

Eh, Tekken never seems to be prominent in the US. If SFV tanks the series, you’re just going to see games being mostly popular by region instead of the (relative) consistency of Street Fighter.

More likely KOF because of more relative gameplay? It’s popular in China during the dark ages of FGC.

by the way happy thanks giving everyone



Roxy, the flower (?) of Mad Gear!
Apparently, she came from an orphanage in Los Angeles like Poison,
but she doesn’t speak often about her past.

Name: Roxy
Height: 174 cm
Weight: 51 kg
Blood type: 0
Birthday: June, 10
Home Country: USA
Favorite things: Muscle Training, Shopping
Dislikes: Train Travel

She has a characteristic husky voice.
Currently, she’s active with Abigail, Axl and J
around Metro City’s Bay Area.
Loves to squander money.

I like the slight redesign they gave her (giving her the bat is a nice touch). Interesting that it seems she didn’t move past Mad Gear too much (or at all) while Poison left crime behind and set her eyes on bigger things.

They kept the orphanage origin, but didn’t really talk about her connection to Poison. Interesting that she doesn’t like talking about her past or train travel. Again, I’d like to see more about the characters of FF in an expanded universe type of tome. I’m curious what would make Roxy get out of LA and go to Metro city. People here established that Metro city is a part of New York, so she went coast to coast, that’s gotta be something significant that drove her there. Later I wanna go over Poison’s details and compare and contrast them. Thought they were twins when I was younger.


  • Red jacket
  • White Shirt
  • Short shorts
  • and an aluminum bat?

I wonder if her favorite dessert is “pudin”?

Does the question mark in the first part mean something? Does it have to do with gender?

It has more to do with the fact that you’d expect a FLOWER to be GENTLE and not a violent rogue, I suppose… :tongue:

I wish they gave her a different hat. The police hat is Poison’s iconic thing.

Poison/Roxy are the some only FF1 characters that were actually palette swaps rather than headswaps. I wish they did a little more to change them up.

From a side by side comparison, the hats are different, but I understand you’re looking for something more unique than what she has.


If anything her being THE flower of MGG hint her as the only female

Tbh Poison SFV redesign is pretty bad, i prefer Cestus version (that dude* is awesome), the mummy looking ripped shirt does’nt look good or make sense imho

*Cestus, not Poison

I still want them to make Poison look like a WWE Diva.




But it doesn’t say shit about her past.

Is it me or did these profiles become a little… short? No comments from Nakayama or anything, just a short description in 4 lines

Yeah, the indepth detail sadly has gone down on the character’s backgrounds. :c Maybe it’s because they’re trying to rush through the FF crew?

Honestly, this is the first mook profile that doesn’t confirm anything or tell you anything new.

I think the only thing it hints at is some painful past in LA. The fact that she hates trains may be a clue to something too? Maybe there was a horrible train accident that killed her parents and left her in an orphanage where she met Poison?

Man…If I had any real artistic skill and more freetime I’d start an extensive background story building project (maybe sprited or animated) and go into the origins of some of the popular members, Metro City’s history, the organization at large and who the heck Belger is anyways.