The Inevitable Street Fighter V Story Thread: ARCADE EDITION!

Sodom needs to return.

Looks like 26 candles. I’m guessing it is Chun Li’s cake. Birdie’s presence throws me off though.

Like Bailey Jae?

Axl Low

Interestingly, the captions over Gouken and Goutetsu go (bolds are mine):
(check the comic)
If I’m not mistaken, he
appeared this way

Gouken’s master.
His design is up to you.*

So the artist of those sketches, whoever s/he was, entrusted others to check Gouken’s first actual appearance in Kanzaki’s manga for coherence, and left Goutetsu’s final design to them.


His leather jacket is so cool!
And his Double Hammer Punch is very powerful.
He can even guard attacks.

Name: Axl
Height: 193 cm
Weight: 90 kg
Blood type: A
Birthday: May, 1
Home Country: USA
Favorite things: Motorbikes, Soft Drinks
Dislikes: All Vegetables

He loves his motorbike.
He roars around Metro City all night long with his associates.
Usually drinks a Japanese soft drink
with plenty of calcium and iron added¹.

¹ There are various Japanese soft drinks firms that produce those drinks; most notably Suntory.

And now Slash, too!


He left his hair grew, huh.
He fights using whatever he finds around him as a weapon.
Hates losing.

Name: Slash
Height: 193 cm
Weight: 97 kg
Blood type: B
Birthday: February, 6
Home Country: England
Favorite things: Cars, Sport Games
Dislikes: Noisy People

He has a high professional sense,
respected even within Mad Gear.
He’s silent and taciturn,
but when he plays games
always shouts and yells like hell.
Loves watching soccer (doesn’t like to play it, though).

I wouldn’t be surprised if neither Axl Rose nor Slash were aware that they were present as characters in Final Fight games

Christmas time!

Why Kiki can’t fucking stop give everyone lemon yellow hairs lol
Original Axl looked more badass

Btw after the SF3 one, at some point Alex should definitely get a Axl costume

I kinda expected they would do a Christmas themed pack.
I like it, however, I do think the Santa colors are a little overdone. There are a multitude of ways to represent the holiday season other than Santa Claus. (Christmas tree, presents, Snowman, snow flakes,) I’d like a little more variety.
On a side note, I love the bear Zangief is wearing.

That’s clearly Chad from Bleach.

Man, I’m still bummed out that there’s no Holiday Birdie costume. :confused:

Slash is looking cool, Axel…looks more than a bit off hah

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Christmas time!



but they missed that

Why capcom ever follow only half of the orders? :frowning:

Joke aside

-Santa Gief is EPIC
-Xmas Karin is probably her best costume
-Pimp Ken will look awesomeness in the Vegas stage
-stage looks decent
-random sluts look good

7.8/10 would buy

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Christmas time!


Annnnnnnnnd Mika, Nadeshiko, Juri, Karin and Laura all have hypothermia.

I hope it was worth it to look fashionable.

Hooo Hooo Hooo

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Zangief fights bears in a speedo in Siberia. I think they’ll be okay.

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*edited for ya @TrueBackLash

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My boy Alex is in the background ankle deep in snow shirtless and wearing tattered jeans. They will be fine.

Kubo called. Says he wants to talk to someone called Chad