The Inevitable Street Fighter V Story Thread: ARCADE EDITION!

So I guess Kolin/Helen is pretty much confirmed now. Interesting. Really makes you wonder what her playstyle is going to be like since we never saw her fight. I suppose if we judge by the material we have - she’ll have the power of hallucinations/illusions, given how she accessed Nash’s mind in the comic

Nice find, looks like the one everyone thinks is azam is wearing a coat of some kind.

Do people read this thread anymore?

The way Akuma uttered it was so confusing, i thought there was a mistake in the translation. But looking at it this way makes much more sense. It could also mean that necalli had some Satsui no hado within him and Akuma thought he got it from ryu or something like that.

Sigh… Sadly (well IMO), i think you’re right. We’re definitely heading towards that Father and son stuff… Capcom why do you do this…?

Yeah, i think the majority of us were expecting too much from necalli. Still, why did Capcom give him so much importance in the trailers if he wasn’t that relevant to the story? I’m still wondering how he was related to the dark hado… The guy just wants to eat people.

SNH is also a posibility as the cause of their link, Could be like Dragon Ball Z that Akuma has something with his instinct that can detect SNH or just chi users.

G. Oriber

He’s the last member of the headbutt brigade.
He has the strongest kicks amongst all its members!
Well, at least he thinks so.

Name: G. Oriber
Height: 191 cm
Weight: 209 kg
Blood type: A
Birthday: September, 4
Home Country: USA
Favorite things: Hamburgers, Fatty Foods
Dislikes: Police

Has great faith in himself, and always tyrannises people.
He boasts about his sideburns, that never forgets to trim.
Apparently, he doesn’t use an electric shaver,
instead insisting upon using a straight razor.
The G. in his name stands for Graham¹.

¹ I also suspect that “Oriber” was actually Oliver (again, its kana interpretation goes both ways). That would nicely fit Capcom’s tendency to randomly reference rock artists in Final Fight.

I think the top right guy is Haggar, with his sleeves rolled up like in the Kiki art.

The guy on the far right is clearly not Azam unless he’s been heavily redesigned. He’s got a collar and a butt-cape thing going on – maybe a trenchcoat?

Rashid to Akuma:
“Turn that frown upside down, buddy! You know what they say, ‘Smile and the world smiles with you!’”

God I love Rashid.

I really want this guy but i wont gave in to high expectations.

More silhouette shots.

Okay, that last one is looking more and more like Garuda. I know it can’t be Garuda, but if it is, that would be amazing and would more than make up for the lack of Q this season.

Okay. The last dude really looks like Garuda. Weird.

Anyway speaking of story. I really do feel that we will be getting another story this season with the focus being Ryu and Akuma. The shadow falls was a shadaloo, nash and necalli story. I am hoping a new stpry will focus on Ryu akuma and eternal SNH conflict and finally resolve it.

I sure as hell hope we get another story. A showdown between Ryu, Akuma, Necalli and Garuda is the stuff that legends are made of.

We already got that in Akuma’s character story. So it ain’t happening.

Well, it could happen again but with Garuda thrown into the mix. I can’t imagine Akuma actually KILLED Necalli by exploding out of him. Dude can turn into liquid anyway.

Rashid only faced Karin to steal her chess piece which he did successfully despite her hold on him. Karin is strong but she doesn’t really face anybody in strong in the story mode. I doubt she is significantly stronger than Sakura if at

There is no way it is Haggard a character people want this season. The strap may all but confirm that it is McCoy from Delta Red.

EH posted this:

Man, bite me if the last one is not Garuda…

Doesn’t McCoy have a huge gut? The character in the silhouette doesn’t.

Necalli is a ghost anyway, so he’s already dead. Maybe it’ll take him some time to regenerate, but i don’t think we’re done with him.

That fourth character is looking even more like Satsuki now.

Any other guess at who it could be aside from somebody original?