The Inevitable Street Fighter V Story Thread: ARCADE EDITION!

Akuma concept art
my personal favorite is “Daddy Akuma”

I like the one with the bear paw

This guy?

Gief and Akuma have many bear friends

Ryu looks so cute!!! :hug:

I wonder what changes in the user’s Ki as Akuma goes from his regular form into Oni? It’s weird that Ryu’s, Ken’s, Sakura’s and Gouken’s Hadokens are all white with light-blue, Gouki’s and Evil Ryu’s are purple, but Oni’s is darker blue, as if it’s a mixed between the two sides of the evil energy of Satsui no Hado and good energy of Mu no Ken

Infuriating Demon

It’s a bit soon to scatter beans¹, though (this update being December, 26).
This is the form Akuma will take after he continued to expose himself to the Satsui no Hadō!

Name: Infuriating Demon
Height: Unknown
Weight: Unknown
Blood type: Unknown
Birthday: Unknown
Home Country: Unknown
Favorite things: Unknown
Dislikes: Unknown

A demon god who has lost any human feeling and body,
and whose existence is entirely devoted to fighting.
Satsui no Hadō continuously blows from his body.
He beats his opponents with violent techniques such as
Rakan Dantōjin² or Sekisei Jiraiken³!
His physique has improved, and so has his strength.

¹ They’re referencing 節分 Setsubun (February 3), when children throw beans at demons (usually their fathers in disguise).
² 羅漢断塔刃, “Arhat-severing Tower Blade”. His :hcf: :k: in USFIV.
³ 赤星地雷拳, “Red Star Landmine Fist”. His :dp: :k: in USFIV.

It’s weird because Ryu was raised basically as Gouken’s foster son making Akuma his “uncle”, but it could be the other way around with Akuma being the real father and Gouken being the uncle.

Oni’s fireball looks like a lavender or violet hue to me. It’s definitely a malevolent energy there’s no duality between evil and good, and if anything it probably means he’s casting away the last bit of his human energy in return for SnH and demon god power.

I’ve always wondered this about Kuruoshiki Oni, but does “Raging Demon” also fit as a translation of this?

Also, the “Rakan” is now Akuma’s V-Skill correct?

I don’t think Oni’s chi is blue. It’s violet. I think his color palette is meant to be visualization of going beyond. The light/color frequency ultra violet, latin for “beyond violet” is what comes after violet (the last color on the visible light spectrum). Hence you see Akuma glowing like he is under ultraviolet light.

These are the shades of violet

And this is purple

In any case, Akuma (and Bison) have all had purple, red, and violet/bluish chis at varying points. I don’t think it has much to do with Mu No Ken, a concept very foreign to both of them.

Akuma looks better as Necalli than Necalli looks as Necalli

This could be a hint on how Necalli ended up the way he is. Maybe, hundreds of years ago he was a fighter and warrior who fell for his interpretation of the SNH and it consumed him. Maybe Necalli’s VT form is to him as Oni is to Akuma, but because they are separated by time and language, they interpret the very same chi phenomenon differently which explains the variation in appearance and fighting style. It’s the hunger that unites them.

Akuma is doomed to become a ghost roaming in between worlds! On the bright side, he has Pieces of Necalli and Phantom Bison to keep him company.

According to the SFV Pia encyclopedia Oni is still just a “what if character”, and more than likely an inevitable “what if character”. During a fight, Ryu pushes Akuma to become the Oni, and in turn, Oni kills Ryu by piercing him through the heart forcing the SnH to revive him as Evil Ryu.

It does.

Also correct. :slight_smile:
It’s very interesting that they chose that term for Gōki/Akuma. in Mahāyāna Buddhism (that’s to say, the Buddhism that spread in Japan), the 羅漢 Rakan, although one who has attained illumination, is considered a selfish and undesirable condition; while a 菩薩 Bosatsu is the one who voluntarily renounces to reach the Buddhahood and waits until the rest of humanity is saved as well, helping them in the meantime - roughly akin to a Western saint. The Ansatsuken part of SF has several references to Buddhism, what with Gouken’s 金剛身 Kongōshin (“Diamond Body”) that references Vajrayāna and so on…

With few fixes this was the best

Story wise Necalli is a disappointment, he gets beat by everyone. Its just sad, before the game launched many people thought he would be the final boss. I guess his power level got hyped up too much because he turned out to be scrub tier.

Necalli before going into story mode

looks pretty boss

Necalli after going through story mode

looks like a scrub even Dan could beat

jupp :coffee:

FINALLY! A SF5 character art that doesn’t have any bullshit on it. And coincidentally, it’s also the best character’s.

@Caio_Lins has been gone for awhile now. I don’t suppose anyone would like to pick up where he left off cutting out characters from their backgrounds in the CFN entries?

haha yea man they butchered this dude. They could of made him a real nemesis story wise, that is what I was expecting. The story writers blew it.

Necali is still dangerous to the likes of the other fighters probably among Nash, Rashid, Karin, Mika, Guile and Chunli?

People just have high expectation to him because of seeing evil-Ryu in the trailer and Capcom’s pairing with Ryu in trailers.

Ryu did need went to a different level to beat him. While Bison did encounter him before Nash.

He was a force of nature but not good enough for the likes of Bison, Ryu, Akuma and Dhalsim.

Whoa, pretty cool. they should have used this artist for SFV.

That’s animal cruelty.